Best Rage Rooms In Nashua, New Hampshire

Are you stressed out? Has life got you down? Do you feel like screaming at your boss, neighbor, partner, or children?

Smash rooms in Nashua provide a safe and judgment-free zone to break stuff and induce an adrenaline rush.

You can expect to leave feeling calmer and happier than you came in.

Rage Cage NH

Everything gets destroyed at New Hampshire’s largest smash room, especially your stress and anger.

Customers get to wear protective gear and destroy office equipment, appliances, and kitchenware using baseball bats, hammers, crowbars, and sledgehammers.

There’s also loud music blasting to help set the mood for smashing.

While it’s primarily an adult-centered space, the facility also does its best to accommodate kids.

They have a paint splatter room, which allows participants to have fun, release stress, and create beautiful masterpieces.

Pricing at Rage Cage NH

The smash room rates start at $45 per participant, while the paint splatter room starts at $25 per person. Each session will last up to 1 hour.

There’s also a combo package that includes both smashing and paint splattering.

This package is $65 per person for 1 hour and 20 minutes.

The smash room allows for add-ons, including TVs, printers, and computers, at an added cost.

What to Expect

  • The minimum age for participating in the rage room is 13 years. But a parent/guardian must be present and sign the waiver for a minor.
  • The paint splatter room is open to all.
  • The facility has two anger rooms accommodating only two people at a time. The rest of the crew can relax in the lounge and even watch a live stream of the ongoing raging session.
  • The paint splatter room can accommodate up to 25 people at once.
  • Safety at this facility is a priority, so they offer protective gear. In addition, the staff will go over the rules beforehand. 
  • Participants are also encouraged to wear long sleeves and pants, and closed-toe shoes are necessary.

Working Hours

  • Monday – Friday: 3 pm – 9 pm
  • Saturday & Sunday: 10 am – 9 pm

The Break Room NH

Located a few miles from Nashua’s city center is another rage room that residents can go to relieve stress and have fun.

What sets the Break Room NH apart is they have suitable packages for individuals, groups, corporates, and even kids.

The facility has four rage rooms filled with all kinds of breakables and weapons of destruction.

The first is the Office Party Room, with office furniture and equipment to smash, thus allowing you to take out your work-related stress.

Then there’s the HR Department Room, which can be customized for your event/party. The Glow Room features black lights with glow-in-the-dark smashable.

Lastly, this is the only smash room in the state with a Kids’ Expression Room.

This room allows little ones to release their energy and creativity through loud instruments, drawing, building and smashing Legos, reading and tearing books, and more.

Pricing at the Break Room NH

PackagePrice per personTime
Lunch Break$2510 minutes
Case of the Mondays$4020 minutes
Rage Quit$5030  minutes

These packages are customizable to suit any raging need. You can even get 1-hour or 2-hour packages that allow you to use the rooms for that specified time.

Such packages are suitable for hosting a birthday party, bachelorette, family get-together, or corporate team-building event.

What To Expect

  • The staff will take you through the rules of participation. And failure to adhere to any rules is grounds for ending the session.
  • Anyone under the influence will not be allowed to participate in the rage room activities.
  • Guests must wear safety gear, including a coverall, hard hat/face shield, and gloves.
  • Participants in the anger room must be 16+ years. And minors must have a parent/guardian present to sign the waiver.
  • There’s no age limit for the kids’ experience room
  • Participants must wear closed-toe shoes, although there are cut-proof boots for rental.

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Working Hours

  • Monday – Thursday: Closed
  • Friday: 6 pm – 10 pm
  • Saturday: 12 pm – 10 pm
  • Sunday: 12 pm – 6 pm


Breaking stuff is fun, but it’s much better to release anger in the above rage rooms than out there where there are consequences.

That said, if your troubles are more severe and 30-minute raging sessions don’t help, perhaps you should consult a licensed mental health professional.

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