Best Party Beaches in Florida – 13 Best Beach Destinations

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Some of the Best party beaches in the US are in Florida.

Known as the “Sunshine State”, Florida is an ideal destination for all types of people, especially party-goers.

Aside from the breathtaking coastline, a plethora of attractions and outdoor activities for people of all ages, Florida is most famous for its vibrant nightlife centering around it’s beaches and attracting visitors from around the globe.

Whether it’s hip hop, EDM, or salsa, beach partying in Florida is always hot and happening.

Florida is most famous for spring break when thousands of youngsters arrive to ‘Partay’, but the party beaches here offer enjoyment all year round.

So, pack your bags, fill the tank, and get ready to experience the nightlife in these best party beaches in Florida.

What is the number one rated beach in Florida?

South Beach is undoubtedly party heaven in Florida and my personal number one rated beach in the state.

1. South Beach

South Beach is widely famous for its happening nightspots and glamorous surrounding areas.

In fact, South Beach is frequently listed among the top 10 beaches in the whole world, not just the US.

South beach Florida best for parties
South beach Florida

From cocktail lounges to dive bars to dance clubs, South Beach or ‘SoBe’ promises to offer unlimited enjoyment for people over 21 years of age.

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One of the most famous nightclubs on SoBe is LIV – Live Nightclub. The LIV is all about dancing to rock and hip-hop tunes in the breathtaking setting of South Beach.

The Cabaret Show at Mango’s Tropical Café is also popular among visitors who want to enjoy a delicious three-course dining experience along with live music shows and dancing.

South Beach is definitely our number one pick when you are looking for the best beaches in Florida to party.

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2. Panama City Beach

Panama City beach perfect for parties
Panama City beach Florida

If you are looking for a beach in Florida with an affordable nightlife experience, visit the Panama City Beach.

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This stunning Emerald Coast is popular among students and families because of the view and budget-friendly activities on offer here.

The beach area is calm due to the restrictions on drinking on the beach but don’t worry, the pubs and bars are just nearby. 

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Some of the best nightlife spots at Panama City Beach include; Club La Vela.

Also known as the largest nightclub in the U.S., the club features 48 bars, 10 theme rooms, best sound, and light setting, and also a beachside swimming pool.

On Wednesdays – The club offers ‘Girls Night Out’, where ladies cannot only enter for free but also enjoy two free drinks. Other famous nightclubs at the beach are Ms. Newby’s, Schooners, Spinnaker Beach Club, and Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge. 

3. Hollywood Beach

You’re visiting Florida or doing your research in advance of travelling, you may ask, which beach in Florida has the prettiest water?

Hollywood Beach is undoubtedly the prettiest in Florida.

Hollywood beach is perfect for parties
Hollywood beach

With stunning white sand and turquoise waters surrounded by palm trees, this beach is home to many bars and clubs.

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A trip to Florida without visiting Hollywood Beach would surely be considered incomplete.

Hollywood Beach lives up to its name when it comes to glamorous beach life. No matter which music you’re after, Hollywood Beach has got you covered.

There is a famous Amsterdam Bar and Restaurant where you can enjoy food, drink and dance, all under one roof.

Another great place is “Spice Resto Lounge”, famous for Latin Music.

After partying out all night, end your day by relaxing at the Margaritville Hollywood Beach Resort. The beach is an ideal venue for your private parties, and barbecue gatherings.

4. Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is one of the most famous party beaches in Florida.

The beach is known for its Entertainment District, Riverwalk Arts and many nightclubs.

Fort Lauderdale beach in Florida
Fort Lauderdale Florida

The nightlife of Fort Lauderdale is less expensive compared to its neighboring beaches with a variety of clubs to choose from the area.

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The most famous club is “Off the Hookah” – an eclectic bar and lounge with delicious Mediterranean and Japanese cuisine served in an exotic ambiance.

The bar is famous for some of the best belly dancers in the world and skillful bartenders.

Other popular night party spots include the Elbo Room and bar at the W Fort Lauderdale.

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There are also two main festivals every year; the beach attracts thousands of visitors in March during the Langerado Music Festival and also in October for 3-day multi-stage Tortuga Music Festival.

5. Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach is one of the best spots in Florida where there’s something happening all year round.

The beach is popular for free bandshell concerts that are held every Friday and Saturday at Daytona Beach between May and September.

Daytona beach in Florida
Daytona beach Florida

The beach gets very crowded during Spring Break when visitors from all across the country come to the beach to party hard during the break.

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There is an array of party places at the Daytona Beach such as:

  • the Full Moon Saloon
  • Razzle’s
  • and Boothill Saloon  

There are many dance spots that stay open all night till the sun comes up.

You can dance to the latest tunes while sipping your favorite drink and get all party-hardy with your friends and love interest!

The beach is specifically known for its lively party scene at the New Year’s Eve.

6. Cocoa Beach

Cocoa Beach is an excellent spot, not only for water sports fans, but also for the party lovers.

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With great surfing locations and live music venues, Cocoa Beach is undoubtedly one of the most incredible beaches in the country not to mention Florida.

Cocoa beach famous parties
Cocoa beach

Though the beach has plenty of nightspots for the party-goers, the most famous is “Coconuts on the Space Coast” and “The Sand Bar”.

If you are a sports fanatic, head to the “Time Out Sports Bar” or the famous “Dog n Bone British Pub”. 

Moreover, the beach is a favorite family destination too.

Every Year – Thousands of families and students visit the beach to enjoy their spring break. Cocoa Beach has one-of-kind locations that offer fun activities to people of all ages throughout the year.

7. Perdido Key

Perdido Key is known for hosting the best bachelorette parties.

The beach is ideal for a fun and crazy night. The beach is in close proximity to the most famous bar and live music in the country “Flora-Bama”.

Perdido Key Florida beach for parties
Perdido Key Florida

The bar organizes year-long live music on multiple stages.

Whether you’re a fan of ballads, rock, country, or beach music, you can find it all at the Flora-Bama.

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Thousands of musicians perform at the bar every year at beach concerts.

Enjoy dancing at the beachfront bar while sipping on your famous Bushwacker as the sun goes down.

Other famous beach bars at Perdido Key include “Jelly Fish Bar” and VIP in Orange beach.

We recommend staying for at least 2 days here and enjoy partying out at all the famous nightclubs.

8. West Palm Beach

While Miami gets full credit for the nightclubs and live music shows in South Florida, West Palm Beach offers some awesome party spots as well.

West Palm beach Florida for parties
West Palm beach Florida

West Palm is full of venues that are popular for slinging bottle service, grooving to the beats and flashing the lights into the early morning hours.

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Start your party at the “Roxy’s Rooftop Bar” – an open-air dance floor with stunning views of West Palm. The music here is a mix of house and electronica. 

Some nights, the DJs beat out 90’s hip hop music in various clubs.

I Recommend – Visiting the clubs on a Sunday night for the various music shows and live bands on the rooftop, something you definitely don’t want to miss.

Another great spot is “Shout Karaoke” – the most famous karaoke bar in town.

‘The Shout’ has multiple karaoke booths to cater for the music tastes of all sorts and diverse groups.

With thousands of songs to choose from, singers will surely entertain the guests and have a blast.

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9. St. Pete Beach

Going to Florida and you’re not really up for the hedonistic Spring Break way of life?

Never fear, St. Pete Beach has got to be one of the least crowded beaches in Florida.

St Pete beach Florida perfect for parties
St Pete beach Florida

However, there are certainly some bars around where you can still party in a quiet environment with no large crowds.

The Central Avenue area near the beach is famous for nightlife.

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While not as great as other beaches, St. Pete Beach is ideal for those who want to sip their drink but don’t want huge crowds to party with. 

One of the most famous bars here is “Jimmy B’s” and “Undertow Bar”. Both bars offer a decent party environment with plenty of drink and music options for you to enjoy.

Visit the rooftop lounge at Hotel Zamora at St. Pete Beach for cocktails while relaxing in probably the hippest of environments which St. Pete Beach has to offer.

Take in the stunning panoramic views of the Intracoastal Way and the Gulf of Mexico while sipping your favorite drinks.

10. Clearwater Beach

A tough decision to decide which is better St Pete beach or Clearwater?

While St. Pete beach pipped it for us, Clearwater Beach’s nightlife is perfect for those who are in the mood to experience swanky, funky, and chill joints.

Clearwater beach Florida famous parties
Clearwater beach Florida

You’ll experience just that at the Clearwater beach.

The Palm Pavilion at the beach is nothing less than paradise.

The beachfront eatery is perfect for small sunset celebrations with nice music and food.

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For live local bands, head to the Frenchy’s Rockaway Grill, where you can enjoy drinks, music, and more in a great beach atmosphere.

For DJs and bottle service, the Shepherd’s Tiki Beach Bar and Grill is a must-visit. The bar is undoubtedly one of the liveliest beachfront spots in the Clearwater area.

Dance the night away with your loved ones while a live band plays on a massive stage set outside with beachfront.

11. Marco Island

Marco Island is home to one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

The island offers many fun activities and party options to people of all ages.

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The most popular party atmosphere is provided by “Captain Party Hard Tour” that says, ‘boat like a local but party like a rock-star’.

Marco Island Florida beach
Marco Island Florida

The tour offers you a boat trip filled with amazing live music and food.

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There are games, drinks, snacks, beach chairs and more. The party is strictly for adults and goes for three and a half hours. 

For only $75, you can have unlimited fun.

You have to bring your own alcohol to the party, but even if you don’t, there is an option to buy from the boat.

Make sure to book this tour online as the slots are booked out pretty quickly.

12. Fort Myers Beach

The wide white sands and clear waters along with the hip-hop music in the surroundings make the Fort Myers Beach one of the best party beaches in Florida, albeit number 12 on our list.

Fort Myers beach for parties
Fort Myers beach Florida

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There are family-friendly resorts on the beach and also plenty of activities for you to enjoy.

As the Sun Goes Down – The beach turns into a bar with live music and assorted drinks. Head to the Doc Fords at the Fort Myers Beach for popular dockside parties or the Lani Kai Island Resort, which is known as the best party spot in town.

The Lani Kai offers non-stop party fun – there are booty shake contests, limbo, hunks in trunks, and a lot more fun to experience.

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13. Sanibel Island

If you are after a low-key weekend getaway in Florida, head to Sanibel Island.

Sanibel Island
Sanibel Island Florida

The island is popular among students and families looking for spring break destinations but with a calmer atmosphere and fewer crowds.

Most visitors spend their time here sunbathing or swimming in the beautiful emerald waters while others enjoy a few drinks or other activities offered at the beach. 

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Some of the fun activities at Sanibel Island include:

  • scooter rides
  • sightseeing tours
  • kayaking
  • snorkelling
  • and fishing

There are a few nightclubs and bars around for adults who are looking for a calm environment with not many people around.

Conclusion – To party or not to party?

Florida has kept its reputation for having some of the best party beaches and being the best destination for beach parties in general.

The USA’s best beaches are found in Florida, attracting locals and travellers from all over the world, they flock to the glitzy coastline and it’s wealth of parties and festival atmosphere.

Best beaches in Florida for parties

Those who are looking for sunny days and nights out on the beach may find Florida an ideal party place.

Not only for the parties, but Florida has also earned its name for hosting the best and affordable bachelorette parties.  

If you’re looking for the best party beaches in the United States, head to Florida. The state is home to some of the most beautiful party beaches in the world.

If you’ve already been to a beach party in Florida, do share your experiences with us in the comments section. 

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