Best Rage Rooms In Frederick, Maryland

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Are you feeling stressed lately? Do you have bottled-up emotions or rage inside? It’s not healthy to live like that.

Luckily, the rage rooms in Frederick provide a safe environment to work through those negative feelings and have a good time in the process.

Crash and Catharsis Rage Factory

C & C Rage Factory is where angry and enraged people come to de-stress and have fun.

Individuals and groups alike get the opportunity to break all kinds of stuff in a safe and controlled environment.

There’s also a Scream into the Abyss Room where you can go and scream your feelings out.

The Social Media Room is an excellent way to end your experience by taking photos with friends and chatting with the staff.

The business is about keeping customers safe. As such, they provide safety gloves and face shields to prevent injury from the shattering glass.

Pricing at Crash and Catharsis Rage Factory

The rage room provides different packages suitable for solo and group sessions, as follows:

PackagePrice per personTime
Fast Smash$4015 minutes
BYOB$3015 minutes
Smash$5525 minutes
Group Event$500 for 6-12 people45 minutes
Custom Event$600 for 6-12 people45 minutes
  • The Fast Smash package provides a box of items to break, while the Smash package provides the same plus one large bonus item.
  • For the Group Event package, you’ll have all six rage rooms available with one person in a room at a time. Each participant will receive a box of breakables and a bonus item.
  • With Custom Events, you work with the staff to customize the rage rooms for private parties such as divorce, birthdays, and team building.
  • Only one person is allowed in the rage room at a time, and each participant gets their own items to break.

What to Expect and Rules

  • Breakables vary as they are donated but often include glassware and electronics.
  • Customers can bring their own breakables on Thursdays, which is BYOB night. Of course, no flammable, toxic materials, food items, or ammunition are allowed.
  • Participants must be 14 years and above.
  • Minors must be accompanied by a parent/guardian who must be present during the entire raging session.
  • Participants must sign a waiver before entering the anger room
  • No open-toed shoes and boots are recommended.
  • Customers must wear safety gear throughout the raging session

Working Hours

  • Sunday & Monday: 11 am – 7 pm
  • Tuesday & Wednesday: Closed
  • Thursday: 3 pm – 8 pm
  • Friday & Saturday: 11 am – 9 pm

The Rage Arena

Maryland’s Rage Room, located less than an hours drive from Frederick, is another excellent venue where you can project your emotions onto breakable items and heal through destruction therapy.

Even if you’re not angry, you can come and have fun breaking stuff, throwing axes, splattering paint, shooting targets, and taking photos.

Safety is a top priority here; hence, they provide gloves and a face shield to prevent injury from flying pieces.

Pricing  the Rage Arena

PackagePrice per personTime
Glow in the Dark Super Rage Room (must be 5-10 people in the rage room)$4940 minutes
1 – 4 people$3920 minutes
5 – 6 people$3945 minutes
7 – 10 people$3945

The Rage Arena also offers private party packages that you can take advantage of to make your next event unique. 

Private party packagePrice per personTime
Social Party for 10-40 people$402 hours
Paint & Selfie Party for 10-40 people$702 hours
Axe & Smash Party for 10-40 people$853 hours
Smash & Paint Party for 15-40 people$852 hours
  • If these packages still don’t suit your needs, don’t worry. The facility has a custom party package where they plan your party with the service and number of people you want. 
  • You can get a dedicated party host for $50 an hour for a minimum of 2 hours. They will help you with decorating the event and catering to your guests.

Car Smash

If you have more rage to release or want a crazy yet fun experience with your friends and family, choose the car smash package.

For $600 – $950, your group gets to smash an entire car for 90 minutes. A public car smash is coming soon, costing $15 for 5 minutes of smash time.

What to Expect

  • The anger room contains different items, including glassware, plastic, electronics, and small appliances.
  • There’s no age limit for participating in this rage room, but minors must have a parent present. Participants should also be able to fit in the adult size X jumpsuit.
  • The dress code is a long-sleeved top, pants, and closed-toe shoes.
  • Customers are encouraged to arrive 10 minutes before their scheduled time to allow ample time for check-in.
  • All participants must sign a liability waiver.
  • Expectant mothers and anyone under the influence cannot participate in rage room activities.
  • No refunds, but you can reschedule.

Working Hours

  • Monday – Wednesday: Closed
  • Thursday & Friday: 4 pm – 8 pm
  • Saturday: 11 am – 9 pm
  • Sunday: 1 pm – 7 pm


Rage rooms allow you to release immediate anger, so you don’t carry it all day or take it out on people around you.

But it’s important to note that it won’t solve chronic anger. Those with mental health problems like depression and anxiety are better off seeing a therapist.

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