The 3 Best Fishing Packages In Alaska You Should Consider

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Fishing in Alaska is a treasure trove for hundreds of fish species.

All you need is to book a trip, bring your fishing license, scores of your lucky bait, and an adventurous spirit.

You and your fellow anglers will reel in trophy-worthy fish in no time. If you are headed to this spectacular fishing spot, you will need a package covering the basics. 

The 3 Best Fishing Packages In Alaska

As you may already know, Alaska is home to halibut fishing. But they also have salmon, trout, lingcod, and plenty of other fish specials to catch all year round.

Whether in freshwater or saltwater, you will go home with proof from one of the largest fishing locations worldwide.

Here are three of the best fishing packages in Alaska. Of course, there are plenty more. Be sure to visit for an amazing fishing experience and leave a review.

Also, while fishing trips are relatively safe, having travel insurance is essential for peace of mind.

1. Halibut and Salmon Combo

Fishing boat Alaska book
Fishing boat Alaska

Yes, Homer is the capital of Halibut in Alaska, but so is salmon. There is plenty to catch all year, with the tastiest salmon in salty waters. If it’s your lucky day, you will bring up the sometimes elusive king salmon. 

The O’Fish’ial Charters Halibut and Salmon Combo fishing package to Cook Inlet is one of the best trips.

They are the go-to team if you aim to bring home one of the two, or even both, fish species.  

Package Details 

Trip Duration8-10 Hours
Price per Person$400
Halibut Fishing Limit2 per day per person
King Salmon Fishing Limit1-2 per day per person
Chinook Salmon Fishing Limit5 per season per person
Coho Salmon Fishing Limit3 per day per person

What to Bring

Since it is a day trip, wear warm clothing, and bring your fishing license and lunch.

Fishing gear is part of the package, so bring an energetic spirit. The fishing boats do not allow smoking or anglers below 16 years.

2. Kenai River Trout Fishing

Trout fishing Alaska
Trout fishing

Cooper Landing Fishing Guide takes anglers to Kenai River Trout Fishing annually from May to June.

This fishing package lets you catch tens of pounds of Rainbow and Dolly Varden trout. Try to catch a 30-inch monstrosity for bragging rights during your trip.

Package Details

Trip DurationFull-Day or Half-Day
Price per Person Full-Day$295
Price per Person Half-Day$195
Private Boat for Two Full-Day$885
Private Boat for Two Half-Day$585

What to Bring

While gear, wading pants, and boots are included in the package price, bring your valid Alaska fishing license, and wear warm clothing.

In addition, use sunscreen and bug repellant and have a hat and polarized sunglasses.

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3. All-Inclusive Sitka Fishing 

Sitka fishing in Alaska package
Sitka fishing in Alaska

Angling Unlimited offers an all-inclusive Sitka fishing package for you and three of your friends. Their package includes car rentals, accommodation, and daily fishing trips.

If you do not have an Alaska fishing license, they can also help you apply. However, you must pay for your flights to and from Alaska.

Package Details

Number of DaysPrice per personFishing Months
3-Days Fishing/4-Days Accommodation$2645May
4-Days Fishing/5-Days Accommodation$3495May
5-Days Fishing/6-Days Accommodation$4045May
3-Days Fishing/4-Days Accommodation$3295June – September
4-Days Fishing/5-Days Accommodation$4345June – September
5-Days Fishing/6-Days Accommodation$4995June – September

The standard Alaska fishing limit applies to every package regardless of season or number of fishing days. 

What to Bring

Apart from warm clothing, you will get boots, rain gear, and fishing gear as part of the package.

Lunch and snacks are also available on all-day fishing trips. In addition, they will pack your catch ready for shipping according to your home airline’s specifications.

FAQs About Fishing Packages In Alaska

What is the average cost of taking a fishing trip in Alaska?

For enthusiasts, a typical fishing trip to Alaska includes flights, car rentals, gas, accommodation, and a fishing package, including a guide.

On average, a fishing trip for two for an all-inclusive week will cost $4500. However, these prices may go higher depending on the season and for private charters.

What months are best to go fishing in Alaska?

While the peak fishing months in Alaska are from May to September, you can fish all year round.

In summer, you will likely catch king salmon in river waters and halibut if you go deep-sea fishing. Should you visit in December, go ice fishing for the healthiest Rainbow trout.

What do I pack for a fishing trip to Alaska?

A fishing license is among the essentials to pack for your fishing trip to Alaska. If you travel in summer, carry warm and comfortable clothing and a hat for hot days.

During winter, layering is mandatory, so pack enough for your entire stay. While some fishing packages offer wading pants and boots, bring your accessories, such as gloves and a wide-brimmed fishing hat. Lastly, remember to bring cash for tips.

How long does a fishing trip last in Alaska?

Typically, most people will take a week’s fishing trip to Alaska to enjoy a comprehensive itinerary. But anywhere between 4-7 days is sufficient.

When you go out for single-day fishing, halibut trips last over 12 hours, while trout fishing trips last over 8 hours. Expecting a full day of fishing from dawn to dusk is safe.

How much fish can I carry home from a fishing trip in Alaska?

While there is no limit to the weight of fish you can take home from an Alaskan fishing trip, other state limitations exist.

For instance, Alaska has yearly limits for king salmon, which is five pieces a person. However, for the halibut, you can only carry two each day. We guarantee you will take home enough fish to last a few months.


Now that you have details about Alaska’s best fishing packages bring a 50-pounder home.

We recommend you try saltwater fishing for the best catch. Whether you go in summer, fall, or winter, a fishing trip party is always waiting to happen.

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