Are Rage Rooms Healthy (Avoid or Have Fun?)

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Aside from having the time of your life smashing things, does a rage room offer other benefits?

Hitting breakable items for a few minutes after a frustrating day may sound glorious, alone or in a group. However, are rage rooms healthy?

If you are wondering whether smashing various breakable things in a rage room is helpful to your health, you have come to the right place.

This article explores the benefits of smash rooms beyond relieving stress and offering unimaginable fun. 

Are Rage Rooms Healthy?

You may have heard that rage rooms help release your anger, frustrations, sadness, and stress, among other emotions resulting from the struggles of everyday life.

The Health benefits of rage rooms
Rage rooms can promote good health

Based on this, smash rooms seem like a great idea, and everyone should try them. Right?

However, research shows that venting your anger by smashing things tends to increase your anger hence rage rooms can make you more aggressive. 

Based on this, rage rooms have advantages and downsides to your health, as you will see in the following sections.

The Health Benefits of Rage Rooms

Below are the reasons why rage rooms promote good health. 

1. Helps in Stress Management

We all get stressed from time to time and have ways of de-stressing.

Some stress management methods are healthy such as talking to a therapist or a loved one, while others are a bit distractive, like drinking too much alcohol. 

You can visit a rage room to vent your frustrations instead of resorting to unhealthy indulges or breaking your belongings.

Visiting rage rooms health benefits and cons
Visiting rage rooms can help

You will break things, scream, cry, and even laugh out loud without getting judged.

Although smash room sessions are time-bound, you do not have to stay until the end of your session; you can leave once you feel relaxed and the negative emotions are out.

Anger rooms offer a way of releasing stress without hurting yourself or others.

Letting out your anger in a smash room is immensely satisfying, albeit temporarily. Nonetheless, your nerves will be calmed for a while. 

In addition, it helps cleanse your mind of negative feelings, paving the way for new thoughts and ideas.

You will be able to develop solutions to your problems once you de-stress and clear your mind.

2. You Will Get Some Workout

Exercising keeps you healthy and helps relieve your stress, and smashing things with tools like a sledgehammer requires strength.

Your session in the rage room also involves movement. Therefore, while having fun and venting, you will get some workouts. 

Your shoulders, back, arms, and chest will likely feel sore the following day.

Break a sweat while hitting things in a rage room, and do not forget to hydrate afterward. 

3. Aids Temper Management

An uncontrolled temper will have you doing nasty things like hitting someone or breaking property, leading to trouble.

While you may be able to control yourself and avoid giving in to your temper, you may not always get lucky. 

A visit to your nearest smash room is highly beneficial if you tend to lash out at people when frustrated.

You can smash and scream to your satisfaction in a rage room without getting in trouble, thus providing you with a way to manage your temper healthily. 

4. It Is Fun

Having fun is crucial to a healthy life as it helps manage stress, boost your mood, and lead a balanced life.

Fun rage rooms experience
Fun rage rooms

You can visit a rage room on a fun day or night out with your friends, enjoying breaking things, laughing, coloring yourselves and the walls in paint, and simply enjoying each other’s company. 

If breaking things brings you joy and uplifts your mood, you will benefit from regularly going to a smash room.

It also breaks the monotony of everyday life, which can exacerbate stress by offering a new and exciting experience. Rage rooms are great for adrenaline lovers. 

5. Bond With Your Loved Ones

Although you can go to a rage room alone, you can bring your friends, colleagues, or even your partner.

Breaking things with your loved ones offers an excellent bonding experience, allowing you to connect and de-stress.

For instance, if you and your friend are going through something similar, you can use the time at the rage room to vent and blow off steam together. This is likely going to bring you closer together through a shared experience. 

Why Are Rage Rooms Not Good For You?

Although smashing things helps release some anger, this is a short-lived relief, especially for people with anger issues.

Smash rooms do not address the source of the anger and frustration but offer an outlet for these negative emotions.

What Are The Benefits of Rage Rooms?

Therefore, you may better evaluate your problems and devise ways to fix the root cause. Or consider some of these alternatives.

Expressing aggression towards what makes you angry, sad, or frustrated can decrease your aggression drive momentarily.

However, it also increases the probability of becoming aggressive in the future.

If being aggressive offers some relief, you will likely revert to the aggression when things are not going your way. 

Should You Go To A Rage Room?

Having examined both sides of rage rooms – the good and the bad; is going to a smash room a good idea?

A smashing session at a rage room is perfectly okay if you want to have fun or occasionally de-stress.

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The bottom line is that some people love breaking things and get a kick out of it merely because it is prohibited.

However, it should not be your go-to way of unwinding or dealing with stress.

Instead, adopt healthier ways of coping with negative emotions, such as meditation and therapy.


Rage rooms are healthy since they provide a way to manage stress, control your temper, bond with others, experience a new activity, and exercise.

However, like anything else, be careful not to overdo it because it can create adverse effects, like making you more aggressive. 

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