Best Beaches in Plymouth MA (Find Your Perfect Spot)

Best Beaches in Plymouth Massachusetts

Known as America’s Hometown and considered to be the birthplace of the USA, Plymouth, Massachusetts has great historical and cultural significance.

This is the city where New England was first established, and it’s named after the English city on the other side of the Atlantic.

If you’re visiting Plymouth, you can’t miss its wonderful beaches. In this article, we’ll go through all of the best beaches in Plymouth MA.

Plymouth MA’s best beaches

Duxbury beach MA sunset
Duxbury beach sunset

The best beaches in Plymouth MA include:

  1. Stephen’s Field Park
  2. White Horse Beach
  3. Long Beach
  4. Nantasket Beach
  5. Nelson Street Recreation Area
  6. Ellisville Harbor State Park
  7. Duxbury Beach Park

Let’s look at them all in more detail.

1. Stephen’s Field Park

Stephen's Field park MA
Stephen’s Field park

Stephen’s Field Park is located in downtown Plymouth.

It’s a huge park that has grass, sand, and rocky areas. It’s a great location for family fun or for a romantic stroll or picnic.

During the high season or on holidays, it can get quite crowded, however.

Stephen’s Field Park has lots of birds and ducks as well as water that is safe to swim in. The views are great too.

As well as the beach, you’ve got picnic areas, a boating site, free parking, and restrooms.

2. White Horse Beach White Horse beach Plymouth White Horse beach Plymouth

This is a small Plymouth village at south of Priscilla Beach on Cape Cod Bay.

You’ll see beautiful cottages and a conservation area to protect delicate flora. The beach has fantastic waters, and it’s popular with both locals and tourists.

3. Long Beach Long beach Plymouth MA Long beach Plymouth MA

One of the most popular beaches in Plymouth is Long Beach. People flock here from sunrise to sunset. As you might imagine, it’s long – three miles in fact.

This means there’s loads of space for everyone, and it never seems crowded or loud, even during the height of the summer.

Besides being popular with humans, you’ll also see a lot of migratory animals and seabirds here.

In spring and summer, there’s a range of shorebirds, some of which are classified as endangered under both federal and state law.

This means that certain types of recreational activities are restricted during the nesting season.

Most people come here for:

  • walking
  • picnicking
  • swimming
  • and fishing

It has restrooms and a restaurant right on the beach. There are areas where dogs are allowed (this is clearly signposted), and there are lifeguards until Labor Day.

4. Nantasket Beach

Nantasket beach Plymouth Massachusetts
Nantasket beach Plymouth

Nantasket Beach is close to Hull and is one of Plymouth’s best beaches by far.

It’s similar to Long Beach for its length and size but it’s full of amenities like bars, restaurants, hotels, shops, and more. There are also lots of old lighthouses to explore too.

If you want to make a day of it, you can rent or buy beach equipment easily here. You’ll find the beach open all year long, but the lifeguards are only there for high season.

At Low Tide – You’ll be able to explore lots of tide pools. Its name comes from Wampanoag, and it means “low-tide place.”

Though it’s one of the busiest beaches, it doesn’t feel overcrowded. Although the beach is fine and sandy, the color is a light grey.

If you’re looking for a resort, the Nantasket Beach Resort is stunning.

It has a prime location that overlooks the south shore of the beach, and rooms have ocean views. There’s also a heated pool, fitness center, and hot tub.

5. Nelson Street Recreation Area

Nelson Street recreation area Massachusetts
Nelson Street recreation area

This wonderful area has been significantly renovated in recent years.

As such, it’s become a hive of activities, particularly in the summer. The area is great for children as there’s a splash pad, play area, picnic area, and of course, sand.

As well as this, you’ve got lots of cycling paths around Nelson Memorial Park, which isn’t to be missed.

Overall, this is a fun place with breathtaking views and lots to do.

6. Ellisville Harbor State Park

Ellisville Harbor state park Massachusetts
Ellisville Harbor state park

This has shallow and gentle waters as well as soft sand, which makes it ideal for young families.

There’s also lots to explore, including grassy expanses and meadows, forest areas of red pine trees, a salt marsh, a barrier beach, and a sphagnum bog.  

It’s a scenic shoreline and is managed by the Department of Conservation and Recreation. It was established as a state park in 1991 and covers an area of 97 acres.

The whole area is beautiful at any time of year.

In Summer – You can easily spend the whole day on the beach, but it’s equally as pleasant in spring and fall.

During the winter months, Ellisville Harbor State Park is good for taking a romantic walk with your loved one while spotting wildlife, including harbor seals. Lots of migratory birds stop over here too.

7. Duxbury Beach Park

Duxbury beach Plymouth Massachusetts
Duxbury beach

This amazing place is a barrier beach right in Duxbury.

It spans a whopping 7.5 miles, and since 1975, two-thirds of it has been under the ownership of Duxbury Beach Reservation, whose mission it is to preserve the beach and protect vegetation and wildlife.

There are two ways of getting to the beach. Day parking is best accessed via Gurnet Road, but for those with parking stickers, it’s best to go over Powder Point Bridge.

This beach is also very accessible.

There is ramp access from both parking places, and there are also beach wheelchairs with floats and safety harnesses. Besides this, there are mobility mats on the sand too. 

In terms of things to do here, there are a lot!

Visitors often come here for:

  • swimming
  • snorkeling
  • scuba diving
  • paddle boarding
  • sailing
  • rowing
  • surfing
  • windsurfing
  • and clamming

It’s also a great spot for dog walking and horseback riding, though you need a permit for these activities. There are lighthouse tours and bird-watching opportunities too.

Final Thoughts

As we’ve seen, there are some fantastic beaches in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

Though most people choose to visit in summer, you’ll still find things to do all year round. Hopefully, we’ve covered something for all types of people and interests!

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