FlyOver Iceland Review – An Exciting Tourist Attraction in Reykjavik

FlyOver Iceland Review

In this FlyOver Iceland Review we’ll discuss all you need to know about this Icelandic experience.

FlyOver Iceland is an exciting tourist attraction in Reykjavik, Iceland. FlyOver Iceland gives you a bird’s eye view of the country with beautiful aerial views from the ground up.

About the Technology

The technology behind FlyOver is similar to Disney World’s Soaring attraction and offers virtual reality-style flight simulator video screens that make it seem like you are soaring above the Earth.

Amazing Iceland

You can fly over different parts of Reykjavik and admire its beauty or be immersed in Icelandic culture by flying over local landmarks such as Hallgrímskirkja church or Harpa concert hall.

Flyover Iceland is part of Pursuit Collection, which also includes Sky Lagoon Geothermal Spa and Golden Skybridge in Canada.

Everything Pursuit put their name to is gold and they provide truly memorable experiences through Iceland and North America.

What is FlyOver Iceland?

FlyOver is a virtual reality-style flight simulator video screens that make it seem like you are soaring above the Earth.

For those caught on time but want to see Iceland, FlyerOver Iceland will immerse you in the phenomenal beauty of Iceland

Since opening in 2019 it has become a popular tourist attraction even though the global pandemic temporarily put on hold their rise to being an iconic Icelandic experience.


The FlyerOver Iceland experience is a multi-sensory, immersive experience where stories of Iceland, it’s folklore and legend are weaved into a full scale tourist attraction.

You can enter the Viking Longhouse where a storyteller will pull you into the history and will enlighten you through the oral tradition of story telling.

Part of the FlyOver Iceland attraction, before embarking on the flight function itself, will be a two-part pre-ride experience where people explore the roles of nature and more in Iceland.

These multi-sensory spaces are designed by acclaimed multimedia studio Moment Factory while working closely with creative director Rick Rothschild from FlyOver Icelandic attractions.

FlyOver Iceland is a place where you can be in the air.

You hang from the ceiling and a big screen shows you what it would look like if you were flying through Iceland.

Make sure to add this special experience in your list of attractions when you plan your visit.

Your family will be thrilled with the wind, mist and scents which all come together for a gentle but thrilling ride.

How To Get There

FlyOver Iceland is open Thursday – Sunday inclusive and it’s located in downtown Reykjavik.


There are several ways to get here. Walking is very easy if you’re so inclined.

Simply head to the Old Harbor area to the west of the city and you’re looking for the Grandi area just by the Maritime Musuem and the Whales of Iceland Exhibition.

City Bus

There are several bus routes that service the Grandi area.

The most useful is route 14, which can be caught at Hlemmur on Laugarvegur street and many downtown stops.

Check out the city bus timetables on their website:

Hop on Hop off

If you’re on a whistle-stop tour of Reykjavik on the big red hop on/hop off bus, you’re in luck as the bus stops just across the street.

The Cost Of A Ticket And How To Buy One

The whole experience takes approximately 35 minutes from start to finish and starts every 15-20 mins.

However, it can get very busy with groups visiting on excursions from cruise ships and general weekend travelers.

FlyOver Iceland Review
Get tickets for FlyOver Iceland

For this reason it is advisable to book your ticket in advance.

There are various prices and offers available especially if you are taking the kids on a family day out.

The cost of a ticket is ISK4.490 for Adults (13+) This equates to USD $35.99 and 50% reduction for kids 12 and under.

You can purchase your ticket through GetYourGuide: or directly through the FlyOver Iceland website.

You should be aware that there is a minimum height requirement of 102cm(40″) for children and they must be accompanied by and adult if 14 years old and under.

You can also choose to stay in your hot seat an experience FlyerOver Canada once the Iceland experience is completed.

This, of course, will cost extra and you can choose this extra viewing at the time of booking.

Our Experience At Flyover Iceland – A Review

The Flyover Iceland experience is amazing. It’s not cheap for a 35 minute experience especially if you’re bringing the family.

However, I did enjoy it as a solo visitor.

It definitely feels like you are flying over Reykjavik, and the majestic Iceland and all it’s raw beauty.

Even some locals were on my tour and they too seemed to be wowed by the footage of their own country.

I didn’t experience any queue hold up.

I had my ticket pre-booked through GetYourGuide for $35.99(no freebies here) and so, just arrived and got in to the experience at my allotted time.

A lot of effort has gone into the visual and sensory details throughout the experience, from sound effects to smells of the sea and mist.

It all combines to bring and air of mysticism and and enchantment while educating you about the history of Iceland.

In particular it’s nature, volcanoes and stories of Vikings told in The Longhouse to The Well of Time, a guided tour down the centuries with the troll character ‘mascot’ of the experience, Sú Vitra.

I was dying to get to the main event, and, thankfully, I didn’t have to wait too long.

I sat suspended, legs dangling while I whisked and whizzed around Iceland. Seriously, the cinematography showing off this epic island was out of this world.

If I’m honest, the footage was too fast like the helicopter pilot drank too much Red Bull on the many days of shooting footage!! 8 minutes then was gone in a flash.

I was quite surprised that there was no footage of the northern lights which are one of the main draws in Iceland.

Iceland beautiful
Iceland view

However, as this is a fast ride, the Aurora Borealis isn’t, then, conducive to adrenaline pumping thrills.

I didn’t stay on to do the FlyOver Canada but that would have a nice addition if I had thought it through properly.

I heard one lady say that she felt queasy after the ride.

Keep In Mind – It wasn’t that vigorous a ride in the simulator, but, if you are prone to travel sickness, it might be worth giving this a skip as it could ruin the rest of your day.

Is FlyOver Iceland Worth It?

I do believe the FlyOver Iceland experience is worth a visit while in Reykjavik.

Let’s face it, a certain type of tourist is going to visit this attraction.

Iceland road view
Iceland road

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast/adrenaline junkie, realistically you’ll be out there living the reality of these epic Icelandic sites while the weekend tourist on a tight schedule will visit FlyOver Iceland and love every minute of it.

This is a perfect addition to your itinerary for a weekend trip or people coming off cruise ships who have a very limited time in the city, yet want to experience something of the wonder of Iceland.


We hope you enjoyed our short FlyerOver Iceland Review.

It is the most realistic and vivid virtual tour of Iceland.

It’s a must try for anyone visiting Reykjavik, whether you’re on a tight schedule or looking to do something exciting while here – it’s not cheap but we believe that at this price point the experience is worth it.

The quality of work put into making this flight over one of the world’s most beautiful countries is so captivating that it makes up for any minor expense involved in booking your ticket.

If you’ve been wanting to see what Iceland looks like from above, take our word for it and book now!

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