Best Time To See Moose In Maine (Times And Best Locations)

Home to over 75,000 moose, Maine is the undisputed king of this iconic member of the deer family.

The next time you’re in Pine Tree State, consider moose-watching for outdoor fun.

Discover the best time to see moose in Maine (times and best locations). 

Best Viewing Times for Moose-Watching In Maine

Moose are crepuscular, which is a fancy way of saying they are more active at dawn and dusk. Those are the best times of the day to spot moose.

Be careful when driving moose attention
Be careful when driving

In terms of month and time of year, Mid-May through July is the best time to spot a moose in Maine.

Fall (autumn) is the mating season for moose, meaning they are out and about, hence an excellent time for moose sighting.

That being said, spotting a moose in Maine outside of the best viewing times is normal.

There’s just a higher likelihood of seeing one during these times. At the right location, you can make a sighting at any time of day or year.

Interesting Facts About Moose 

Before you go moose-watching in Maine (or any other animal, for that matter), it helps to be familiar with the animals and their behavior.

Young moose with mother moose Maine
Young moose with mother moose

It takes preparation and knowledge to get the most out of your moose-watching escapades. 

Here are some amazing facts about moose to bring you up to speed. 

  • The moose is an official state animal of the US state of Maine. 
  • Moose is the most prominent member of the deer family.
  • Moose stand 6 feet tall at the shoulder and weigh over 1,000 pounds.
  • Only male moose have a dewlap — the dangling flap under the chin — which they use for scent-marking females. 
  • Regarding temperament, both males and females have a peaceful disposition and rarely show aggressive behavior. 
  • Male moose also have antlers, which they shed every winter and grow in spring.
  • They get their name from the word ‘moosh,’ which loosely translates to eater or stripper of bark in the Algonquian language.
  • There are approximately 2 million moose in the world, with the vast majority of the population in North America.
  • Moose are deceptively fast, capable of reaching up to 35mph when trotting at high speed— usually to escape predators. 
  • Moose are also excellent swimmers and can swim for several miles with speeds of up to 6mph.

Where Is The Best Place To See A Moose In Maine?

Now that you have all the information you need for the best moose-watching experience let’s focus on the best places for moose spotting in Maine.

Best places to see Moose Maine
Places to see Moose Maine

So, where can you see moose in Maine? 

Although these gentle giants can be spotted throughout the state, there are specific locations where you have the best chance to encounter them.

These locations are mostly state parks and protected areas. Here are the top places to spot a moose in Maine.

Maine Wildlife Park

Maine Wildlife Park is among the best places to spot a moose in Pine Tree State.

And that’s not all; you’ll also learn new things about this deer species at this location.

As an animal rescue center, the park promotes visitor education and proper treatment of animals. 

In addition to moose, Maine Wildlife Park is home to other animals. You’ll encounter beavers, coyotes, brown bears, the lynx, and a cougar here.

Maine Wildlife Park is ideal for moose-spotting tours with kids. 

Rangeley Lake Region

Another great moose sighting spot in Maine is the Rangeley Lake Region.

In Rangeley Lake you can see moose
Rangeley Lake

This expansive camping destination in Maine’s Western Lakes and Mountains region also has a substantial moose population. 

There are a few top spots to base yourself on to improve the chances of a moose sighting in the Rangeley Lake Region.

Residents mention the areas along Route 16 and Route 17 as the best moose-spotting locations in this region. 

Kennebec Valley

Kennebec Valley is a vast, unpopulated area surrounding the Kennebec River, stretching up to the Canadian border.

This region is popular for moose-watching, especially in the Jackson area and along the US-Canada border. 

In Kennebec Valley you can see moose
Kennebec Valley

Moose sights are also common on the shores of the rapid Kennebec River.

The animals like hanging around the river for food and water, so your chances of encountering a moose here are pretty good.

You can also take a kayak or a canoe along the river to improve your chances of sighting. 

Baxter State Park

Maine’s Lake and Mountain regions are perfect if you are looking for a tremendous moose-watching spot.

In Baxter State Park you can see moose
Baxter State Park

Baxter State Park is no exception. This region boasts a high moose population, and you have an excellent chance of spotting one here. 

The good thing about this park is its designated moose sighting areas. These include Stump Pond and Sandy Stream Pond.

With Baxter State Park’s designated moose-watching areas, moose watchers don’t have to wander inside the expansive park. 

Moosehead Lake

Maine’s Lakes and Mountains are ideal for moose-watching.

Located in the northern part of Pine Tree State, Moosehead Lake is another excellent spot for moose-watching.

Moosehead Lake you can see moose here
Moosehead Lake

As the name suggests, this spectacular body of water is your go-to place for a chance to encounter these majestic animals.

From here, you can even go on a moose safari with a local tour operator to increase your chances of a moose sighting. 

Aroostook County

Lastly, in northernmost Maine, Aroostook County is another fantastic spot for moose-watching in Pine Tree State.

Around Aroostook river you can see moose
Aroostook river

Here, they say that animals outnumber people and your chances of spotting a moose and very high. 

An early morning drive is your best bet for sighting a moose in Aroostook County. You can take a few routes to improve the odds of a sighting.

These include Ashland to Patten Road, Caribou to Van Buren (on the US-Canada border), and Fort Kent. 

Tips for Moose-watching In Maine

With preparation and some luck, the odds of spotting a moose in Maine are pretty decent.

Throughout the state, moose sightings are reported all the time.

moose-watching in Maine advice
Tips for moose-watching in Maine

But that doesn’t mean you’ll always spot a moose every time you go moose-watching. 

How then, can you ensure your moose sighting adventure is a success?

Here are a few tips for moose-watching in Maine to increase the chances of a sighting:

  • Stay near bogs and wetlands, where moose spend most of their time from Mid-May through July feeding on aquatic plants.
  • Hang around other places where moose sightings have been reported before for a chance to spot these majestic creatures.
  • Drive along moose-sighting routes, and you may get lucky and spot a moose on the side of the road. Be extremely careful when driving on moose-watching routes to avoid hitting one of these animals. 
  • Hire a professional tour guide to discover all the best moose-watching spots in Maine.
  • Do all your moose-watching from inside your car. Usually, moose don’t mind people and will go about their business as usual in your presence. 

Although moose are docile animals, please don’t get too close during your moose-watching adventures.

They are not usually aggressive, but they have been known to show aggressive behaviour when spooked. 


If you’re looking for things to do in Maine, consider going on a moose-watching adventure. The moose population is greatest in the state’s natural areas.

Of course, there’s no guarantee that you will spot a moose in any of these locations, but your chances are pretty good. 

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