BALI SPIRIT FESTIVAL | April 5-April 10, 2022

Bali Spirit Festival

Whenever we think of travelling, there is only one thing that comes to our mind, “a place” that could be a country, a city, island or a village. But how many of us lookout for the events that could serve the real purpose of travelling by allowing us to make ourselves feel refreshed and at the same time giving us a chance to learn about different cultures from across the world.

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With the world grinding to a standstill due to COVID-19 in 2020, there have been so many events cancellations or postponements until 2022. The Bali Spirit Festival is one such event which was unfortunately postponed but, why not plan for your place at the festival where you can release all your stress and come back home calm and energized?

You may also be thinking about a beach vacation, but a yoga festival is more beneficial than any beach in the world. Bali, the most visited island of Indonesia, is widely famous for its volcanic mountains, rice paddies, coral reefs, temples, and traditional festivals. One of the best festivals that you should keep your eyes on is the “Bali Spirit Festival”, one of the largest yoga festivals in the world. 

Bali Spirit Festival is normally held in the last week of March every year in the beautiful town of Ubud. The festival is truly about yoga, healing, music, and dance and attracts over 5000 people every year from around the world. This 7-day festival offers a wide range of activities to visitors from interactive workshops, yoga classes, healing services and more. You can enjoy an intensive yoga class in the morning and dance to the tunes of Balinese music at night amidst the picturesque rice paddies of Ubud, Bali. 

Vinyasa Yoga At Bali Spirit Festival Photo: BaliSpiritFestival

Activities at the Bali Spirit Festival 

The festival offers many activities to its guests, such as yoga workshops, traditional performances, healing classes, seminars, and much more. Below is the line-up of the events that are expected to happen in the next Bali Spirit Festival:

Bali – Yoga, Dance and Martial Arts

All yoga enthusiasts, dancers and martial art fans should really attend these sessions at the festival. Renowned presenters will lead the sessions from across the world. Start your day by taking a vinyasa (a kind of yoga practice) or enjoy ‘blissology’ yoga in the evening, there are endless options to choose from. You’ll have a chance to awaken your spirit and reconnect with your inner self through many forms of dances such as African Dance and Ecstatic Dance. 

Group Session at the Bali Spirit Festival Photo: BaliSpiritFestival

Dharma Talks, Philosophy and Meditation

The Dharma Talks are meant to teach you how you can improve your life for good. It also helps in identifying the root causes of why you are not able to live the life of your dreams and what’s holding you back. During these sessions, you’ll also get a chance to learn the philosophy of yoga and how you can implement it in your day-to-day life for better productivity along with meditation practices. 

Music, Voice and Percussion

For all music lovers out there, the Bali Spirit Festival hosts a wide range of music activities throughout the week. From Bhakti nights to sacred music to live concerts, there is a blend of relaxing and exotic music that you will not find elsewhere. One major highlight of the Bhakti nights in the festival is the Sacred Cacao Ceremony, where you dance together, drink hot cacao, and meditate, followed by the percussion workshops. 

Percussion Music just one music element at the Spirit Festival Photo: BaliSpiritFestival

Seminars, Self Development, Wellness and Healing

Take a break from your yoga class and attend one of the seminars covering a variety of topics such as spiritual nutrition, Vedic astrology, self-development, and healing. These seminars are led by experienced self-development and wellness presenters who share their life journey and wisdom with their attendees. There will be several yoga and breathwork classes for a varied healing experience. Do book one of these seminars along with a yoga class. 

Gwyn Williams. Healing at Spirit Festival Photo: BaliSpiritFestival

Sound Healing, Song and Breathwork

Indulge yourself in a soothing environment where you can sing together in devotional sessions with different instruments, tunes and movements inspired by various cultures such as Kirtan and Bhakti practices. These sessions are ideal for those who wish to create a balance and harmony in their lives while releasing the endorphins caused by stress and pain. Facilitated by renowned teachers, you’ll feel relaxed through the fantastic healing experience and different breathwork modalities. 

Markets at the Bali Spirit Festival

There will be over 70 vendor booths offering healthy and delicious Balinese food, handmade stuff, clothing, and merchandise. The daytime fair will cost you a small fee. However, the price for night markets is included in all types of tickets. 

Bali Spirit Festival Markets Photo: BaliSpiritFestival

Bali Spirit Festival – Health Precautions

It is recommended to buy travel insurance before you attend the Bali Spirit Festival. Other health precautions include:

  • Bring anti-bacterial wipes, hand sanitisers or soaps with you and make sure to use them before each meal. 
  • You must also wash/shower using shared bathrooms, sauna and swimming pool. 
  • Get your vaccinations before travelling to Bali and ensure you don’t contract the likes of mumps, measles, typhoid, polio and tetanus. 
  • If you are already not feeling well, contact your doctor to know whether you’re healthy enough to practice any of the meditation or yoga sessions. 
Festival Nights Photo: BaliSpiritFestival

Bali Spirit Festival – What to Pack?

Well, you must have already planned what you might need at the festival. Here are some of the essentials in case you forget to include these:

  • Sunscreen: For all outdoor sessions or sun bathing.
  • Sunglasses: Bali is usually sunny, and it’s best to protect your eyes by wearing UV protected sunglasses.
  • Water bottle: There will be many water dispensers at the festival to refill your water bottles and keep you hydrated in hot water. Better to bring a refillable bottle and not the plastic ones.
  • Yoga Mat: It is a must for all your yoga practice sessions. You will not be provided with a mat during the festival.
  • Mosquito Repellent: Try to bring plenty of these, especially when you are coming with your kids. 
  • Umbrella: Bali’s weather is unpredictable. It’s wise to keep an umbrella with you as it can rain anytime. 

Forbidden Activities at the Spirit Festival

You cannot bring the following items to the festival grounds:

  • Animals (except your guide dogs)
  • Audio recording equipment
  • Long lens cameras
  • Alcohol or illegal drugs
  • Non-biodegradable rubbish such as plastic bags, metallic wrappers, and hard plastic

Bali, Getting Around

There are plenty of options to move around Bali. If you want, you can rent a car or a bike. Additionally, you can use a motorbike taxi or a car taxi. 

Bali, Where to Stay?

Ubud has a wide range of places to stay, including picturesque houses, resorts, and homestays to suit every budget. We recommend you book through Airbnb as you’ll find plenty of options to stay in Ubud. 

Bali Spirit Festival Music Nights Photo: BaliSpiritFestival

Where to buy Bali Spirit Festival Tickets?

Attendees of the Bali Spirit Festival can choose to buy a ticket for a full week, three days or even for a day. For those on a part-week pass, it’s a perfect time to enjoy and explore other activities in Ubud and the surrounding towns and villages of Bali.

If you purchased a ticket for the 2020 festival, it is automatically valid for 2022.

A single day pass will cost you $120. 

A 3-day weekend pass will cost you $325.

A 7-day full festival pass will cost $575.

A premium 7-day pass will cost $750. 

You can check here about the activities and perks included in each pass. 

Bali Spirit Festival Music and Dance Photo: BaliSpiritFestival

Local Language of Bali

There are two languages spoken in Bali, Bahasa Indonesia and Balinese. If you would like to be prepared to speak some few words of either language please see our article and key phrases on the language of Bali.

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