9 Best of the Best Beaches in Brevard County

Best Beaches in Brevard County list

Home to some of the most stunning shorelines in Florida, the best beaches in Brevard County are second to none.

Whether you want to go kayaking, parasailing, or just lounge on sun-soaked sands, there is a perfect beach for you on the shores of the Atlantic Ocean.

While you’ll Flordia has plenty of beaches to choose from, here are a few you absolutely can’t miss.

1. Cocoa Beach

Cocoa beach famous parties
Cocoa beach

One of the most famous beaches in Florida, Cocoa Beach has it all.

With its location just an hour from Orlando and near the Kennedy Space Center Visitor Complex, this has been a go-to family vacation destination for generations. 

Walk the historic boardwalk and snap pics from the picturesque pier then grab your board and head out to one of the top surf spots in Florida.

Looking for a more laidback break? With beach weather from March to November, Cocoa Beach is a world-famous winter sun destination.

Grab a lounge chair and an umbrella from one of the countless vendors and beach clubs, then keep the cocktails coming as you watch the sunset on the horizon. 

When you are ready for a break from the sun, explore the botanical garden, observatory, dinosaur museum, and planetarium of Cocoa Beach. 

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2. Playalinda Beach

Playalinda Beach in Florida interesting facts
Playalinda Beach in Florida

Inside the Canaveral National Seashore National Park near the town of Titusville, you’ll find Playalinda Beach.

Beyond the grassy dunes, you’ll find this secluded little slice of paradise.

The 24 miles of beautifully preserved shoreline that makes up Playalinda Beach is connected to the Merritt Island Wildlife Refuge, and you’ll find dolphins swimming by, and exotic birds overhead, along with other local flora and fauna. 

If you are lucky enough to visit Playalinda Beach on a launch day, you will have a second-to-none unobstructed view of the launches at Kennedy Space Center.

On a day with less action, bring your surfboard then explore the nearby town of Titusville (which is famous for its microbreweries!). 

3. Indian Harbour Beach

Indian Harbour Beach in Brevard County
Indian Harbour Beach

Just across the Banana River on the barrier island in Brevard County, you can go to Indian Harbour Beach.

This small town is famous for protecting manatees, sea turtles, and whales.

Here you’ll discover gorgeous green areas like Gleason Park where you can hike and explore the natural beauty.

For seaside fun, head over to Bicentennial Park to surf and soak in the sun.  

4. Jetty Park Beach

Jetty Park Beach and Campground
Jetty Park Beach

Easily one of the best beaches in Brevard County, Jetty Park Beach is home to a popular campground and is a popular cruise stop destination.

You’ll also see submarines and rockets coming in and out of Canaveral Air Force Station.  

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5. Paradise Beach Park

Paradise Beach Park in Brevard County
Paradise Beach Park

This beautiful spot has all of the things that you need for a wonderful day at the beach.

There are food trucks, bathrooms, volleyball courts, a playground, and lifeguards on the beach.

It’s a great all-ages spot where you’ll find easy parking and clear shores. 

Travel Tip – Underwater at Paradise Beach Park, you might find some sharp coquina rocks farther from shore. Be cautious as you explore. 

6. Canova Beach

Canova Beach in Brevard County
Canova Beach

Another area that is great for the whole family, including the four-legged members, is Canova Beach Park.

There’s a lovely little pavilion, grill, showers, bathrooms, and everything else that you might need on a long afternoon out. 

Within the park, you’ll find a huge nine-acre dog park with beach access.

When you go with your pup, just be sure to bring along their dog license, records of vaccination, leash, and plenty of poo bags.

7. Melbourne Beach

Melbourne Beach in Brevard County
Melbourne Beach

In Melbourne Beach City, you can find everything that an outdoor lover could ever dream of.

From fishing to boating to camping, the 33 miles of wild beach here are a dream come true.

Bring your surfboard or dive in to discover the colorful world of reefs and marine life below. 

Melbourne Beach is also home to the Coconut Point Sanctuary, Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge, and Maritime Hammock Sanctuaries where you can hike, explore, and learn about the local habitat.

8. Alan Shepard Beachfront Park

Alan Shepard Beachfront Park in Brevard County
Alan Shepard Beachfront Park

On East Cocoa Beach, the pretty Alan Shepard Beachfront Park was named after the second man on the moon.

This five-acre park is located just south of Cape Canaveral and offers incredible views of space launches from Cape Canaveral. 

It’s easy to find a parking spot here and you can go straight to the boardwalk to walk around and then rent a chair and umbrella.

When you’ve had enough time in the sun, head for the showers, then find a picnic table for yourself and barbeque up the perfect lunch.

For the kids, you’ll find playgrounds, lifeguards, and all the other must-haves. 

9. Sebastian Inlet

Visit Sebastian Inlet
Sebastian Inlet

Just 12 miles south of Melbourne Beach, you can experience one of the best beaches in Brevard County.

The World Qualifying Series for surfing is held here every January, and it’s a hotspot for people around the globe looking to ride a powerful wave. 

And there’s more than just surfing at Sebastian Inlet! Go diving, camping, canoeing, snorkeling, swimming, and just soak in the sun.

The nearby Nearby Pelican Island is one of the best fishing spots in Florida so be sure to make time to try to reel in the catch of the day. 


When it comes to the best beaches in Brevard County, you could spend a month exploring and barely scratch the surface. Whether you want to swim, surf, dive, or lounge, there is no better place in Florida. 

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