Does Ryanair Give Free Food? In-Flight Meals Explained

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When planning a trip with a low-cost airline like Ryanair, many travelers prioritize affordability and convenience. One question that often arises while budgeting a trip is whether or not Ryanair offers free food to its passengers.

Ryanair does not provide complimentary food or beverages during their flights.

Ryanair, being a budget airline, focuses on providing passengers with affordable and efficient travel options. In line with this mission, they have opted to charge for in-flight food and drink in order to keep their ticket prices low.

On your Ryanair flight, you can expect a variety of meal options available for purchase, including snacks, sandwiches, and hot meals, as well as beverages like sodas, juices, and alcoholic drinks.

Key Takeaways

Does Ryanair Give Free Food
  • Ryanair does not provide free food or drinks on board
  • Budget-conscious travelers can enjoy affordable flights without complimentary meals
  • Passengers have the option to purchase a variety of snacks and beverages during the flight

Ryanair In-Flight Food Offerings

Meals and Snacks

During your Ryanair flight, you can purchase a variety of snacks and meals. Options include sandwiches, hot food, and kids meals to satisfy your hunger.

While you can find staples like ham and cheese croissants, the availability of meals and snacks may vary depending on the flight.

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Beverages and Drinks

As for beverages, Ryanair offers a selection of drinks for you to choose from. You can purchase hot and cold beverages, soft drinks, and a range of alcoholic drinks such as beer, wine, and spirits.

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Special Dietary Requirements

If you have specific dietary needs, Ryanair offers vegan-friendly and gluten-free options.

You can even pre-order a vegan lasagne from their inflight menu.

To ensure your meal preferences are met, it’s best to add a meal to your booking before your flight or check their inflight magazine for more information.

Passenger Experience and Satisfaction

Ryanair flight no food

Comfort and Seating

On Ryanair flights, seating options vary depending on your fare choice.

As a low-cost airline, don’t expect a luxurious experience; however, the basic seats are generally comfortable for short-haul flights.

Customer Service

Your experience with Ryanair’s customer service might be mixed.

Some passengers have praised the friendly crew, with 95% of respondents in a survey rating their friendliness as ‘Excellent/Very Good/Good’.

On the other hand, some have reported dissatisfaction with handling issues such as baggage policies.


When booking a Ryanair flight, carefully review their baggage policy and extra fees to avoid surprises.

Keep in mind that they don’t offer free food on board, which means you’ll either need to purchase meals during the flight or bring your own snacks and refreshments.

Still, a majority of passengers seem content with their flight experience, with 92% rating their overall trip as ‘Excellent/Very Good/Good’.

Baggage and Boarding Process

Baggage Allowances and Restrictions

With Ryanair, you’re allowed one small personal bag (40x20x25cm), such as a handbag or laptop bag, which must fit under the seat in front of you.

Keep in mind, if your bag doesn’t fit these dimensions, or if you bring a second bag to the gate, you’ll be charged a fee of €/£6 – €/£35.99.

For extra baggage allowance, consider purchasing Ryanair’s “Cabin Baggage” option, allowing you a 10kg cabin bag in addition to your personal bag.

Priority Boarding

Say you prefer priority treatment – opt for Priority Boarding when booking your ticket.

Customers who choose Priority Boarding will board planes first and obtain the advantage of quickly organizing their cabin baggage.

Note: The timing of boarding is more important than which group you’re in when flying with Ryanair.


In order to receive your boarding pass, you have two options for check-in: online or at the airport.

For online check-in, simply use either your computer or the Ryanair mobile app.

Just remember to check in online between 2 hours and 48 hours before your flight departure time. This allows you to print your boarding pass or save it on your phone.

At the airport, you may choose to check in at the designated Ryanair counters. However, please give yourself plenty of time, as airport check-in lines can be long.

Ryanair Flight Options and Pricing

Destinations and Holidays

Ryanair is a budget airline that offers a variety of destinations for cheap fares.

With an extensive network across Europe and some parts of Africa, you can choose from city breaks, sun-soaked beach holidays, or cultural escapes.

Comparing Flight Prices

To ensure you get the best deal on your Ryanair flight, make sure to compare prices on different booking platforms and the airline’s official website.

Remember that flight prices may vary depending on the time of booking, travel period, and available promotions.

Budget Airline Advantages

By flying with Ryanair, you can save money on your airfare, allowing for more spending on other aspects of your trip.

As a budget airline, Ryanair operates a fleet of modern aircraft, ensuring a safe and comfortable journey while keeping costs low.

However, keep in mind that free food is not provided on Ryanair flights, but you have the option to purchase meals and snacks on board.

Safety and Convenience Measures

Ryanair airline no food

Restrictions and Guidelines

Your safety and convenience are important when flying with Ryanair.

Planes are subject to international safety standards, designed to keep you safe. Remember to follow airport regulations and rules, such as passport requirements and keeping distance from restricted areas.

In-Flight Experience

Ryanair offers an economy-only configuration in their planes. You can be assured of a comfortable journey, with a seat pitch of 30 inches and no recline.

Please note that food is not provided for free, but you have the option to purchase snacks and drinks on board, or bring your own (excluding hot drinks).


In-flight entertainment is not available on Ryanair flights. However, this helps them maintain their low-cost offering, enabling you to travel at an affordable price.

To keep yourself entertained, consider bringing a book, magazine or personal electronic device for your enjoyment.

Ryanair vs Other Airlines

Comparing with EasyJet

When flying with Ryanair, you may notice some differences to their competitor, EasyJet.

For example, EasyJet offers a more customer-service focused experience, while Ryanair is more focused on being a cost-effective carrier.

Amenities and Services

As discussed, Ryanair does not provide free food or drinks during your flight. Pack your own snacks or purchase them on board, as you would with other budget airlines like EasyJet. In terms of in-flight entertainment, neither of the airlines offers any.

Ryanair allows one small cabin bag, whereas EasyJet has a more generous cabin bag policy. You can add priority boarding to your Ryanair booking for an additional cost, and this will allow you to bring an extra cabin bag, similar to EasyJet.

Remember that both airlines have their pros and cons, and your experience will depend on your personal priorities and preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do they provide complimentary meals?

No, Ryanair does not provide complimentary meals during flights. You have the option to purchase food on board from their inflight menu.

Is water free on board?

Water is not provided for free on Ryanair flights. You can purchase water and other beverages from their inflight menu.

Can I bring my own food?

Yes, you are allowed to bring your own food and soft drinks on board. However, you cannot bring hot drinks or consume your own alcohol during the flight.

What’s on the menu?

Ryanair’s inflight menu offers a variety of options, including vegan-friendly and hot meals available for pre-order. They also offer sandwiches, sweet treats, and a full bar and snacks selection.

Are drinks included?

Drinks are not included for free during Ryanair flights. You can purchase a variety of drinks from their inflight menu, which includes hot coffee, cold drinks, and alcoholic beverages.

Can I pre-order food?

Yes, you can pre-order food, including hot meals and vegan options, from Ryanair’s inflight menu. To ensure the availability of your preferred options, it’s a good idea to pre-order your meal before your flight.

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