Do United Airlines Have WiFi? A Concise Guide to In-Flight Connectivity

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For travelers flying with United Airlines, staying connected while in the air is made possible with their in-flight Wi-Fi service. Covering most aircraft in the fleet, this service allows passengers to access the internet during both domestic and international flights.

United Airlines provides WI-Fi on most international and domestic flights.

United Airlines offers multiple pricing options for Wi-Fi access, allowing passengers the flexibility to choose according to their preferences. The Wi-Fi service is provided by multiple providers including Gogo, Panasonic, Thales, and ViaSat, ensuring a comprehensive coverage and reliable connectivity.

Key Takeaways

  • United Airlines offers in-flight Wi-Fi on most domestic and international flights
  • Multiple pricing options cater to various passengers’ preferences
  • Internet service is provided by different Wi-Fi providers for wide coverage and connectivity
United Airlines aircraft in flight

Wifi Services on Different Aircrafts

Domestic Flights

United Airlines provides inflight Wi-Fi on U.S. domestic flights. The fleet mainly consists of Boeing 737-900, 757-300, 737 Max 9, Airbus A319s, and 757s. Wi-Fi on these domestic flights costs $8 for MileagePlus® members, and $10 for everyone else.

United’s domestic Wi-Fi is powered by providers like Gogo, Panasonic, Thales, and ViaSat, offering different coverage depending on the aircraft type. Note that aircraft for your flight and internet coverage are subject to change.

International Flights

For international flights, United Airlines also maintains a reliable Wi-Fi connectivity, including on aircraft like the Boeing 757-200. Wi-Fi coverage and satellite options vary depending on the flight route and aircraft type.

On select aircraft equipped with Viasat Wi-Fi service, streaming services are available to passengers. This enables travelers to enjoy internet access on a wide range of United’s international and domestic flights, enhancing their in-flight experience.

Cost and Pricing Options

United Airlines offers Wi-Fi on its flights, making it convenient for passengers to stay connected during their journey. The costs for Wi-Fi access depends on the type of flight and the passenger’s MileagePlus membership status.

On domestic and short-haul international flights, such as those to Mexico and Canada, Wi-Fi costs $8 for MileagePlus members, and $10 for non-members . For other international flights, the prices may vary depending on the route.

In addition to one-time fees, United Airlines also provides Wi-Fi subscription options. The North and Central America subscription costs $49 for a monthly plan and $539 for an annual plan. For global access, the subscription prices are $69 per month and $689 per year.

Passengers can enjoy free messaging services on their United flights, allowing them to stay connected with friends and family without additional costs. However, it’s important to note that not all United aircraft models offer internet access; the Bombardier CRJ-200 and Embraer 145 are exceptions.

By offering various Wi-Fi pricing options and subscription plans, United Airlines caters to the different needs of its passengers, ensuring a comfortable and connected travel experience.

United airlines aircraft on the runway

Providers of In-flight Internet Services

United Airlines offers in-flight Wi-Fi services for its passengers, allowing them to stay connected during their flights. The airline has partnered with four Wi-Fi providers: Gogo, Panasonic, Thales, and ViaSat.

Gogo is a popular Wi-Fi provider that serves many airlines worldwide. On United, passengers can enjoy Gogo’s internet services on select aircraft types, such as Embraer 170 and Embraer 175. Panasonic is another provider United collaborates with, covering flights in the United States and Canada.

Thales provides satellite-based internet mainly over the continental United States. Their services are available on various Boeing 737s and some 757-300s in United’s fleet. However, there were reports of Wi-Fi issues on Thales-equipped 737s in late 2019.

ViaSat is the fourth Wi-Fi provider for United Airlines, known for its high-speed internet access capabilities. While details on specific aircraft types featuring ViaSat connectivity are not readily available, the company does contribute to providing seamless internet services to United passengers.

In addition to internet access, United offers various entertainment options, including United Private Screening℠ and Personal Device Entertainment. Streaming services like DIRECTV® are also accessible, depending on the aircraft type and connection quality.

T-Mobile customers can benefit from free in-flight texting and one hour of complimentary Wi-Fi on select flights. This service is accessible by connecting to the available Wi-Fi network onboard.

Coverage and Connectivity

United Airlines offers Wi-Fi on many of their flights. They have four Wi-Fi providers, Gogo, Panasonic, Thales, and ViaSat, with different coverage areas.

The coverage map varies depending on the aircraft type and location. To check Wi-Fi availability, passengers can refer to the United Wi-Fi Coverage maps and compare it to their reservation details.

Wi-Fi access on United flights is not free. The pricing structure is $8 for MileagePlus® members on domestic and short-haul international flights, and $10 for everyone else. There are subscription plans available, such as North and Central America for $49 monthly and $539 annually, or Global for $69 monthly and $689 annually.

United recently partnered with T-Mobile to provide free inflight Wi-Fi access on all United domestic and international flights for T-Mobile customers. This is a significant benefit for those who use T-Mobile as their mobile carrier.

However, streaming services are only available on aircraft equipped with Viasat Wi-Fi service. Passengers can enjoy inflight entertainment through the United app, which includes movies, TV shows, and music.

United Airlines is continually working on enhancing their Wi-Fi connectivity and coverage, striving to provide a reliable and enjoyable inflight experience for their passengers. Travelers can stay connected in the air, whether for work or leisure, across North America, Latin America, Europe, and Hawaii.

Other Features and Services

United Airlines offers inflight Wi-Fi on most of their flights. Pricing for Wi-Fi on U.S. domestic and short-haul international flights is $8 for MileagePlus members and $10 for everyone else.

United is constantly working on improving their inflight Wi-Fi service. The airline has equipped almost all of their aircraft with Wi-Fi capability, provided by four different Wi-Fi providers across their fleet.

In addition to Wi-Fi, United Airlines also offers free messaging for passengers. This service is available through messaging apps like WhatsApp, allowing for text communication during the flight without needing to purchase a full internet connection.

For entertainment, United Airlines provides a wide selection of streaming services on their flights. Passengers can enjoy popular platforms like Netflix and Hulu, contributing to an enjoyable inflight experience.

United also offers Wi-Fi subscriptions for frequent flyers. A subscription covering North and Central America costs $49 per month or $539 per year, providing continuous Wi-Fi access for regular travelers.

Those who prefer using their own devices can connect to United’s Wi-Fi for streaming content. Just remember to switch your device to airplane mode and connect to the “United Wi-Fi” network to access the entertainment options onboard.

United Airlines has partnered with American Express to offer a co-branded credit card. Cardholders can earn United miles and enjoy perks like free checked bags and priority boarding, further enhancing the overall travel experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access wifi during a United flight?

To access Wi-Fi during a United flight, make sure to download the United app before boarding. After boarding, switch to airplane mode and connect to the Wi-Fi network.

Is the wifi on United Airlines free?

United Airlines Wi-Fi is not available for free. Passengers can go to and use their credit card or miles to pay for access during the flight.

What is the speed of United’s onboard wifi?

The speed of United’s onboard Wi-Fi may vary depending on factors such as the provider and flight conditions. Improvements have been made in recent years, but passengers may still experience slower speeds or connection issues on some flights.

Does United offer inflight entertainment through wifi?

Yes, United offers inflight entertainment through its Wi-Fi network. Passengers can access a range of entertainment options via the United app, including movies, TV shows, and music.

Can T-Mobile users get special wifi access on United flights?

Information about special Wi-Fi access for T-Mobile users on United flights was not found in the provided search results. Please refer to the official United Airlines website or T-Mobile for more information.

How do I connect to United’s wifi for entertainment on the app?

To connect to United’s Wi-Fi for entertainment on the app, first, download the United app on your smartphone or tablet. After boarding, enable airplane mode and connect to the Wi-Fi network to access the entertainment options.

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