Are Rage Rooms Safe? The Truth about Rage Rooms & Safety

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Rage rooms create a safe environment where clients pay to break stuff to release anger and stress. While rage rooms are generally safe places, there is the risk of falls and flying debris injury during a session.

To prevent this, most facilities have strict participation rules and dress codes, including providing protective gear.

Read on to discover the potential hazards in rage rooms and safety tips during a wreck room experience.

Items That Can Be Hazardous In Rage Rooms

When you visit a demolition room with personal items to destroy, the staff will ask to inspect them first.

Are there any danger in rage rooms
Potential hazards in rage rooms

In most rage rooms, it is a routine procedure to prevent people from bringing in hazardous material or waste.

By law, wrecking rooms are not allowed to break regulated stuff. These items include electronic waste and any toxic materials.

However, not all electronics contain toxins, but a few things can cause long-term health risks, especially from poor handling and disposal.

Once an electronic becomes obsolete, it can be recycled or disposed of safely.

However, those that contain harmful chemical components such as cadmium, mercury, lead, and other toxic chemicals should not be thrown out carelessly.

When such material finds its way into the ground, it can contaminate the soil and water sources, leading to health hazards.

Some of the items you may be prohibited from smashing are these.


All batteries found in electronics contain cadmium, lead, and other toxic chemicals. If disposed of incorrectly, they will leak and contaminate water and soil.

Most wreck rooms will not allow participants to bring any batteries as part of items to smash.

Fluorescent light bulbs

Mercury is a major component in the manufacture of fluorescent lamps and bulbs, and other switches.

Once you break these items, they may release mercury into the surroundings, which can negatively affect the health of animals and humans.

Owners of angry rooms are keen to ensure the items participants bring to break are safe for you and the environment. As a result, light bulbs are strictly prohibited.

Safety tips when visiting rage room
Staying safe in a smash room

Mobile Phones and Computers

Most cell phones and computers contain printed circuit boards (PCBs), which have harmful substances that can cause cancer.

One is also at risk of damaging their nervous system due to long-term exposure to cadmium and lead. 

As a precaution, rage places will ask you not to bring any mobile phones or computers for destruction.

Instead, consider taking old phones and computers to e-waste management companies in your local area for proper recycling and disposal.

Old Model TVs and Computer Monitors

Older TV models and computer monitors contain cathode ray tubes (CRTs), which have lead.

Lead is a harmful chemical that can contaminate the land and water if these items are disposed of in landfills.

You will notice that most rage room websites only accept newer model TVs and some computer items.

Besides being easy to recycle after your wreck room experience, their components have lower health risks.

Tips On How To Be Safe When Visiting Rage Rooms

Although rage rooms are safe-controlled facilities, your safety is vital, and most establishments take necessary measures to keep you safe.

Apart from having a strict dress code and providing safety gear, they will throw you out if you break any of their safety rules.

Additionally, most smash rooms use breakable items that are recyclable and safe for the environment and will insist you only bring similar ones.

These include glasses, beer or liquor bottles, ceramic plates and cups, wooden items, and household appliances.

How To Be Safe When Visiting Rage Rooms
Be safe when visiting rage rooms

Below are several tips to keep you safe in a rage room.

  • Properly wear the protective gear and work gloves provided during your destruction room session.
  • Wear closed-toe shoes and long-sleeved pants and shirts to prevent injuries from slipping or broken pieces of glass.
  • Rage rooms provide goggles and helmets to protect your head and face from flying objects.
  • Listen to the staff and be aware of your surroundings to prevent hitting other participants with the destruction tools or smashables.
  • If you or a friend is unruly during a session,  you can be thrown out, and the session cancelled with no refunds.
  • Only aim at the designated wall and not any other walls in the room.
  • If you encounter any e-waste, avoid breathing in any fumes it emits.
  • Rage rooms have age limitations to ensure the safety of participants, especially minors.
  • For their safety, keep children and pets away from areas where they can get injured.
  • Ensure you visit break rooms that properly dispose of their e-waste for recycling.
  • Most rage rooms do the clean-up themselves. Do not attempt to collect any broken materials, as the staff is trained to properly and safely handle all the waste.
  • If you have e-waste at home you would like to recycle, find a local facility that accepts them.

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Wrapping Up

Rage places provide generally safe anger management rooms for their clients.

Apart from inspecting any items you bring to destroy to confirm it is acceptable, you will only find recyclable items in most facilities.

For maximum safety, remember to wear the appropriate clothing and follow all the rules when you visit a stress-release room. 

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