5 Best Beaches In Genoa for a Perfect Summer Getaway

Best beaches Genoa

Genoa, Italy, is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

These vary from pebbly to rocky to sandy, with water in varying shades of green and blue (turquoise, sapphire, you name it).

Not only that, but the best beaches in Genoa often have top-notch restaurants and bars nearby, and some of the beaches have loungers and umbrellas equipped.

To summarize, these are some naturally beautiful and luxurious places to relax!

1. Paraggi Beach

Paraggi Beach is located in a small, traditional Italian town. I took a bus ride around the village (with a runtime of 1-2 hours), and found the architecture and natural scenery to be quite wonderful. 

Paraggi Beach beach in Genoa
Paraggi Beach

This included stunning up-close and faraway views of the beach and its water. The water is a uniquely beautiful color, somewhere between sapphire and emerald.

You can see the sand and pebbles under the crystal-clear water!

What Paraggi Beach Has to Offer

If you’re feeling particularly adventurous, and like hitting the water, I saw a Kayak tour as well.

Paraggi Beach is surrounded by lush greenery, so seeing that – and the shining water – up close from a kayak would be a treat. Finally, there’s a snorkeling tour!

If you’re planning a trip to Paraggi Beach, there are plenty of enjoyable activities to take advantage of, from snorkeling to exploring private beach clubs and trying out some of the best restaurants and cafes in the area:

  • Do you enjoy snorkeling? I’ve only snorkeled a few times myself, but it was certainly a magical experience. As mentioned above, Paraggi Beach offers some great snorkeling opportunities and even a snorkeling tour. You can take a look at the reefs and other flora and fauna while learning about sea life and hanging out with like-minded folk! 
  • Private beach clubs, such as Bagni Fiore, which is known as the best beach club in Paraggi Bay. I can see why this is. My husband and I stayed a couple of days, and the facility was freshly renovated (everything sparkled – the club was so clean and new). Not only that, but the restaurant’s lobster was exceptional. The locals also recommended Le Carillon, which offers stunning beach views and delicious, top-quality seafood!
  • Restaurants, such as Capo Nord, best known for its dazzling sea view and top-notch seafood, and Langosteria which serves exceptional dumplings. There are also a host of cafes, varying from traditional to contemporary in style and offering a variety of great food!

2. Camogli Beach

If you’re looking for a bit of color to brighten your day, look no further than Camogli.

Camogli Beach Genoa
Camogli Beach

The entire town is a treat for the eyes. I couldn’t believe how vibrant and cheerful it looked! 

What Camogli Beach Has to Offer

You can get there by train, car, or boat. I often take the train, but this time I opted for the boat. It has an unrivaled view of the water, which is nice and clear, as well as the surrounding greenery.

Camogli is historically a fishing village, so you can bet that you can find plenty of fresh seafood!

You can also

expect a delightful experience that includes outstanding cuisine, beautiful beaches with convenient amenities, and stunning architecture with intricate decorative elements:

  • True to its Italian nature, Camogli is chock-full of restaurants. Many of these are not only worth a try – they’re exceptional. Some of the most highly rated restaurants include La Loggia, La Playa, and La Camogliese. In fact, these are the top 3 restaurants in Camogli. Personally, I’ve been to La Loggia, and while it was a tad crowded, it was full of locals, creating an authentic atmosphere. The staff was quite friendly. The dishes were ample and prepared with expertise. I highly recommend fish and white wine – a classic they are renowned for. I had to give it a try and was not disappointed!
  • Camogli has both private and organized beaches, for any budget. At every beach, you’ll be regaled with incredible ocean views. There are heaps of cafes and shops around, and this is really convenient for a quick, quality meal or drink. What’s more, the beaches have loungers and umbrellas for rent. I got both, and spent part of the day chilling in comfort, listening to the waves, and wading in the water. You can easily see your feet and the pebbly sand!
  • The architecture in Camogli includes terraces, pedestals, and other highly decorative elements that are a treat to behold!

3. Capalungo Beach

One beach you may not have heard of, but which is absolutely worth a mention (I consider it one of the best beaches in Genoa), is Capalungo Beach.

Capalungo beach in Genoa
Capalungo Beach

This is a fairly small beach. It’s pebbly rather than sandy, with some rather pretty stones that you can collect, or try to skip against the waves (my husband and I had a good time doing this for a while).

What Capalungo Beach Has to Offer

I came away from Capalungo Beach with a pocket full of pebbles and a feeling of peace. The beach is quiet. It’s far from the city, and the locals were happy to help or simply stop and chat. They were very friendly and chill! 

Here are some highlights of what to expect at this breathtaking destination:

  • Capalungo Beach has water suitable for surfing. I didn’t partake in it myself, but my husband gave it a try and had good luck. There were several really good waves, so recommend the spot if you’re a surfer!
  • There are few better ways to see beautiful water views than by kayak. This allows you to get up close and personal with the water, and its brisk, refreshing salt-and-brine smell! 
  • If you’re thinking of staying near Capalungo Beach, so you’ve got a few days of beach time, there are some truly excellent hotels nearby. My husband and I only stayed a day, so we weren’t able to experience one ourselves, but I’ve heard they are clean and top-quality, with delicious food!

4. Boccadasse Beach

Bocadasse Beach has been rated the top attraction in Genoa, and there are many reasons for this.

Visit Boccadasse Beach
Boccadasse Beach

Of course, I had to visit Boccadasse Beach and see for myself!

My husband and I packed up once we saw pictures of the place, and read about the seaside town. In a word, it’s idyllic! 

What Boccadasse Beach Has to Offer

Boccadasse Beach has heaps to offer, from top-quality, ethnic restaurants to a pebbly beach and shallow water that’s ideal for a swimmer.

What’s more, you can reach this beach conveniently on foot from the Genoa center. Just follow along Corso Italia, it’s a roughly 3-mile walk but goes by in a jiffy.

You’ll be distracted by the vibrant, shapely architecture and lively folks, and greenery. Soon enough, the sea will appear in front of you, and you won’t be disappointed!

A visit to Boccadasse Beach offers temperate waters for swimming, delicious local cuisine and more:

  • When it comes to swimming, the water was temperate, not too cold (although it could’ve been warmer). I recommend swimming shoes, just in case of any less-smooth rocks (it can get a bit rocky in places, but it is mostly smooth pebbles. Still, better safe than sorry).
  • So, what can you eat at Boccadasse Beach? Sunbathing can make you surprisingly hungry. Lo Genovese a Boccadasse is one of the most highly rated restaurants in Boccadasse Beach. A couple of the most popular items at this restaurant are the fried anchovies (which come in a handy cone), and the focaccia, which is the perfect combination of crispy and fluffy. My husband and I visited this restaurant first thing, and it was really lovely munching on fried fish with a view of the beach and sea. Stromburger is also just excellent – it’s a burger restaurant, with truly fantastic burgers and a great selection of beer!
  • If you appreciate beautiful and unique architecture, you’re sure to share my admiration for Boccadasse Beach. It’s nestled against an ancient fishing town, with colorful houses that please the eye. This beach is small but the surrounding town makes up for its with heaps to offer!

5. San Fruittuoso 

San Fruittuoso is nestled between the Portofino Regional Natural Park and the sea and can be reached by boat or on foot.

San Fruttuoso beach in Genoa
San Fruittuoso

I opted for a boat ride on the way there (30 minutes from Camogli) and went by foot on the way back (to Camogli).

I can attest to the incredible beauty of the greenery – which is super vivid and lush – and the shining water!

What San Fruittuoso Has to Offer

San Fruittuoso has a pebbly white beach that is a thing of wonder. The water is so clear that you can see the pebbles sparkling, and it dazzles the eye.

This is easily one of the most beautiful, best beaches in Genoa I’ve seen, personally!

Expect stunning scenery, clear water, and a relaxing atmosphere:

  • Thanks to the clear water, San Fruittuoso Beach is ideal for diving. You can explore the marine reserve, or dive to see the famous, haunting statue of Christ of the Abyss. This is an underwater statue that features Christ standing with his hands in the air. It’s a bit eerie, yet folks also report feeling a sense of reverence (it contributes to the religious atmosphere of many parts of San Fruittuoso).
  • There are free and equipped beaches in San Fruittuoso, and umbrellas and loungers are available at the equipped beaches, to give you a bit of shade from the ample sunlight. This is definitely convenient… it’s always nice not to have to lug an umbrella or chair around, in my book!
  • San Fruittuoso Abbey is not only a sight to see, with its bright, light stonework, but it’s also got a fascinating history. It was a monastery, a pirate’s den, and home to a princess. It’s well worth a look!
  • There is a bar perched on the rocks near the beach, where you can enjoy a popular sunset aperitif. This is made up of thyme-infused Cointreau, Tequila Blanco, lemon juice, rosemary syrup, and fresh grapefruit juice. Or, you can stop by a restaurant next to the abbey and take in a seaside view while you enjoy trofie al pesto, which is made of basil pesto and trofie pasta. This is a dish that the region is renowned for!

Final Words

If you’re having a hard time deciding which of these best beaches in Genoa to visit, I don’t blame you.

Each has its own unique food and scenery to offer! No matter what, you’re certain to find cerulean-blue, clear water and beachside views that – in my opinion – are to die for!

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