Do Thai Airways Provide Food? An In-Depth Guide to In-Flight Meals

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When planning a trip with Thai Airways, you may be wondering if food is provided on their flights. As a passenger, you’ll be pleased to know that Thai Airways indeed offers meal services across all cabin classes, catering to various dietary preferences and needs on their international routes.

The quality of in-flight meals can make a difference in your overall travel experience. Thai Airways understands this and ensures their passengers are well-fed with a diverse selection of dishes, ranging from regional Thai cuisine to global favorites. Passengers can even pre-select their meals in First class, Business class, and for Royal Orchid Plus Platinum and Gold Members in Economy class.

Key Takeaways

  • Thai Airways provides in-flight meals for all cabin classes on international routes
  • Meal offerings include a diverse selection of regional and global dishes
  • Elite members and premium cabin passengers can pre-select their meals
Thai Airways Boeing 787-8 at Vienna International Airport

Thai Airways Overview

Thai Airways is the national flag carrier airline of Thailand. Headquartered in Bangkok, it operates in various international and domestic destinations. As a passenger, you can expect an enjoyable flight experience while traveling with Thai Airways. The airline prioritizes comfort and quality service across all classes, including Economy.

On your Thai Airways flight, you will be provided with food that reflects the rich flavors of Thai cuisine. The airline offers Pre-Select meals service for passengers traveling in First Class, Business Class, and Economy Class from Bangkok. Additionally, they cater to specific dietary needs with Special Inflight Meals for passengers with dietary restrictions on international flights.

The Economy Class on Thai Airways features comfortable seats and ample legroom. You can look forward to the bright and cheerful cabin colors, making your journey a pleasant experience. The airline is committed to providing friendly and gracious service during your flight, ensuring a “smooth as silk” travel experience.

So, when you choose to fly with Thai Airways, expect a memorable journey. You will not only explore the beauty of Thailand and its culture but also savor the delightful in-flight meals showcasing the essence of Thai cuisine.

Classes of Service

First Class

When you fly First Class on Thai Airways, you can enjoy a Pre-Select meal service where you can choose from a wide range of dining options up to 72 hours before departure. The luxurious onboard culinary experience in First Class ensures that you feel pampered throughout your journey.

Business Class

In Business Class, you not only experience comfort and spacious seats but also have access to the Pre-Select meal service, similar to First Class passengers. As a Business Class passenger, you can pre-select your in-flight meal up to 72 hours before your flight, allowing you to personalize your onboard experience.

Economy Class

Thai Airways’ Economy Class offers comfortable and wider-than-average seats with generous legroom. The cabin’s bright and cheerful colors, along with ample overhead storage bins, create a pleasant travel environment. Royal Orchid Plus Platinum and Gold Members in Economy Class can also enjoy the Pre-Select meal service, choosing their meals from a range of options up to 72 hours before departure. The dedicated crew ensures that your flight experience is smooth and enjoyable.

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Food Offering

In-Flight Meals

On Thai Airways, you can expect a variety of food options during your flight. The menu includes a range of dishes, such as chicken curry, salmon, and burgers.

Alongside the main dishes, you may find sausage, salad, or tomato on your meal tray. Meal offerings also include breakfast options like eggs, rice, and potatoes.

Pre-Select Meals

Thai Airways also offers a Pre-Select meals service for First class, Business class, and Economy class passengers holding Royal Orchid Plus Platinum or Gold membership. This lets you choose your in-flight meal before departure on international routes from Bangkok.

Here, you can select your preferred dish, be it a breakfast option or a specific menu item like salmon, sausage, or a salad with tomatoes.

In addition to food, Thai Airways provides a range of beverages, including drinks, to complement your meal. Be sure to try some snacks or a dessert like the chocolate mousse cake during your journey.

Now you can enjoy a delicious meal at 30,000 feet, catered specifically to your preferences, making your trip with Thai Airways even more enjoyable.

Royal Orchid Plus Services

Thai Airways offers a loyalty program called Royal Orchid Plus which provides various benefits to its members. As a member, you can enjoy perks such as exclusive check-in counters, priority boarding, and access to airport lounges.

The Royal Orchid Plus program is divided into different tiers, including Basic, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. Even as a basic member, you can earn miles which can be redeemed for airfare discounts and other rewards. As you accumulate more miles and move up the tiers, the benefits become more and more attractive.

Gold members experience additional perks like complimentary seat selection, priority waitlist clearance, and an increased baggage allowance. As a Gold member, the Royal Orchid Plus program will ensure your travels are smoother and more enjoyable. Gold member benefits also include access to the Thai Airways Royal First Class lounge with a guest and a waiver of program booking fees.

As a Royal Orchid Plus Platinum member, you will receive luxury treatment like the ultimate in priority services, including fast-track security clearance and personal assistance. You can also enjoy multiple complimentary upgrades after accumulating 50,000 tier miles. Furthermore, your miles don’t expire, providing you more flexibility with your rewards.

One important aspect of the Royal Orchid Plus program is their inflight services. Thai Airways is known for its high-quality onboard cuisine provided to all passengers. As a member of Royal Orchid Plus, you can expect delicious meals on your flights, making your journey that much more enjoyable.

Incorporating the Royal Orchid Plus program into your travels with Thai Airways will enhance your overall flight experience. By earning and redeeming miles, you can take advantage of the various benefits and amenities offered to Royal Orchid Plus members while enjoying the diverse array of onboard meals.

Specific Route Services

Bangkok to Phuket

Thai Airways provides in-flight meals for passengers on the Bangkok to Phuket route. You can expect a selection of Thai and international dishes.

Economy Class passengers enjoy complimentary meals and drinks. In Royal Silk Class, you’ll be offered a more exclusive dining experience.

Bangkok to Zurich

On the Bangkok to Zurich route, Thai Airways serves special inflight meals catering to your dietary requirements. You can request these meals when booking your international flight.

For First Class and Business Class passengers, there’s a Pre-Select meal service option to personalize your dining experience.

Bangalore to India

Thai Airways takes you to various destinations in India. Tasty meal options are provided, reflecting both Indian and Thai cuisines.

Whether you’re in Economy Class or Royal Silk Class, you’ll enjoy complimentary meals and beverages throughout your flight. Remember to pre-order any special meals to suit your dietary preferences.

Thai Airways Airbus Taking off to its destination.

Interacting with the Crew

When you fly with Thai Airways, the cabin crew is an essential part of your experience. They are there to ensure your comfort and assist with any needs.

The crew members on Thai Airways are known for being friendly and approachable. Feel free to ask them any questions about your meal or the inflight service.

Your interactions with the crew can also help you make the most of their food offerings. As a passenger, you have the option to choose from a variety of meals.

Whether you’re flying economy or business class, Thai Airways provides a full-service offering on all flights. This includes food and drink even on short flights of only one hour.

If you’re unsure about which meal to choose, try asking the crew for their recommendation. They may suggest trying the local menu options, which are often superior to their Western alternatives on Thai Airways flights.

Remember, the crew is there to make your journey enjoyable. Don’t hesitate to engage with them, and be sure to enjoy the food provided on your Thai Airways flight.

Digital Services

Thai Airways provides various digital services to enhance your travel experience. You can access their website for flight bookings and information.

On their website, you can manage your booking, select your seat, and request special meals. Additionally, you can check in online and save time at the airport.

Their website also offers the Royal Orchid Plus program, providing frequent flyer benefits. You can earn and redeem miles, while enjoying exclusive offers and privileges.

Stay connected and informed with their social media channels. Thai Airways has official accounts on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LINE, and Instagram.

Remember to explore their digital services for a smooth and enjoyable Thai Airways experience.

Tea and Coffee Offering


During your flight with Thai Airways, you can enjoy a selection of tea options. After your meal service, the cabin crew offers various types of tea for you to choose from, ensuring a pleasant experience in both economy class and business class. The in-flight menu on Thai Airways’ website can provide more information on the specific tea choices available during your trip.


In addition to tea, Thai Airways also serves coffee to its passengers. Whether you prefer a strong cup of black coffee or a creamy cappuccino, the airline strives to cater to your preferences. Within 20 minutes after meal service, the crew will come around offering coffee options to elevate your in-flight experience. You may refer to the in-flight menu for more information on the specific coffee choices during your flight.

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Aircraft Overview

Thai Airways operates a variety of aircraft to provide you with a comfortable flying experience. Some of the planes in their fleet include the Boeing 777-200ER, Boeing 787-9, Boeing 787-8, and the Airbus A320-200.

The Boeing 777-200ER has 292 seats and caters to different classes of travel. Similarly, the Boeing 787-9 has 298 seats, while the Boeing 787-8 has 256 seats. The Airbus A320-200 is available in two configurations: 320/32S, with 168/162 seats respectively.

Thai Airways serves in-flight meals on your journey. Their menu includes appetizing options, such as chicken curry and chocolate mousse cake. The generous portions and high-quality dishes make your flight enjoyable and satisfying.

Additionally, Thai Airways offers Pre-Select meal service for passengers in First class, Business class, and for Royal Orchid Plus Platinum and Gold Members. This service allows you to pre-select your meal on international routes departing from Bangkok, ensuring your preferred choice.

With comfortable seating, a diverse range of aircraft, and delicious in-flight meal options, your travel experience on Thai Airways will be both enjoyable and memorable.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of meals are offered in Thai Airways Economy class?

Thai Airways offers a variety of meal options for Economy class passengers. The meals typically include a main course, dessert, cheese, and crackers. For example, a chicken curry was served with fluffy rice and a chocolate mousse cake.

How is the quality of food on Thai Airways flights?

The quality of food on Thai Airways flights is generally well-regarded by passengers. In one review, the traveler found the chicken curry to be particularly enjoyable, with a generous quantity of food provided.

What is included in Thai Airways’ drinks menu?

Thai Airways’ drinks menu features a selection of beverages, including alcoholic and non-alcoholic options. To get more specific information, you can view their in-flight menu on their official website.

How can I request a special meal on Thai Airways?

Special meals catering to specific dietary requirements can be requested for passengers traveling on Thai Airways’ international flights. You can use this facility to request special meals, as well as infant or child meals.

Are meals and drinks complimentary on Thai Airways?

Meals and drinks are usually complimentary on Thai Airways flights, depending on your ticket class and fare conditions. It’s recommended to check with the airline before your flight to confirm the inclusion of complimentary meals and beverages.

Is food served on all Thai Airways flights?

Food is generally served on most Thai Airways flights, particularly those operating on longer international routes. However, availability may vary based on factors such as flight duration and specific fare conditions, so it’s best to contact the airline for any questions regarding on-board meals.

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