Best Rage Rooms In Chicago

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Do not let rage overwhelm you to the extent that you lash out at work or home, potentially harming yourself or others. Instead, book a rage room session and release all your intense feelings and thoughts by destroying things.

Smash rooms provide the safest therapeutic outlet for stress, although at a price. However, the price you pay to participate is worth the relieved feeling you will get after the session.

Below is a list of the best rage rooms in Chicago and nearby environs that you can visit.

1. Purge Rage Room at Kanya Lounge

Time out for adults doesn’t mean punishment for bad behavior but a moment to relax and unwind after a tough week.

Get rid of the overwhelming emotions you have been holding in at the Purge rage room at Kanya Lounge.

The establishment offers a fun adult environment, and the smash room experience provides a special thrill.

Set up for ultimate destruction, the safe space allows you to let go solo or with friends.

What to expect at the Purge Rage Room at Kaya Lounge

  • All rage room participants must be over 18 and should sign a waiver before a session.
  • Three rage rooms are custom-made for the perfect break room experience.
  • You must wear closed-toe shoes and pants that cover your legs.
  • The establishment will provide safety equipment and weapons. Personal items are not allowed.
  • You can take photographs and videos. However, the establishments also record your session and include posting them on their social media sites in the waiver.
  • Participants with certain chronic illnesses may not access the smash rooms unless a medical practitioner approves.
  • Pregnant women are not allowed to participate.
  • Although there is a full bar on the premises, you cannot participate if intoxicated. Book and attend your break room session before you visit the lounge.

Prices at the Purge Rage Room 

PackagePrice inclusive of taxesTime
Rage Room only$113.92 for 1-2 people30 minutes
Rage Room and Axe Throwing Bundle$126.48 for 1-2 people1.5-2 hours

The rage room package contains a mix of plates, cups, and bottles to break.

Additionally, you will get a premium item such as a printer or computer and a small-size music system or keyboard.

Working Hours

  • Tuesday to Thursday, 4 pm to 10 pm
  • Friday, 4 pm to 1 am
  • Saturday, 1 pm to 1 am
  • Sunday, 1 pm to 10 pm
  • The Purge Rage Room at Kanya Lounge is closed on Mondays

2. Raging Bull at BullsEye Axe Lounge

They promise you the ultimate stress-relieving experience at the Raging Bull smash room.

Indeed, they allow you to unleash your anger and intense feelings by destroying everything you find in the room.

The staff is friendly and provides any help you need to gear up and enjoy your wrecking experience.

What to expect at the Raging Bull Rage Room

  • The facility can accommodate up to 60 participants for group events. However, large groups require reservations.
  • Although they accommodate walk-ins, getting a session during peak hours may be challenging. Therefore, they recommend you book your session in advance.
  • They do not serve alcohol on the premises, and you cannot bring drinks. However, you can bring plenty of food to share.
  • Participants must be over 18. Any minor must come with a legal guardian to supervise their session.
  • Each player will get a mix of medium, large, and breakable glass items to destroy.

Prices at the Raging Bull Rage Room

For 1$49.99 30 minutes
For 2$79.9930 minutes
For 3$119.9930 minutes
For 4$149.9930 minutes
+4 Group PackageContact the premises15 minutes

Operating Hours

  • Thursday, 4 pm to 10 pm
  • Friday, 4 pm to 11 pm
  • Saturday, 12 pm to 11 pm
  • Sunday, 12 pm to 10 pm
  • The Raging Bull at BullsEye Axe Lounge is closed Monday to Wednesday

3. Axe Zone Wreck Room

Tag your friends for fun and a de-stressing smash room experience at the Axe Zone Wreck Room.

The rage room is a safe and controlled place to break items and can especially be an exciting experience with colleagues.

What to expect at the Axe Zone Wreck Room

  • Participants must be older than 12 years. An adult must accompany those between 12-17 years. 
  • The minimum number of players per rage room session is two, and the maximum allowed is four.
  • If you have closed-toe shoes, they will provide the necessary safety gear.
  • Due to the flying debris in the rage room, they do not allow pregnant women to participate.
  • Arrive at least 10 minutes before your session to sign the waiver and prepare. If you show up late, you may forfeit your slot.
  • You can bring your playlist to blast through their Bluetooth speakers.
  • Unfortunately, they do not allow you to bring personal items to smash. They, however, accept donations of all breakable items.

Prices at Axe Zone Wreck Room

PackagePrice inclusive of taxTime
Rookie Mode$70 per person for 2-4 players30 minutes
Warrior Mode$90 per person for 2-4 players30 minutes

Working Hours

  • The Axe Zone Wreck Room is closed on Mondays
  • Tuesday to Thursday from 4 pm to 9 pm
  • Friday and Saturday, 1 pm to 10 pm
  • Sunday, 1 pm to 7 pm

4. Epiphany & Co. Anger Management

Blow off steam by smashing things at the Epiphany & Co. Anger Management rage rooms.

Break away all your troubles and get as messy as possible.

After your rage session, you get to leave the mess behind for someone else to clean. Not only is it an exciting activity, but it provides therapy in a guilt-free environment.

What to expect at Epiphany & Co. Anger Management rage room

  • Wear comfortable clothes and closed shoes, as they will provide protective eye-wear and gear.
  • Although the minimum age to participate is 8, minors should come with an adult to supervise their session.
  • There are two rage rooms, each accommodating a maximum of two people per session.
  • Plenty of items are available to destroy, and each participant gets a wide selection. However, you can add items to smash at an extra cost.
  • You can bring your items to smash, but the establishment must inspect them for safety reasons.
  • All their sessions are by appointment and should be made 48 hours in advance on their website.

Prices at Epiphany & Co. Anger Management

Slightly Pissed$26.76 for 1
$53.52 for 2
$107.04 for 4
20 minutes
Okay, I’m Angry$42.80 for 1
$85.60 for 2
$173 for 4
25 minutes
Big Mad$80.25 for 1
$160.50 for 2
$321 for 4
30 minutes
Themed Party Package$71.33 per person 20 minutes
Slightly Pissed Group Package$35 per person20 minutes

Operating Hours

  • The Epiphany & Co. Anger Management rage room is closed from Sunday to Tuesday
  • Wednesday to Friday, 5 pm to 8 pm
  • Saturday, 12 pm to 8 pm


Work out all your anger issues at any of the above rage rooms in Chicago and the surroundings. The emotional and physical benefits you receive are worth the smash room experience.

It is especially an opportunity to plan a unique party that will leave your family and friends in awe for a long time. Safety is always a priority, so remember to adhere to their rules.

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