Golden Skybridge Review – New Suspension Bridge in Canada

In this Golden Skybridge review I will shed some light on this wondrous new natural tourist attraction in Golden, Canada.

The views expressed are my own and in no way has this article been sponsored by the attraction.

The Golden Skybridge is a new addition to the Banff & Jasper National Parks region under the Pursuit Collection. It reopens for the 2022 Season on May 13. It is among Canada’s highest suspension bridges, 426 feet above the Columbia canyon floor.

In a Hurry? Here are Quick Facts

Golden SkyBridge faqs
Golden SkyBridge faqs

Here are some facts and key things to do at Skybridge Tourist Attraction:

  • There are two suspension bridges
  • Higher of the two measuring in at 426 ft (130 Meters) above the valley floor
  • Lower of the suspension bridge is 262 ft (80 Meters) high
  • A 3 km trail loop walk will bring you over both bridges
  • The Skybridge attraction is home to a 61 metre waterfall
  • Two-seater Canyon Bungee Swing. Nothing like a shared adrenaline rush
  • 1,500 foot Sky Zipline experience
  • You can get food at The Village Grill
  • Cost of general admission: $34 Adults, $17 Kids, Free of charge children 5 and under
  • Other package costs exist for zipline and bungee swing attractions. Read the full cost breakdown at the end of this article
  • Skybridge closes for the winter season in October. Rounding off the first year with a Golden locals day.

From this high viewpoint you can see the Canadian Rockies and Purcell Mountains.

This bridge is an incredible feat of engineering that will offer visitors from around the world a memorable experience as they cross it on foot.

There is already a smaller suspension bridge here but this is the crowning jewel for the region.

As if Canada needed to get more magnificent, now a tourist visiting Canada, in particular the Golden region of British Columbia, has an even better reason to visit the area.

Curse them for the choices they have and the added conundrum now with Skybridge to visit in Golden among a host of so many other gems.

Let us give you some of the facts and information about this amazing suspension bridge.

What Golden Has To Offer

Golden alone has so much to offer locals and tourists to the region.

The Golden Skybridge is just one of the newest additions.

There are plenty of national parks to explore near Golden, including six National parks:

  1. Banff
  2. Jasper
  3. Glacier
  4. Mount Revelstok
  5. Kootenay
  6. Yoho

And in the vicinity of three mountain ranges, Rockies, Purcell and Selkirk mountains.

Golden is known best for its winter sports, in particular its excellent skiing but it also has a lot of other things to do in the summer.

There are many different things you can do, such as hiking, camping, trail running and mountain biking.

With such beauty at the doorstep, two local developers, Paul Deutsch and Rav Soomal had the brainchild of the Skybridges and pretty quickly teamed up with Pursuit Collection who already had a footprint in the Banff-Jasper region.

As Mentioned – The opening of the Golden Skybridge will likely keep tourists in the region for longer and a great attraction for visitors. Don’t rush away from Golden, stay a while and explore all it has to offer.

The Golden Skybridge

This tourist attraction is like manna from heaven for those who enjoy the outdoors.

The experience in Golden Skybridge is all about rediscovering the power of nature.

It offers visitors to Golden a chance to explore the wilderness and experience unspoiled nature in this beautiful region.

It offers different activities for all abilities and interests.

The bridges and walking trails are accessible to everyone, while the zipline and canyon swing provide more excitement!

The perfect stop for anyone travelling between the B.C. and Alberta, Golden Skybridge offers all amenities including food, washrooms and ample parking.

The Skybridges – The Highlight

So, as I already alluded to, there is not just one Golden Skybridge but two.

The higher of the two measuring in at 426 ft (130 Meters) above the valley floor and the 2nd comes in at 262 ft (80 Meters) high.

The two bridges are part of a looped nature walk with a 3 km forest trail linking the two.

All the way through your walk you will be greeted by jaw-dropping views fresh natural air and a sense of adventure.

Exactly what you came for and the photos you’ll take as keepsakes cannot possibly do the stunning scenery justice.

For your own perfect photo opp, stop and take it all in on the various viewing platforms on the easily accessible trail.

As you walk across the higher of the skybridges, pause and take in the 360 degree vista as you float above the trees and serene river valley below.

You will see and hear the crash of the 61 meter waterfall too.

Honestly – If you’re to freeze frame moments from your life experiences, the call of nature in this magnificent place will stick with you til your end of days.

Add this place to your post pandemic travel list…another one!

Canyon Bungee Swing

Not every heart will be able to withstand the the immense thrill of taking on the extreme and intense challenge of the Canyon Bungee Swing!

Is it worth it? You bet ya!!

And, different than normal seated bungees, this accommodates two people so you get to dive over the safe edge of the canyon with your loved-one by your side.

Nothing like a scream-worthy shared experience.

Having free-fallen over the edge the bungee will then kick in allowing you to slow sway your way to the canyon floor and hear the true roar of the waterfall as it cascades the full 61 meters to greet you.

Sky Zipline in Golden

The Golden SkyZipline is a sky adventure of a lifetime.

It’s also the only one in Canada and with views like this.

After the relaxing scenic walk you’ll want to feed that need for an adrenaline rush.

Sky Zipline is a 1,500-foot zipline that provides a thrilling ride across the canyon with views of what are probably some of the world’s most scenic landscapes.

Opening July 2021 a few months after the initial Skybridge opening, the zipline will offer a terrific birds-eye view of the waterfall in the canyon below.

Unfortunately, the 1,500 foot ride will be over all too quickly. You’ll just need to do it again.

Is Skybridge Suitable for Families?

This place is suitable for any sort of traveler and families.

As a day trip for a family you are in for a treat as there is even Play Park just for Kids.

Kids will love the opportunity to play in the mini-adventure park. It has a tree fort, or, tree top village, a ropes course and slides.

While all that chaos is ongoing, parents can relax, eat and have refreshments in the Canyon Courtyard while keeping an eye out on the kids.

Can I Get Food at SkyBridge?

Yes, you can eat here in a relaxed dining experience called The Village Grill.

The food available here is mainly barbecue style favorites and you can also get beer and wine.

During the summer there is a ‘Golden Hour’ where you will also hear live music and a there’s an amazing atmosphere and good place to unwind after a hectic day and all the thrills which Skybridge has to offer.

How Much Does it Cost to Visit Golden Skybridge?

General admission charges for Golden Skybridge are as follows with many options for you and your family including admission to the park and various activities.

General Admission Prices are as follows:

  • Adult: Can$35.00
  • Kids: Can22.50
  • Children, 5 and under Free of Charge

Skybridge Swing Experience

  • Adult Can$123.00 (includes general admission + swing experience)

Skybridge Zipline Experience

  • Adult Can$83.00 (includes general admission + zipline experience)

Ultimate Canyon Adventure – Best Value

  • Adult Can$143.00 (includes general admission + Canyon swing + zipline experience)

How Much Time Do I Need When Visiting Golden Skybridge?

Visitors on average stay an hour and a half in the park, plus 30-45 minutes for each thrill ride.

Of course you are welcome to stay longer and enjoy the food and all that the park has to offer.

Can I Bring My Pet to Golden Skybridge?

The simple answer is no. For safety of you and all other guests, Golden Skybridge does not allow pets.

Can I Fly a Drone in the Park?

Drones are not permitted in the park for safety reasons and to protect wildlife.

What Else Do Pursuit Offer in Banff Jasper Parks?

Pursuit Collection expertise lies in attractions and hospitality.

From Sky Lagoon Geothermal Spa and FlyOver Iceland and FlyOver Canada in Vancouver they are firmly establishing their company as a world leader in top class tourist destinations in world renowned beauty spots.

In this particular region of Banff and Jasper you can find such other attractions under the Pursuit portfolio as:

  • Banff Gondola, Canmore where you can enjoy a mountain top panoramic view and gondola cable-car ride
  • Lake Minnewanka cruise – a covered boat cruise around Banff’s largest lake. You can also take a beer voyage where you sample local craft beers. This is what you might call a classy booze cruise!
  • Also opening in spring/early summer of 2021 are a Maligne Lake boat cruise, Columbia Icefield trek where you can walk on the Athabasca Glacier. And, another jewel of attractions for 2021 is the Columbia Icefield SkyWalk where you can walk out over a cliff edge on a glass walkway and observation deck some 918 feet above the icefield.
  • Pursuit are also known for their range of high-end lodges and accommodation options. Yet another exciting option was just announced in May 2021 as they released a statement surrounding the development of a new “wilderness-inspired hotel” located in mountain town of Jasper. You can read more here.

All in all, there is so much to attract you to and keep you in the Banff and Jasper region.

Pursuit Collection have woven a fine network of attractions and accommodation options by partnering and investing with local developers.


I hope you enjoyed this quick Golden Skybridge review of the best new tourist destination in Canada.

Golden welcomes you (particularly post covid).

Surrounded by nature, mountains and waterfalls, this summer you are invited to experience their unique Skybridge that will take you over canyons on two suspension bridges with amazing panoramic views of the Canadian Rockies and other ranges.

Whether it’s on land or high up through the trees, there is something for everyone at Skybridge!

So make sure to visit soon and see why it will be one of the top destinations in North America!

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