Best Rage Rooms in Orlando

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With so much stress and anxiety in today’s society, sometimes we need a physical outlet to release pent-up anger. This doesn’t mean you go hitting other people or breaking stuff in your home or workplace.

Thanks to the growing popularity of rage rooms, people now have safe spaces to go and break stuff without any judgment or consequences.

This exhilarating and energetic activity will leave you feeling lighter afterward, so you can better handle your day.

Orlando has a couple of these places, and some of the best ones include the following.

1. Rage Room Orlando

Picture a room filled with glass and ceramic items, electronics, and tools of destruction like sledgehammers. Your goal is to break as much as possible in the allocated time.

In the end, someone else takes care of the mess. A session in the Rage Room Orlando will surely leave you relaxed and less angry.

It would also be great to view a raging session as a fun activity to get your mind off the stressful stuff in your life.

Rage Room Orlando has two branches: L. B. McLeod Road and Winter Park. The latter features extra activities to help you de-stress.

This includes paint-throwing rooms and meditation sessions; soon, they’ll have music and boxing labs.


This rage room offers various packages, including a promo for first-timers looking to try out rage rooms.

There are also solo sessions, couples therapy, group, and special packages like the Cancer Awareness Smash.

Customers are allowed to bring their own breakables for a more personalized experience.

Promo Rager$20 for 1 participant10 minutes
Smash Sesh Solo Dolo$2815 minutes
Smash Sesh$94.20 for up to 2 participants20 minutes
Birthday Special$195.55 for up to 6 participants40 minutes
Birthday Extravaganza$401.60 for up to 10 people1 hr 10 minutes
B.Y.O.B Solo$3015 minutes
B.Y.O.B Smash Bros$40 for 2 people20 minutes
Wrek it Room$121.07 for up to 3 people25 minutes
Couples Therapy$125.6030 minutes
Tenacious Annihilation$136.69 for up to 3 people25 minutes
Group Therapy$152.50 for up to 3 people25 minutes
The Rager$189.60 for up to 4 people30 minutes
Cancer Awareness Smash$100 for up 2 participants25 minutes
Kid Rager$25 for 2 kids15 minutes
Rugrat Rager$20 per kid15 minutes
Family Night Therapy$325.60 for up to 4 people1 hour
Car Smash$985 for up to 10 people1hour
Team Building$765.40 for up to 15 people2 hours
Corporate Smash$585 for up to 15 people1 hour

The Rage Room may allow more participants at an extra cost of $30 per person. The different packages will offer different-sized breakables.

For instance, the Promo Rager provides five small breakables and one electronic.

Couples Therapy will get 30 glasses and three electronics. And Group Therapy provides 30 glasses/ceramics, three electronics, and a large item.

What to Expect

  • Customers can expect small, medium, large, and specialty items, including tableware and electronics. 
  • Guests will receive coveralls, gloves, chest protectors, safety glasses, and a welding shield to keep them safe while they smash.
  • Participants can photograph or video-record their raging sessions.
  • The facility encourages customers to book sessions online, but you can do walk-ins based on availability. 


  • Participants must sign a liability waiver
  • Participants must wear closed-toe shoes. Comfortable gym-like clothing is also recommended.
  • Participants must arrive 10-15 minutes earlier to get suited up and sign a waiver.
  • No refunds
  • Rescheduling is allowed 24 hours before the appointment time
  • Minors must come with a parent/legal guardian
  • Children between 5 and 10 years can only take part in the Kid Rager Packages.

Working Hours

  • Sunday and Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday – Friday: 2-9 pm
  • Saturday: 12 pm – 9 pm

2. Smash ‘N Dash Rage Room

Smash rooms in Orlando guide
Smash rooms in Orlando

Whether you’re looking to blow off steam or have a good time, the Smash ‘N Dash Rage Room has you covered.

Guests can break various objects, including glass items, T.V.s, and furniture, with various weapons.


Smash ‘N Dash Rage Room offers a variety of packages from one person to large groups, as follows:

Solo Smash$45.9920 minutes
Double Trouble$84.99 for 2 people25 minutes
Smash Package$174.99 for up to 4 people30 minutes
Premium Smash$189.99 for up to 4 people45 minutes
Birthday Smash$239 for up to 4 people1 hour
Grand Smash$374.99 for a group of 845 minutes
Smash Birthday Party Premium$5692 hours
Team Building Smash$6501 hour

Add-ons, like more breakable items, more time, and custom signage, are available at an added cost.

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What to Expect

  • A few things set this smash room apart. They offer more items to break compared to other rage rooms around. A solo session here will provide 20 small breakable and one large item (T.V., windshield, or furniture).
  • The center manages high-volume walk-ins, but they also recommend appointments to guarantee a spot in the rage room.
  • An assortment of breakables and weapons of destruction
  • Various packages to suit different needs and groups of people


  • Participants must wear closed-toe shoes.
  • Participants are encouraged to come at least 15 minutes earlier to get set up and enjoy their full raging time.
  • No refunds
  • Rescheduling is allowed 24 hours before the appointment time. Anything after that will attract a $20 fee.
  • Participants must be ten years and above
  • Minors must have an adult present

Working Hours

  • Thursday: 2–6 pm
  • Friday: 2–8 pm
  • Saturday: 6–9 pm
  • Sunday – Tuesday: 2–8 pm

3. The Rage Room Central Florida

Orlando smashing anger rooms
Orlando smashing rooms

You just lost your job, got dumped, lost a loved one, are fighting a disease, or experiencing marital problems.

Whatever it may be, the Rage Room Central Florida can help you release some of that anger and stress.

Breaking, smashing, and crushing things is the grown-up way of throwing a tantrum.

Of course, this is done in a safe and controlled environment. All you need to do is book a session, sign a waiver, gear up, and start smashing.


Trouble Makers$40 for up to 2 people20 minutes
Double Trouble$60 for up to 2 people30 minutes
Triple Threat Smasher$80 for up to 3 people30 minutes
Wrecking Crew Smashers$100 for up to 4 people45 minutes
Office Wrecking Crew$120 for 4-6 people60 minutes

What to Expect From the Packages

  • Different packages offer various breakables and quantities. Customers can expect tableware and electronics (phones, speakers, keyboards, printers, and monitors).
  • The Trouble Makers package provides five pieces of tableware, a small electronic, and one large electronic.
  • Double Trouble provides 10 pieces of tableware, one small electronic, and two large electronics.
  • Triple Threat Smasher provides 15 small breakables and two small and large electronics.
  • Wrecking Crew Smashers: 20 small breakables and electronics
  • Office Wrecking Crew: 25 small breakable and several small and large electronics.
  • You can buy add-ons at any time during your session.
  • Each package includes various weapons to unleash your rage
  • Customers will also receive safety gear
  • The rage room has wireless speakers and phone mounts so you can play your favorite tunes and record your raging session.


  • Customers must sign waivers.
  • Participants must be at least 13 years, and an adult must accompany minors.
  • Closed-toe shoes, long-sleeve shirts, and long pants are required to enter the rage room.

Working Hours

  • Sunday Closed
  • Monday Closed
  • Tuesday – Thursday: 5:00 pm – 9:00 pm
  • Friday: 5:00 pm – 10:00 pm
  • Saturday: 1:00 pm – 9:00 pm


Any form of physical activity goes a long way toward improving our overall well-being. And that happens when you engage in raging activities in a controlled environment.

While rage rooms don’t claim to treat mental health problems, they provide a safe space to release negative emotions. So, get smashing, raging, and release all that pent-up anger and stress.

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