Are Secrets Resorts Only For Adults?

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When I hear the word “Secret Resorts” I think of honeymoons and adults only resorts. But is that the case?

I do not blame you for wanting to find out more because nowadays there are all kinds of resorts.

From clothing-optional resorts to all-inclusive resorts, what do Secrets resorts stand for?

I actually stayed in a Secrets resort in Mexico once, so I will explain everything that I’ve learned during my stay.

Are Secrets Resorts Only For Adults?

Yes, Secrets resorts are only for adults.

Secrets resorts for adults
Secrets resorts are only for adults

Couples, singles, friends, groups, and families with adult children can enjoy their stay at Secrets resorts.

The only requirement is that they are all adults.

Secrets resorts usually advertise themselves as luxurious, adults-only retreats. They strive to provide a private and exclusive experience that is inaccessible to underage individuals.

These hidden resorts often boast luxurious amenities such as:

  • Private pools
  • High-end spas
  • Fine dining experiences
  • Bars with premium drinks
  • Live entertainment

Many also provide activities like yoga classes and massage treatments.

Some Secrets resorts may allow children if accompanied by an adult, however, most do not due to their discreet nature.

By selecting only adult-oriented environments, the resort maintains its privacy while allowing guests to unwind in the tranquil atmosphere they provide.

The Secrets Resorts offer accommodations in the following places:

  • Spain
  • St. Martin
  • Costa Rica
  • The Dominican Republic
  • Jamaica
  • Mexico

What To Expect At Secrets Resort?

Staying at Secrets resort is probably the best place where adults can truly enjoy their vacation.

secrets resorts expectations
Staying at Secrets resort

They do not allow underage children so do not expect to hear crying children while trying to relax.

But, what do Secrets resorts actually include?

Nice restaurants

Secrets resorts are all-inclusive. This means that guests can enjoy nice restaurants that serve premium drinks and premium foods.

While other all-inclusive resorts may not invest in their restaurants, this is not the case with Secrets resort.

It might be a bit costly compared to other all-inclusive resorts, but you can come in knowing that the premium food and drinks are outstanding at Secrets.

Some Secrets resorts boast up to six restaurants that serve international cuisines such as French, Italian, and others.

Energetic crowds

Staying at an adults-only resort might give you an idea that the place is going to be all couples kissing at every corner.

But, that can’t be further from the truth.

While you might see a couple smooching here and there, most of them are just enjoying themselves and partying.

Since all are adults, the people at the resort I stayed at were walking around with some cool cocktails in their hands and just dancing, everywhere.

Couple dominance

Secrets resorts allow singles, groups, families, couples, and basically every adult.

However, when staying at Secrets resort, you will see how couple dominant the crowd is.

Couple dominance at Secrets resorts
Secrets resorts for couples

I am not saying that it’s a bad thing, I am just saying that not many single people go to these resorts.

You might hear rumors that once in a while a group of girls or guys may come to these resorts. But, during my stay, I did not encounter one group.

So, if you are planning on going to Secrets resorts, make sure that you bring someone with you.

No reservations at the restaurants

At Secrets resorts, the restaurants do not require reservations.

This is huge because typically when you go to an all-inclusive, you have to set up your reservations the day you get there.

Booking three or four days ahead means that your entire schedule is just working around the time you are going to eat.

Well, there is no need for that at Secrets resorts. You can just walk in at any restaurant you want and eat at any time.

Butler service

While you do not get a personalized and one-on-one butler, you still do get a butler that takes you to your room and gives you his cell phone number.

You are able to call him at any time if you need anything or have any questions.

Not sure if you can get them to follow you around 24/7, because I hate that. But, I am sure that you can get this information at the front desk.

Premium drinks

I want to emphasize this, at Secrets Resorts there are premium drinks everywhere.

Premium drinks
Premium drinks at Secrets Resorts

It is not like other all-inclusive resorts that do not serve premium cocktails.

Secrets Resorts not only do they have shelves and shelves of your favorite premium liquor but they are also geared towards making your favorite tropical and pool drinks.

You can grab yourself the Sami Sosa and sunbathe near the swimming pool.

The Preferred Club

At Secrets Resorts, there is a preferred club which is basically another level of inclusion.

You might think that all-inclusive means all-inclusive, but that is not always the case.

There is another level of luxury for people that want to access all of the amenities and all of the venues.

All of this comes at a cost of around $100 per day, per person.

You get access to basically the best parts of the property like the infinity pools, lazy river, lounges, and restaurants.

What To Wear To Secrets Resort?

When entering restaurants, the Secrets Resort policy doesn’t allow sleeves shirts or flip flops.

This means that sneakers/tennis shoes or dress sandals, dress shirts with short sleeves, or collared shirts are allowed.

Secrets Resort dress code
Secrets Resorts dress code

When going to the pool, swim trunks, bathing suits, and flip-flops are accepted.

This is something that all guests have to follow and the lovely staff is there to remind everyone.

How Old Do You Have To Be To Go To Secrets?

Secrets results are adult-only which means that all guests have to be 18 years of age and above.

The resort makes a copy of passports at check-in and they will not allow any underage guests as their policy suggests.

Secrets resorts draw in a mix of age groups at their luxury locations, so there are not just younger or older people. But all of them are adults.

In Conclusion

Secrets resorts are a great way to spend your vacation in peace and have fun.

Not only you will be surrounded by adults only, but the luxury found at these resorts is just out of this world.

You might think that you have seen it all while staying at some other all-inclusive resorts, but wait until you get to one of the Secrets Resorts.

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