Do Delta Allow Pillows: Your Guide to In-Flight Comfort

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Travelers often wonder whether they can bring their own pillows on flights to ensure comfort during their journey. Delta Airlines, a major global airline, has specific policies regarding pillows and amenities on board. It’s essential for passengers to understand these guidelines to enjoy a comfortable and hassle-free flying experience with Delta.

Delta provides pillows and blankets on long-haul international flights, ensuring that passengers have a cozy and pleasant trip.

The airline takes care of the cleanliness of these items, with blankets being laundered after every flight and Main Cabin pillows being disposed of after use. However, some passengers may still prefer to bring their own pillows along, which raises questions about Delta’s policy on personal pillows.

Key Takeaways

  • Delta Airlines provides pillows and blankets on long-haul international flights
  • Personal pillows are allowed on Delta flights, but restrictions may apply
  • Delta’s amenities vary depending on the flight class and route, so understanding their policies ensures a comfortable journey.
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Delta Airlines’ Pillow Policy

Delta Airlines does allow passengers to bring a pillow on board their flights. The pillow is considered a personal item.

A neck pillow is a popular choice among travelers. Delta also includes neck pillows as personal items.

Carry-on size limits apply to pillows too. It is essential for passengers to ensure the pillow fits within Delta’s allowed dimensions.

Extra-large or body pillows might not be allowed. Passengers should check with Delta-specific rules on pillow size limits.

Remember, while a pillow can make a flight more comfortable, space on board is limited. Choosing a compact pillow can help avoid inconvenience for both you and your fellow passengers.

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Amenities Provided by Delta in Different Classes

Main Cabin

In Delta’s Main Cabin, passengers can enjoy in-seat amenities such as entertainment screens and free headsets on long-haul flights. Additionally, Wi-Fi access is available for purchase on many flights.

Delta Comfort+

Delta Comfort+ offers passengers extra legroom and recline, as well as dedicated overhead bin space. Other features include priority boarding and premium snacks on select flights.

Delta One

Delta One is the airline’s luxury long-haul international flight offering. Passengers can experience a flat-bed seat, upgraded dining options, and premium amenities such as noise-canceling headphones.

Delta Premium Select

Delta Premium Select provides a more spacious experience on longer flights. It features thoughtful touches for relaxation, new inspired dining options, and premium amenities such as additional legroom and enhanced bedding.

Food and Beverage Services on Delta Flights

Delta Airlines offers a variety of food and beverage options to enhance your travel experience. Depending on the cabin class, you can enjoy different meal selections.

Complimentary beverages are offered during beverage service in Delta One®, First Class, and Delta Comfort+®. You can choose from an array of non-alcoholic drinks, such as water, soda, and juice. Tea lovers can enjoy freshly brewed Teavana tea.

For those who prefer coffee, freshly brewed Starbucks coffee is available on board. If you’re traveling in Main Cabin, alcoholic beverages like beer, wine, and spirits can be purchased. Please note that alcohol is only served to customers over the age of 21.

Pillows are allowed on Delta flights and do not count as carry-on items. Enjoy a comfortable journey by bringing your own pillow for a better rest during the flight.

Delta’s Policy on Bringing Personal Pillows

Delta Airlines allows passengers to bring their personal pillows onboard the aircraft when traveling. This includes various types of pillows, such as travel pillows, neck pillows, body pillows, and king pillows.

It is important to note that Delta limits each passenger to two items when boarding the aircraft. A pillow, when carried in your hand, can count as a personal item if it is one of the two items you are holding at that time.

Packaging your pillow in your carry-on or checked baggage is another option to avoid exceeding the item limit. Ensure proper packing of the pillow to keep it clean and safe during transportation.

When packing your pillow in a carry-on, remember that Delta’s carry-on size limit is 22 x 14 x 9 inches (55 x 35 x 22 cm). Adhering to this size guideline will not only keep your pillow secure but also comply with the airline’s regulations.

Additionally, travelers should ensure that their pillows do not contain any prohibited or restricted items like any form of hazardous materials. Familiarize yourself with the prohibited and restricted items list on Delta’s website prior to packing your pillow.

As long as you follow Delta’s guidelines, you’ll have no problem bringing your favorite pillow along on your journey.

Air-hostess is giving the pillows to the passengers

Comparison with Other Airlines

American Airlines

American Airlines provides additional amenities like blankets and pillows for coach passengers at a small fee. First class passengers receive these amenities included in their ticket.


JetBlue also charges for pillows in addition to blankets. Passengers can expect an extra charge of $6 for a pillow on their flights.

Southwest Airlines

On the other hand, Southwest allows passengers to bring a pillow on the plane free of charge. First class passengers receive a complimentary pillow.

In comparison, Delta allows passengers to bring a pillow without counting it as a carry-on. Pillows are available for Delta One, Delta Premium Select, First Class, Delta Comfort+, and Main Cabin passengers on select flights.

Safety and Materials Considerations

Delta Air Lines has specific rules in place for the safety and comfort of their passengers. One concern is the materials used in personal items such as pillows.

Passengers should ensure their pillows are made from non-hazardous materials. Some materials may pose a fire risk, especially when in contact with restricted items like firearms or explosives.

Firearms, explosives, and hazardous materials are strictly prohibited on Delta flights. This extends to pillow materials that may have a chemical reaction with such items.

Pillows should also be clean and free of any stains or contaminants. This helps maintain a hygienic environment on the plane and reduces the risk of spreading illnesses.

Delta provides pillows and blankets on long-haul international flights. These materials are carefully chosen for safety and comfort and are cleaned after every use.

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Flights Specifics and Fees with Delta

Domestic Flights

On Delta domestic flights, passengers may carry on one bag and a small personal item, like a pillow. However, it’s important to note that a pillow is considered a carry-on item, so ensure it fits in your bag or under the seat in front of you.

Long-Haul International Flights

For long-haul international flights, Delta offers amenities such as blankets and pillows. These items are complimentary for passengers in the Main Cabin, Delta Comfort+, and First Class. In addition to the baggage allowance, a pillow can be brought onboard as a personal item.


Delta Airlines operates flights between the United States and Canada. For these international routes, standard carry-on and baggage allowances apply. Keep in mind that a pillow added to your carry-on should not exceed the permitted size.

Mexico and Central America

When flying with Delta to Mexico or Central American countries, the same carry-on baggage rules apply. Ensure your pillow fits within your allowed baggage, as it is considered part of your carry-on allowance.

Remember to always check the specific rules and restrictions for any given flight, as they may vary. It is crucial to be aware of the applicable fees and conditions to ensure a smooth travel experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does Delta count a pillow as a personal item?

Yes, Delta does count a pillow as a personal item. This is because pillows can be placed under the seat in front of you, making them a carry-on item.

Can you bring travel pillows on Delta flights?

Yes, you can bring travel pillows on Delta flights. Just make sure to pack it in your carry-on bag, as they count as a personal item.

Is a neck pillow considered a carry-on with Delta?

A neck pillow is considered a carry-on item with Delta, so you are allowed to bring it onboard as long as it fits in your carry-on bag.

What are Delta’s policies for pillows and blankets?

Delta provides pillows and blankets on some of their flights, but their policies regarding personal pillows and blankets are not clearly mentioned on their official website. It is best to contact Delta customer service for specific details.

Do you get to keep the pillow and blanket provided on Delta flights?

It is not explicitly mentioned whether passengers can keep pillows and blankets provided on Delta flights. For clarification, it is advisable to ask a flight attendant during the flight.

Can I take a pillow and blanket on a Delta flight?

Yes, you can take a pillow and blanket on a Delta flight in your carry-on, as long as they comply with Delta’s baggage regulations.

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