Can You Go To A Rage Room Alone? (Smash Room Fun)

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Yes. You can go to a rage room alone. The need to relieve stress strikes us at different times. Most people will attempt to work it out themselves before seeking professional help. 

Rage rooms, therefore, come as a mix of therapy and fun to let go of intense emotions.

They have become popular recreational facilities for people who want to smash things in a safe space.

So if you feel the need to smash things due to anger or frustration, visit a rage room near you. Recently, almost every city has one or two locations for smash room fun.

How Did Rage Rooms Become Popular?

Rage Rooms are Popular
How Did Rage Rooms Become Popular?

The first Smash rooms, also known as Wreck rooms in the record, were in Japan in the early 2000s.

Back then, they were therapy sites for stressed workers to relieve their anger and frustration.

Today – Rage rooms have evolved to offer various services to their clientele. Not only are they open to supervised minors, but you do not have to be angry to visit.

People now flock to the centers as entertainment spots.

Birthdays, engagement parties, romantic dates, and team-building activities are famous in rage rooms.

Depending on the occasion, one can go alone, with a partner, or group of friends. 

How Do Rage Rooms Work?

The primary purpose of rage rooms is to let out anger by destroying various items.

The smashable items range from small-size glassware and ceramics to sizeable wooden furniture and TV sets. 

Visiting best rage rooms San Diego

Some wreck rooms are set up to look like homes, while others are junk yards where you can bring your items to smash.

Whichever the case, there is always plenty of stuff available to destroy.

The standard procedure when you visit a rage room is as follows:

  • Choose your preferred room. Do you want it to look like a living room, office, or a blank space? Most establishments offer customized sets if you notify them in advance.
  • Show up at least 10-15 minutes before your start time. Most locations require you to fill in some paperwork, including personal information, and sign a waiver. The waiver shows that you will not ask them to pay if you hurt yourself smashing. 
  • Pick your music. Most rage rooms allow you to bring the music you’d like to blast as they only provide Bluetooth speakers. Always ask when booking, but they will be happy to offer popular genres.
  • Most smash rooms also offer protective gears, which includes overalls, gloves, and helmets. Dress appropriately and suit up to protect yourself from flying shards of broken glass and wood. 
  • Group packages are fun, so consider them. Ask someone you trust to accompany you to a rage room. They may pay extra to smash with you or cheer you on.
  • Think of all the things that make you angry before you begin the session. You have limited time so make the most of it by releasing as much rage as possible.
  • Release your anger. Once you have gone through a basic demonstration, make the most of your 15 to 30 minutes. Smash as many objects as you can. Ensure you leave nothing in the room untouched.
  • Once your time is up, place your weapons down and remove the protective gear as you leave the room. Take shallow breaths to calm yourself while you enjoy the refreshing feeling you will have.

How Old Does One Have To Be To Go To A Rage Room?

In most rage rooms, one has to be over 18 to participate. However, some also allow everyone over 12 as long as an adult accompanies them.

Why Should You Go to a Rage Room?
Reasons to go to a rage room

The parent or legal guardian present must also sign a waiver for the minor and supervise their session.

Anger is not an emotion limited to adults only. The modern lifestyle and societal expectations easily stress teenagers.

As a result of frustration, they tend to have disruptive behaviors and anger that needs to be checked.

Rage rooms are popular and safe outlets to help them care for their mental health.

Besides, rage rooms are open to all genders.

Surprisingly – Several reports show women are the most common participants in smash rooms. Rage is not a gender-based emotion; everyone can safely smash things guilt-free.

Who Cannot Go To A Rage Room?

Rage rooms are not recommended for:

  • Children below 12 years.
  • Unsupervised children between 13-17 years.
  • Pregnant or nursing women.
  • People under the influence of alcohol, illegal drugs, or strong medication hinder their movement and proper judgment.
  • Anyone that is sick or in poor physical condition.
  • People with depression or suicidal thoughts. (It is advised to seek medical intervention)

Are Rage Rooms A Fun Activity?

Yes. Breaking things gives most people a lot of satisfaction, especially in a safe space. Bring our friends or family and scream or shout at the top of your lungs.

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Not only will you have fun, but you will also leave the place feeling exhilarated.

Most rage rooms offer other entertainment activities such as game rooms or splash painting.

These additional activities make the experience much better for people who want to bond with friends. 

Are Rage Rooms a Good Source of Therapy?

Although experts do not recommend rage rooms for long-term anger management, there are potential benefits of taking out your anger in a rage room.

These include:

  • One gets a sense of power and control of particular areas of their life. Letting go of anger over a person or situation is refreshing, even for a brief moment.
  • Smash rooms are safe, non-judgmental, controlled spaces where one can explore emotions.
  • Anger is a strong emotion that can cause us to make positive changes. When faced with a challenge, we want to tackle it head-on and prove ourselves.
  • It strengthens relationships with loved ones, friends, and colleagues. One gets to bond with others experiencing similar challenges, starting great conversations.

What To Do Instead Of A Rage Room

Rage rooms are a great way to unwind and let go of anger while connecting with others.

However, experts recommend that people seek professional help to deal with any underlying issues. 

Smash N Bash rage room Fort Worth
Smash N Bash rage room

Smashing things may be exciting, but it does not deal with serious issues requiring medical intervention.

If you feel your rage is getting out of control, please seek appropriate help to determine what is causing it.

Some of the alternative ways one can manage anger and relieve tension include:

  • Seek professional help or group therapy
  • Practice yoga, meditation, or mindfulness
  • Start a journal to document experiences and emotions
  • Make time to start a craft or a hobby
  • Join a gym, sports, or exercise club


Although you can go to a rage room alone, visiting with a friend is better for bonding purposes.

Talking about what is working you up is also a way of dealing with life’s daily stressors. You may make new worthwhile relationships.

Smashing and destroying objects may be fun but remember to acknowledge and deal with the underlying issues.

Releasing emotions, especially rage, is fun, but you must also work through the feelings.

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