Best Rage Rooms In St. Petersburg, FL

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Have you ever been so angry you broke something? It felt good at that moment to release all that rage, right? But there are consequences to this.

For starters, you could damage property or hurt others while breaking stuff around you. Then you have to clean up afterward and replace what you have broken.

Rage rooms allow you to gain the benefits of destruction therapy in a safe and controlled environment. Also, there are no consequences.

By the time you’re done screaming and raging in these rooms, you’ll feel like a huge load has been lifted off your chest.

Below we look at a few good anger rooms St. Petersburg’s residents should consider.


Anger rooms S. Petersburg Florida
Anger rooms S. Petersburg FL

Located at 441 Cortez Road West, Bradenton, FL 34207, SMASHED rage room is about a 40-minute drive from St. Petersburg.

They aim to offer a safe environment for people to express and release negative emotions.

Spend a couple of minutes or hours in a room filled with smashable items and smashers, destroying everything in your path.

All the raging and screaming will leave you in a lighter and better mood than you came in. And you don’t get to feel bad for breaking stuff or face the consequences of cleaning afterward.

Customers can customize their experience even further by jamming to any music they want.

SMASHED rage room caters to individuals, parties, corporate/team building events, and other groups. So, invite a friend to come and have fun and de-stress.


Are you ready to start smashing? Here are some packages to choose from, depending on your needs.

Solo SMASH!$4530 minutes
Group of two$9030 minutes
Group of three$13545 minutes
Group of four$18060 minutes
Group of six$27090 minutes
Group of eight$360120 minutes
BYOB$3530 minutes

What to Expect

  • Each participant will receive 20 small items and one large electronic to break.
  • Extra items are available at an added cost.
  • Weapons of destruction like golf clubs, tennis rackets, and baseball bats are provided
  • Protective wear included
  • Each participant in a group session gets 15 minutes of smash time.


  • Must be ten years or older
  • Minors must have a parent or guardian present at all times
  • No open or heeled shoes

Working Hours

  • Mon – Wednesday: Private Events & Team Building
  • Thursdays and Fridays: 3 – 10:30 pm
  • Saturday and Sunday: 11 am – 10:30 pm

2. SmashBox|20

Smash rooms S. Petersburg Florida
Smash rooms S. Petersburg

We tend to keep a lot of negative energy due to life’s pressures and daily stresses. The SmashBox|20 offers a safe environment to release those feelings.

You can break everything from glasses to furniture, electronics, and even a car. It’s better than punching someone or breaking your stuff that you’ll need to replace later. 

The goal of this anger room is for customers to feel lighter on their way out than they did when they came in.

Breaking stuff in a rage room is fun for some people but life-changing for others. Whatever category you fall into, SmashBox|20 have you covered.


SmashBox|20 offers various packages to suit different groups of people.

Are you looking for a solo session, a moment to reflect on your life and release your anger and frustration?

Here are some options to consider:

Individual Extreme Smash$4020 minutes
Individual Smash And Dash$2810 minutes
Individual Paint Smash$5830 minutes

Life’s problems are never-ending. What if you could have regular sessions to relieve stress? SmashBox|20 has you covered with their monthly passes.

The 30-Day Smash Pass – Dash package costs $99 and offers four 10-minute smash sessions and a single-use guest pass so you can bring a friend. 

If you love or become addicted to the thrill, consider the 30-Day Smash Pass – Extreme package. It costs $145 and offers four 20-minute sessions plus a single-use guest pass.

Breaking stuff can be fun and an opportunity to bond with others. So, why not bring your family, friends, or co-workers with the following group packages:

PackagePrice Time
Group Extreme Smash For 2$7530 minutes
Group Extreme Smash For 4$14045 minutes
Group Extreme Smash For 6$22060 minutes
Group Extreme Smash For 8$29580 minutes
Group Extreme Smash For 10$39990 minutes
Paint Smash For 2$11930 minutes
Paint Smash For 4$56/person60 minutes
Paint Smash For 8$56/person90 minutes
Paint Smash For 10$56/person2 hours

Car Smash

There’s no rage room activity more epic than smashing an entire car.

You can write your feelings or messages all over the car, followed by smashing off the mirrors, windshield, handles, doors, and so on. 

Car smash PackagesPriceTime
Car Super Smasher (5 guests)$29945 minutes
Car Super Smasher (10 guests)$49990 minutes

Mobile Smash

If you can’t get to the recreational center or want to make your party/event unique, SmashBox|20 can bring the smashing to you.

Mobile packagePrice Time
Mobile Group Extreme Smash – 1 Hour$3602 hours
Mobile Group Extreme Smash – 2 Hours$4603 hours
5-Minute Mobile Smash$155 minutes

What to expect

  • SmashBox|20 is different from most rage rooms. They offer a variety of items to smash, including tons of glass, furniture, appliances, electronics, block of ice, and even a car. Of course, the quantity will vary depending on the package.
  • You’ll have several weapons of destruction to choose from.
  • Participants get safety gear, including a safety helmet with a full face shield, safety gloves, chest protector, and a coverall.
  • Add-ons are available at an added cost, including more stuff to break, extra smash time, and a rage session documentary.
  • Guests are also welcome to bring their stuff. 
  • Each group of participants gets a fresh, clean room
  • There are deals for different groups of people to take advantage of. For instance, teachers, mail carriers, military friends and family, and health workers will get 10% off.
  • You can pick at least ten songs you want to jam to during your smashing session.
  • While there are group bookings, the anger room can only accommodate two people at a time. But they have a safe zone where other members can watch and wait.

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  • Participants must sign a liability waiver.
  • All participants must wear closed-toe shoes, long pants, and ankle socks.
  • The rage clock begins at your scheduled time. So, try to arrive early to accommodate check-in and suiting up.
  • Participants must wear safety gear before entering the smash room.
  • Participants must be ten years and above.
  • Only two people can smash at a time, but everyone else in the group can watch from the safety area.

Working Hours

  • Monday – Thursday: 12-8 pm
  • Friday & Saturday: 1-10 pm
  • Sunday: 12-5 pm


You’re probably on this page because you’re feeling stressed out. Take comfort in knowing everyone is going through something and you’re not alone.

But you also don’t have to sit with your stress and anger for too long because it can manifest in unhealthy ways. The above rage rooms provide an easy way to blow off steam.

That said, health experts warn that destruction therapy does not replace actual therapy. For those with mental health problems like depression and anxiety, it would be best to seek medical help.

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