Can You Wear Glasses or Contacts During Indoor Skydiving?

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If you have less than 20/20 vision, you may be wondering, can you wear glasses or contacts during indoor skydiving?

You may be worried that the strong wind will interfere with your eyewear!

Fortunately, you absolutely can wear glasses or contacts when you indoor skydive. In fact, it’s encouraged! 

Can You Wear Glasses or Contacts During Indoor Skydiving?

So, are glasses and contacts allowed during indoor skydiving?

Goggles will cover glasses
Goggles will cover glasses

Thankfully, they are. It would be unreasonable to expect skydivers to go without something so important.

Vision is a key sense, and helps with feeling safe, capable, etc.

Plus, there are a few more practical reasons that you’ll need to be able to see when you indoor skydive – take a look:

  • So that you can pay attention to your instructor. First and foremost, it’s super-important that you can see when you indoor skydive because instructors communicate with hand signals (for example, ‘hang loose,’ ‘chin up,’ etc.). They’ll help you to maintain your form and offer helpful tips in general. It would be all too easy to misinterpret or simply miss these if your vision was a blur! 
  • So you can see fellow indoor skydivers and spectators you know. If you’re indoor skydiving in a group, you’ll doubtless want to interact. It’s much easier to wave at and talk to folk if you can see their faces – which is what invaluable glasses and contacts are for!
  • So you can look into the camera and wave hello if needed. If someone is taking videos and/or pictures of you, you probably want them to see your face. You also want to make sure you’re looking in the right direction in general!
  • So that you get the fullest experience possible. Without your contacts or glasses, you may be distracted by your blurry vision. As a result, it can take away from your indoor skydiving experience. To get the most out of it, it’s important that your vision is nice and clear!

How Do Glasses and Contacts Withstand the Wind Tunnel?

So… you know now that you can indeed wear glasses or contacts in the wind tunnel.

How is this possible? With the proper gear! No matter if you’re wearing contacts, glasses, or no eyewear of your own, you’ll be given goggles to wear.

These work with both eye contacts and glasses. The goggles are quite sturdy, and will completely protect your eyes from the strong air current in the wind tunnel. 

I mean, the winds can reach up to 124 – 170 mph (200-275 km/h) in a wind tunnel. If your eyes get a bit watery on a watery day, imagine how they would be – without goggles – in a wind tunnel.

With special indoor skydiving goggles, you’ll no longer have to deal with watery, blurry eyes, and will be able to see as clearly as you need! 

Prescription Goggles Can Be Convenient and Helpful

If you’re tired of having to secure goggles over your glasses (which isn’t as comfortable as with just contacts/no eyewear), then you can always look into investing in some prescription goggles.

These work for indoor and outdoor skydiving alike, ensuring your eyes remain dry and comfortable and that your vision is nice and clear! 

Explore this extensive beginner’s guide to indoor skydiving for a wealth of information and invaluable tips.

Final Words

So, thankfully, you can indeed wear glasses or contacts while indoor skydiving… you won’t have to go without this important bit of gear.

In fact, every indoor skydiving place worth its salt provides goggles that you can wear with contacts and glasses alike.

These will protect both your eyes and eyewear. Prescription goggles purchased yourself can also do the trick!

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