Does EasyJet Have WiFi? Clear Guide on In-Flight Internet Access

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Traveling on EasyJet offers passengers a variety of services and amenities to enhance their flight experience. One such service that has become increasingly important to travelers is onboard Wi-Fi.

As a budget airline, EasyJet prioritizes providing affordable, convenient services, but how does its Wi-Fi offering compare to the competition?

EasyJet does not offer Wi-Fi services onboard their flights, h Wi-Fi on EasyJet, as well as how it compares to other airlines and what additional onboard services are available.

Key Takeaways

  • EasyJet does not provide onboard Wi-Fi for passengers.
  • EasyJet offers other services to enhance passenger experience, such as baggage allowances and personal item policies
Easyjet is taking off from the airport.

Easyjet’s Onboard Wifi

As discussed,Easyjet, a popular budget airline, currently does not offer onboard WiFi services for their customers.

This means that passengers are unable to access the internet or use in-flight WiFi during their journey on an Easyjet flight. However, it is important to note that some onboard services are available to passengers.

These services do not include an internet connection, which means that travelers will have to rely on other forms of entertainment, such as books, travel games, or downloaded content on their digital devices. Remember to switch your device to flight mode as required during the flight.

It’s worth mentioning that the lack of in-flight WiFi can help Easyjet maintain lower ticket prices, ensuring a more affordable travel experience for passengers. This budget-friendly approach is one of the reasons many travelers choose Easyjet for their flights.

In preparation for your Easyjet flight, consider downloading content, such as movies or music, to your devices before boarding. This will allow you to enjoy entertainment during your journey without the need for an internet connection.

While Easyjet does not currently provide onboard WiFi, it is always important to stay updated on any potential changes in their services. Keep informed by checking the Easyjet website for any updates on their onboard offerings.

Comparison with Other Airlines

Ryanair Comparison

EasyJet and Ryanair are both major low-cost carriers in Europe. While EasyJet flies to over 150 destinations, Ryanair serves 200 destinations throughout 30 European countries. However, neither EasyJet nor Ryanair currently offer inflight Wi-Fi services.

BA Comparison

British Airways (BA) is a full-service airline, providing inflight Wi-Fi on select flights. The Wi-Fi service on BA is chargeable, unlike EasyJet, which does not have Wi-Fi availability on its flights.

Emirates Comparison

Emirates is renowned for its high-quality inflight services, and unlike EasyJet, it provides free inflight Wi-Fi for its passengers. This luxury service distinguishes Emirates from budget carriers like EasyJet, which do not offer Wi-Fi connectivity.

Lufthansa Comparison

Lufthansa, another full-service carrier, offers inflight Wi-Fi for its passengers at a fee. The availability of Wi-Fi during flights distinguishes Lufthansa from EasyJet, which still lacks this feature for its passengers.

American Airlines Comparison

American Airlines, a major US carrier, provides inflight Wi-Fi to its passengers at a charge. The Wi-Fi service offered by American Airlines demonstrates a difference in amenities compared to EasyJet, which has not yet implemented Wi-Fi services on its flights.

Cost of Wifi

EasyJet currently does not offer in-flight Wi-Fi on their flights. As a result, passengers will not incur any fees or charges related to Wi-Fi usage.

Consequently, the concept of refunds for Wi-Fi services on EasyJet flights is not applicable at the moment1. Passengers planning to travel with EasyJet should prepare accordingly for their entertainment and communication needs during the flight.

Wifi on Different Flight Routes

EasyJet is known for offering flights to over 150 destinations across Europe and North Africa. This includes popular cities such as London, Paris, and many others. However, it is important to note that there is currently no wifi onboard EasyJet aeroplanes.

While EasyJet serves many destinations directly, they also partner with airlines like Emirates, Cathay Pacific, Norwegian, Singapore, Virgin, and several others. This helps serve destinations the airline doesn’t fly to itself, such as spots in North America, the Caribbean, and Asia. These partner flights can be booked through Worldwide by EasyJet.

Travelers seeking in-flight Wi-Fi on their journey may need to consider other airlines depending on the routes they choose. Airlines like JetBlue and Delta, for example, provide free Wi-Fi to their passengers. It could be useful to research these options before booking a flight, especially for travelers who require connectivity during their journey.

When flying with EasyJet, it is advised to plan ahead and download any necessary work or entertainment content to your devices before departure. This ensures that you have something to keep you occupied, even without in-flight Wi-Fi. For flights connecting through their partner airlines, it’s helpful to check with the specific airline directly regarding their Wi-Fi offerings and fees.

Additional Onboard Services

EasyJet does not offer Wi-Fi or inflight entertainment onboard their aircraft. However, they have introduced the AirFi digital onboard experience, allowing passengers access to digital content such as games and inflight retail menus.

Flexi is an add-on service that provides flexibility and various benefits for travelers. It includes free flight changes within a certain time frame, a checked baggage allowance, and a refundable ticket.

Passengers can choose an up front seat for a fee, ensuring they sit near the front of the aircraft. This option offers convenient access to exits and overhead lockers.

Speedy boarding is another paid service that allows customers to board the aircraft earlier. It provides a more efficient and stress-free boarding experience.

For additional comfort, extra legroom seats can be purchased, offering travelers a more spacious seating area. These seats are particularly popular among taller individuals.

Though not offering a traditional inflight entertainment system, EasyJet does provide alternative entertainment options through their partnership with AirFi. Passengers can access digital content, keeping them engaged during the flight.

Baggage and Personal Item Policies

EasyJet allows passengers to bring a carry-on bag with dimensions up to 56 x 45 x 25 cm. Additionally, personal items must not exceed 45 x 36 x 20 cm.

Passengers with easyJet Plus membership or a FLEXI fare can also bring a large cabin bag. The maximum weight for checked luggage is 15kg, and passengers must be able to lift and carry it themselves.

EasyJet imposes baggage fees if your bag does not comply with the size restrictions. Fees range from $10 to $70, depending on the weight and size.

The airline offers Speedy Boarding for customers, allowing early boarding on the plane. This can be beneficial for passengers with additional luggage, as overhead bin space may be limited.

PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC - JANUARY 12: EasyJet Airline Airbus A319-111 takes off from PRG Airport on January 12, 2014. EasyJet is the low cost airline of the United Kingdom

What You Can Do with Wifi on Easyjet

While onboard Easyjet flights, you can use portable electronic devices to stay entertained and productive throughout your journey. You are allowed to play games, read e-books, watch movies, listen to music, and even write offline messages.

To access the internet, Easyjet provides you with “easyJet Onboard” WiFi. Once you’re at 10,000 feet, connect your device to the service and use a QR code found on the seat rest to access the platform.

With the onboard WiFi, you can check and respond to emails, browse websites, and connect with friends and family through various messaging apps like Whatsapp or other direct messaging platforms.

You can also enjoy streaming services like Netflix for a smooth entertainment experience during your flight. However, it’s important to download content before your flight and watch it offline, as the WiFi provided may not support high-quality streaming.

In a nutshell, Easyjet’s Wi-Fi service allows you to stay connected, informed, and entertained throughout your flight, making your journey more enjoyable and productive.

Company Insight

easyJet, a prominent low-cost airline, has recently taken a significant step in the in-flight entertainment market. The company is working on expanding the rollout of its WiFi-based streaming IFE service.

Currently, 135 Airbus A320 aircraft in the airline’s fleet are equipped with AirFi’s in-flight entertainment system. This system aims to enhance the passenger experience and generate additional revenue.

easyJet’s website offers customers a smooth experience when booking flights and managing their travel. Additionally, they can find useful information about in-flight services.

In an effort to meet customer demands, easyJet has taken steps to transform its business model. The company focused on key markets to build back to pre-pandemic levels.

Interestingly, one of the goals of easyJet for their 2023 fiscal year is to introduce WiFi onboard. This addition aims to further increase the company’s ancillary revenue.

Employees at easyJet play a vital role in delivering an exceptional experience to the customers they serve. Whether on the ground or in the sky, the airline’s staff is dedicated to ensuring passenger satisfaction.

PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC - JANUARY 12: EasyJet Airline Airbus A320-214 taxis to teminal at PRG Airport on January 12, 2014. EasyJet is the second-largest low-cost carrier in Europe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there Wi-Fi available on easyJet flights?

No, easyJet does not offer Wi-Fi on their flights, neither free nor paid. Passengers cannot access the internet during easyJet flights.

What in-flight entertainment does easyJet offer?

Unfortunately, easyJet does not provide any in-flight entertainment services onboard their aircraft.

Can I use my phone for internet access on easyJet?

Since there is no Wi-Fi available on easyJet flights, passengers cannot use their phones for internet access during the flight.

How does easyJet’s closed loop Wi-Fi work?

EasyJet does not have a closed loop Wi-Fi system, as they do not provide Wi-Fi services on their flights.

Which airlines offer free Wi-Fi on flights?

Various airlines offer free or limited Wi-Fi on flights, including JetBlue, Emirates, Turkish Airlines, Norwegian, and Qatar Airways. Remember that the availability and quality of Wi-Fi may vary depending on the aircraft and route.

What is the easyJet Air Time service?

EasyJet does not have an Air Time service. They do not offer in-flight Wi-Fi or entertainment services to their passengers.

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