Best Rage Room West Palm Beach

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Visiting a rage room is an excellent way to blow off steam by breaking different things. It’s as effective as venting or talking to a friend about problems compromising your mental wellness.

There are several smash rooms in West Palm Beach where you can participate in various activities and relieve stress. 

Here are the best anger rooms to vent, let out your fury and break stuff while in West Palm Beach.

Outrageous Room

Anger room in West Palm Beach
Anger room

If you experience anger management issues, sporadic rage episodes, or want to let out accumulated bad energy, visit the Outrageous Rage room in West Palm Beach.

It is the perfect place to relieve stress without talking to a therapist. It has six packages on offer, each with varying levels of rage. 

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Pricing at outrageous room

The cheapest plan (Rampage) costs $50 per person, lasts 15 minutes, and allows you to break one electronic appliance and up to 15 glass items.

Chaos is the most expensive ($125 per person), and it spans 40 minutes, allowing you to break 40 glass items, one jumbo item, and up to five electronics. 

Other packages on offer

PackagePrice and TimeWhat’s included
Fury$60 per person for 20 mins18 glass items 2 electronic appliances
Rampage $70 per person for 25 mins21 glass items 3 electronic appliances
Catastrophe$80 per person for 30 mins25 glass items 4 electronic devices
Anarchy $100 per person for 35 mins30 glass items  4 electronic appliances


  • For 20% extra, you can bring and break your stuff. 
  • Listening to your preferred music tracks as you smash stuff. 
  • Get spray paint and graffiti your experience on the bathroom wall while looking at previous visitors’ work. 

Operation Hours

The following are the operation hours of the Outrageous Rage Room.

  • Mondays to Fridays: 5:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.
  • Saturdays: 2:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.
  • Sundays: 2:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

You must book an appointment to access this facility.

Operational hours, item availability, pricing, and promotions are all subject to change without notice. You must pay a deposit when booking if you want to go as a group.

How to Have Fun at Outrageous Rage Room

Here are tips for having an unforgettable experience at the Outrageous Rage room:

  • Bring a Team – Even though you can go to the rage room alone, it’s always more fun to bring a friend or more to the rage room to release your mental baggage. Ideally, teams should have a maximum of six people.
  • Don’t Hold Back – The rage room’s mantra is ‘Better out than in.’ The management encourages visitors to let it out without holding back. People bring the strangest items – some carry fridges and washing machines, while others have artists paint mannequins with their enemies’ faces. The objective is to release all the anger you have pent up and leave the place stress-free. 
  • Finish with Art – After smashing items, cool your head off by engraving some art on the bathroom walls. It could be a simple drawing or swear words to help you vent your anger further; the preference is yours. 

2. Smash & Grab Smash Room

Smash & Grab is the largest facility of its kind in West Palm Beach.

It offers you a chance to face your fears, listen to your inner child, and relieve stress in a safe and controlled environment.

Despite the increasing awareness of mental health issues, some people are still reserved about talking to therapists and friends.

Instead, they prefer letting out their anger on things – rage rooms provide the perfect space, as you can smash stuff without consequences.

Smash & Grab is open throughout the week, though you must make reservations beforehand. When booking, select a package that suits you, then pick a date and time to visit.

You must wear closed-toed shoes – sandals and flip-flops are prohibited. Visitors are also required to wear long-sleeved tops or jackets and long pants.

Upon arrival, operators will acquaint you with the rules, ready you to break stuff. The length of each package starts from five minutes.

Pricing at smash and grab rage room

Here are the packages available at Smash & Grab.

PackagePrice and TimeWhat’s included
Quickie$28 per person for 5 minsBreak stuff in a small room, ideal for one person
Drop your baggage$30 per person for 15 minsSmash glass items and small electronics Bring and break your stuff
Splash art $45 per person for 30 minsUse spray paint to vent your anger by drawing random art and soiling your clothes
Fine China$56 per person for 30 minsBring a friend and break porcelain, pottery, and ceramic pieces to let out your fury
Tosser room$56 per person for 15 minsRelieve stress by breaking glass items
Batting cage$56 per person for 15 minsUse a baseball bat to smash glass, electronics, and porcelain items
Small package $67.20 per person for 30 minsForm a group with a maximum of 15 people and break random stuff
Large package $100.80 per person for 30 minsBreak oversized items with friends using hammers, bats, and other equipment 
Custom$140 per person for 30 minsCreate a custom environment consisting of different items you want to break

Operation Hours

You’ll find the Smash & Grab rage room open at the following times.

  • Monday to Saturday: 10:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
  • Sundays: 1:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

What Do You Need for a Unique Smash & Grab Experience?

Here are valuable tips to ensure you have quality time at the Smash & Grab rage room.

With them, you’ll relieve all the stress in your mind.


As mentioned above, you must wear closed-toed shoes, long-sleeved shirts or jackets, and long pants.

The operators will then give you a helmet, face shield, protective eye-wear, and gloves to ensure your safety.

Bring Your Stuff

If something at home stresses you, bring it to Smash and Grab to break it.

It’s a safe and controlled space to let out your fury without worrying about damaging belongings you still consider helpful.

This perk is handy if you want to break items that remind you of a partner who left or died. 

Enjoy Custom Themes

Whether it’s Halloween or a custom event, you can enjoy it at Smash and Grab!

Consult with operators and exchange ideas on how to make your visit memorable. 

Teens are Allowed

You can Smash and Grab as a teenager. However, those under 18’s must come with their legal parent or guardian. 

An Array of Tools

At Smash & Grab, you can smash stuff using baseball or cricket bats, golf clubs, pipes, sledgehammers, etc.

The staff constantly introduces new weapons to make things entertaining. 

Scream or Listen to Music

Some people vent through screaming, while others prefer listening to blaring music. Regardless of your preference, you can have it at Smash & Grab.

Other Activities

Besides a rage room, Smash & Grab offers space for private events and team building.

You can book the grounds for birthdays, corporate meetings, and networking events. It’s an excellent place to enjoy time with friends and family.


The pandemic took a toll on many people, with thousands losing jobs and even loved ones.

With public spaces now open, smashing things in safe and controlled environments is the best way to release the stress from such losses.

It’s fun, convenient, and considerably cheaper than seeing a therapist. Even better, you can go as a team, which makes the experience more exciting. 

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