Best Rage Rooms In Virginia Beach

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Not taking proper care of yourself can lead to relationship issues, substance abuse, and unexpected health problems.

Most people resort to talking and medical therapy, the best long-term way to deal with these common problems. 

However, visiting a rage room can provide temporary relief for everyone.

You can use the safe environment to privately lash out at any sudden emotions you may have.

The action of destruction provides emotional comfort and benefits your overall well-being. 

Read through the below list of the best rage rooms in Virginia Beach for a different kind of therapy.

1. The Destruction Room

At the Destruction Room, they allow you to bring your frustrations and stress, and they will clean the evidence up.

The euphoria you experience after a fun smash room session is worth your time. Make it count by breaking everything you get in your rage room.

Rules at The Destruction Room

  • You will not get a coverall, so wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants. However, you will get a face shield and gloves.
  • The rage room is open to ages 12 and up, but minors must have an adult present.
  • The establishment may re-schedule your booking if you arrive later than 15 minutes past your reservation. Half an hour between bookings is necessary for clean up.
  • Re-schedules are available if you cannot make it on time. Refunds are, however, unavailable as part of their policy.
  • Corporate smash packages include using the party room with a projector and TV set-up for meetings before smash time.
  • Everything you smash goes to recycling.

Prices at The Destruction Room

The Break Up$34.99 per person10 minutes
Tantrum Time$44.99 per person10 minutes
Full on Release$54.99 per person15 minutes
Demolition Time$64.99 per person15 minutes
The Double Team for Two$110 for 225 minutes
4 Person Destruction$165 for 430 minutes
Paint Destruction$35 per person15 minutes
Group of 10 Destruction$350 for the group30 minutes

For a person to join your session, they will pay a $20 sharing fee once they arrive. Alternatively, they can purchase items to destroy in the same rage room.

Working Hours

  • Monday to Thursday, 1 pm to 9 pm
  • Friday, 12 pm to 9 pm
  • Saturday, 9 am to 9 pm

2. Rage RVA

Have a unique outlet for your emotions at the Rage RVA. Their judgment-free and fun smash room sessions provide an incredible thrill that lowers stress levels.

All you need to do is reserve a session, show up and demolish various items.

These breakable items include copiers, computers, glass bottles, and cars on availability. 

Rules at Rage RVA

  • The main rule is that it should be fun for everyone, so avoid hitting anyone in the room with you.
  • Masks are mandatory in the smash rooms.
  • One must wear the returnable protective gear at all times, which is part of your package.
  • All participants must be over 18 as they also check IDs. Anyone between 13-17 must show up with a legal guardian.
  • Weapons are for hitting objects only and not the walls, floors, or fellow ragers.
  • Attempting to throw things at the cameras or speakers may result in instant expulsion from the rage room.
  • If you are pregnant or under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you will not access the smashing area. However, after your session, you can visit the nearby recreation facilities for a night out.
  • Participants cannot smoke in the establishment.
  • The rage room is open during holidays, including the Christmas season.
  • Unfortunately, you cannot bring personal items to break. The establishment provides what you require upon payment.
  • However, they accept donations of glass items, newer-model electronics, and furniture.
  • The splatter paint sessions are available for anyone above three years.

Packages and Prices at Rage RVA

The Quickie$25 per person5 minutes
Sensory Smash$40 per person10 minutes
The Beat Down$55 per person15 minutes
Monster Smash$60 per person15 minutes
Group Smash$65 per person20 minutes
The Rumpus$55 per person10 minutes
Splatter Paint$25 per person25 minutes

There are anniversary T-shirts available for $30.

You can also purchase gift cards for your loved ones.

Working Hours

  • Tuesday to Saturday, 1 pm to 8 pm
  • The Rage RVA is closed on Sunday and Monday

3. Lose It Rage Room

Bust-n-Stuff Rage Room In Milwaukee

Let yourself go for some stress relief at the Lose It Rage Room. Whatever is stressing you, bring a fun attitude and let loose.

You will leave with your mind feeling lighter and your heart happier. For a unique bonding experience, you can bring a friend, family member, or colleague.

Rules at Lose It Rage Room

  • There are no refunds for gift cards. However, you can call 24 hours in advance to request a refund if you cancel a physical reservation.
  • Although there is no age limit, anyone below 15 years must have a guardian or parent present.
  • Large group reservations are welcome, including a conference room.
  • Adults accompanying minors must not be in the room during a session. They can watch from outside.

Prices at Lose It Rage Room

BYO Frustrations$40 per person15 minutes
Therapy$60 per person10 minutes
All Glass Everything$125 for 1-4 people20 minutes
Boiling Point$110 for 1-2 people15 minutes
Controlled Chaos$155 for 1-3 people20 minutes
Lose It!$200 for 1-4 people25 minutes
Group Therapy$290 for 1-6 people30 minutes
Colossal Rage$550 for 1-6 people40 minutes
Custom Package$250 for 1-6 people25 minutes

You can also join their membership club to enjoy a great discount, free merchandise, and smash items deals.

Operating Hours

  • Monday and Wednesday, 12 pm to 4 pm
  • Thursday and Friday, 12 pm to 9 pm
  • Saturday, 10 am to 10 pm
  • Sunday, 12 pm to 6 pm
  • The Lose It Rage Room is closed on Tuesdays

4. The Havoc House

Best Rage Rooms Fort Worth guide

Get ready to rage, release, and reset yourself at The Havoc House, as their slogan goes.

Their break rooms provide a premium experience for those looking for a release.

Your memorable night of wrecking things for fun will be a one-of-a-kind experience with excellent benefits.

Rules at The Havoc House

  • Reservation fees are non-refundable.
  • You must be sober to participate.
  • Once you book, you must sign the online waiver and upload a copy of your photo ID.
  • Group sessions and parties of more than ten people are welcome, but you must first contact the establishment.
  • Anyone above ten can participate but with an adult, present to sign their waiver. Sometimes, supervision may be necessary depending on the age of the minor.

Prices at The Havoc House

Outburst$20 per person5 minutes
Hissy Fit$30 per person10 minutes
Meltdown$40 per person15 minutes
Temper Tantrum$50 per person20 minutes

Working Hours

  • Wednesday to Friday, 4 pm to 8 pm
  • Saturday, 12 pm to 8 pm
  • Sunday, 1 pm to 5 pm
  • The Havoc House is closed every Monday and Tuesday


Self-care is vital for mental, emotional, and physical health. Release any build-up of emotions at one of the best rage rooms in Virginia Beach and its surroundings.

As part of your self-care routine, it will help you find ways to relieve relationship and work-related stress, and provide overall relaxation.

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