Can You Scream In A Rage Room? (Will It Provide Relief?)

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You can scream all you want in a rage room. We all have those angry or frustrating moments when the urge to yell or shout is overwhelming. 

A wreck room is a place where you can smash stuff to release negative feelings while you scream as loud as possible.

Do Scream Rooms Exist?

Although all break stuff rooms allow participants to scream and shout, some unique soundproof rooms are designed for screaming.

Unlike in angry rooms where you use a bat or iron bar to break plates and glasses, scream rooms are purely for yelling. 

Do Scream Rooms Exist?
Scream rooms

During a wreck room experience, the idea is to let go of pent-up emotions. Besides destroying stuff, they allow you to bring your favorite music and scream as you sing along.

No one will mind you or ask you to lower your volume as you are in a safe space.

For the scream rooms that lack demolition rooms, they may provide punching bags or specially-built foam blocks to hit as you scream. It provides physical activity, which is also an excellent way of releasing stress.

Can I Scream To Release Anger?

Yes. Like crying or laughing, you can get a sudden rush of calmness from screaming when angry or overwhelmed with emotions.

Proper shouting and yelling is an instant relief from any frustration.

There are no rules on what to say, so scream out whatever comes to mind. You will be amazed at the calm feeling you will have immediately after.

However, avoid scaring or startling other people, especially in public spaces or at home. Instead, find a private space, such as a rage room or empty lot, to let go.

Sometimes, some anger management therapists hold scream sessions for their patients.

During these group sessions, the therapist will ask everyone to strike a pose and scream as loud as they can.

They combine screaming with talk therapy to help one understand and find healthier ways to cope with anger. 

Is There Such A Thing As Scream Therapy?

Yes. Scream therapy is a quick way of releasing sudden negative emotions from anger or frustration.

However, one requires medical intervention for long-term mental health issues.

Instead of lashing out at someone else or harming yourself, taking a few seconds to scream in your car or a rage room is liberating. You can curse, shout, yell, and cry at the top of your lungs. 

Wreck rooms are safe spaces, and they encourage their clients to let loose and make the most of their anger release room.

There’s no judgement for your actions or words, so curse away in every language possible. 

Ways To Safely Release Negative Emotions In A Rage Room

Although every rage room will allow you to curse, scream and shout while you break stuff, you must be mindful of others.

Below are a few tips on handling your emotions during a wrecking room session.

  • Avoid screaming in other participants’ or your friend’s ears.
  • Screaming hard and for long can be painful. Although it is unlikely to cause permanent throat damage, your throat may be sore and your voice hoarse for a few days.
  • Bring your favorite music to sing along to, as most destruction rooms provide Bluetooth speakers at no extra cost.
  • If you have an angry teenager at home, consider hosting their birthday party in a rage room to relieve stress.
  • However, you must sign a liability waiver and consent form for minors to participate.
  • If your anger issues get out of hand and you cannot control yourself, consider seeing a therapist for professional help.

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Other Ways To Deal With Anger Besides Screaming 

Screaming in a rage room feels good despite providing only short-term relief.

If you tend to bottle up things, a good scream during a smash room session can be an empowering experience.

However, if you seek a long-term solution to your anger issues, there are alternatives to screaming and destruction.

screaming while in a rage room
You can scream in a rage room

Finding out the reason for your anger is the first step towards healing. A therapist will help you share your feelings and find suitable solutions.

Besides seeing a therapist, there are various ways to calm yourself down.

These include:

  • Playing fun brain games like crossword puzzles, memory, and word games.
  • Participating in physical activities such as hiking, learning a new sport, gym, or yoga.
  • Practicing mindfulness or meditation.
  • Learning breathing exercises that can help you calm down quickly when you feel mad or frustrated.
  • Take regular breaks from everyday activities, such as time off work, to relax.
  • Set boundaries with family, friends, or colleagues to avoid unnecessary conflicts.


Although you can scream in a rage room, it is a temporary solution, especially for those with serious anger management issues. Seeking professional therapy will help you manage and cope more healthily.

However, visit a rage place if you want a fun and safe space to let go of work or everyday life stresses.

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