Best Rage Rooms In Milwaukee

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Coping with the intense emotions that arise due to grief, anger, stress, frustration, and mood swings can be challenging.

Besides seeking professional therapy, having a round of smash therapy in a rage room is life-changing.

You can express your pain and release the extra tension by completely wrecking anything in the room.

Try a wreck room if you want a new experience that adds value and fun to your life. Look through the list below of the best rage rooms in Milwaukee and transform your negative energy into a fantastic time.

1. Smash Zone

The meditation therapy at Smash Zone is a smash room destruction session.

Bring all the rage inside you or celebrate a special day by breaking stuff to your heart’s content.

Once you complete your rage room session, you can write anything on their break wall.

It can be something you want to leave behind or a positive message from your experience.

Above all – Close friends are a vital support system in our lives, so bring them for a unique bonding experience.

Services and Rules at the Smash Zone

  • Protective gear includes gloves, helmets, safety jackets, and protective shoe covers.
  • The gear gets sanitized after every use as per the COVID policies.
  • If you reschedule your session, you will pay an extra fee of $25.
  • Cancellation of fewer than 48 hours before your session will result in payment of the initial reservation cost.
  • The Smash Zone only accepts bookings, not walk-ins, as the rooms need cleaning and preparation before every use.
  • Anyone above 12 can use the wreck room with a parent or guardian.
  • You cannot bring your own things to smash. However, bring cash to purchase extra items to break.

Prices at Smash Zone

Smash room sessions last between 45-50 minutes at the Smash Zone.

However, parties and corporate events can last up to 2 hours.

Smash room$45
Break room$60
Stress room$90
Rage room$125
Date Night for 2$140
Ladies Night Out$150

Operating hours

  • Smash Zone operates from Monday to Wednesday for corporate events only.
  • They are open to the public from 11 am to 9 pm on Thursday to Sunday.

2. Bust-n-Stuff

Bust-n-Stuff Rage Room In Milwaukee

As their slogan says, have fun by letting loose and busting stuff at the Bust-n-Stuff rage room.

The by-appointment-only establishment is private, ensuring you and your friends are the only people present.

Features of Bust-n-Stuff Rage Room

  • Covid policies are in place. The staff wear masks and spray down the face shields after every session.
  • You get gloves, face socks, coveralls, gloves, and earplugs as part of your smash package.
  • Weapons range from steel pipes to sledgehammers, mallets, baseball bats, golf clubs, and metal rods.
  • If you want to blast music, they have Bluetooth speakers available.
  • Payment is through PayPal or credit card only, so do not carry cash.
  • Participants must be 16 years and above. 16-17-year-olds must come with a parent or guardian who signs their waiver and supervises their break room session.

Rates at Bust-n-Stuff Rage Room

PackagePrice plus sales taxTime
Individual Session$43.4025 minutes
2 Buster Bust-N$59.8050 minutes
3 Buster Bust-N$87.2050 minutes
4 Buster Bust-N$110.3250 minutes
5 Buster Bust-N$133.721 hour 10 minutes
6 Buster Bust-N$153.841 hour 20 minutes
7 Buster Bust-N$173.961 hour 30 minutes
8 Buster Bust-N$195.361 hour 30 minutes

Another package includes smashing several shot glasses filled with color or glitter onto a flat metal sheet.

You can take the metal sheet art with you after your session.

Known as Buster Art, the charges are as follows:

  • $49 for one person for 30 minutes
  • $83 for two people for 40 minutes
  • $115 for three people for 50 minutes
  • $145 for four people for 1 hour

You can also buy a gift certificate for a friend, family member, or colleague. The value depends on the package you choose.

Working Hours

  • Wednesday, 11 am to 8 pm
  • Thursday, 2:30 pm to 8 pm
  • Friday and Saturday, 12 pm to 9 pm
  • Sunday, 11 am to 6 pm
  • The Bust-n-Stuff rage room is closed Monday and Tuesday

3. SmashBoxMKE

The SmashBoxMKE specializes in group events and parties at your location of choice.

They will bring a smash tent, various breakable items, and protective gear. 

Make your booking four weeks in advance, and they will show up. Surprise your guests with a few hours of fun and smash room therapy.

Features of the SmashBoxMKE Rage Room

  • Their tents can accommodate up to 20 people for an hour.
  • You must have at least 300 sq. feet of space for their tent set-up.
  • Their mobile smash tents are set up within 20 minutes.
  • Each of your guests will get between 5 to 10 minutes to break 20 glasses or household items.
  • You can request large breakable items, including furniture, but at an extra cost.
  • You can take as many pictures and videos as you want. However, any damage to your phone or camera is not their liability. 
  • Their professional photographer and videographer can send your videos and images free via email.

Costs at SmashBoxMKE Rage Room

For a group or party smash session, they charge $20 per person for 5-10 minutes, depending on the number of people.

The cost of setting up the tent on location and clean up fee is $60. After the first hour, they charge an extra $10 per hour.

For individual smashing, you pay $60 and get 20 breakable items to destroy. 

Those who bring their breakables also pay $60 per person, including tent set up and cleaning.

Request additional items in advance, especially massive furniture pieces or electronics. Their prices range from $10 to $100, depending on availability.


Choose one from the above list of the best rage rooms in Milwaukee and have a fantastic time expressing your anger. Stress can take a toll on our bodies, mind, and soul.

Make the most of your smash room experience by channeling all your rage to your weapon. You will leave the place feeling like a new positive-minded person. 

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