Grand Cayman Vs Aruba – All the Pros and Cons

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A trip to the Caribbean is one you will never forget, as the tropical paradise has plenty to offer.

These include culture, music, turquoise water, and beautiful beaches.

When considering where to visit, do a Grand Cayman vs Aruba comparison. Both destinations offer tropical, warm weather, fresh, delicious foods, and spectacular site seeing places.

Go to Grand Cayman for relatively unspoiled beaches, snorkeling, and lounging under giant cabanas.

On the other hand, Aruba is ideal for off-road adventures, picturesque beaches, and non-stop sunny days.

Let us explore these gorgeous destinations further.

Grand Cayman Vs Aruba Compared

In this section, I will compare Grand Cayman and Aruba as tourist destinations, helping you know what to expect if you visit.

1. Beaches

While both places are home to breathtaking beaches, Aruba’s is better.

Visiting Eagle Beach Aruba
Eagle Beach Aruba

Aruba has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, ideal for intimate, group, and even commercial activities.

Excellent examples include:

  • Eagle Beach – Found in Oranjestad’s capital city, and local families usually camp here at Easter.
  • Andicuri Beach– It’s ideal for people looking for a place without many tourists. Boogie boarders and surfers love this beach.
  • Malmok Beach- it’s suitable for sailboat stops, snorkeling, and catamaran tours.
  • Flamingo Beach– you may have seen pictures of this beach on social media. It’s best for swimming and hanging out with pink flamingos.

Grand Cayman also has some fantastic beaches, including:

  • Seven Mile Beach– popular among locals.
  • Governor’s Beach– an excellent family beach.
  • Rum Point- offers an authentic, classic tropical experience.
  • Spotts Beach-it’s quieter and suitable for reef snorkeling, picnics, and barbecuing.
Seven mile beach Grand Cayman empty
Seven mile beach Grand Cayman

2. Main Attractions

If you enjoy the natural wonders, Aruba is your place.

It has green cacti, rugged deserts, hiking spots like the Hooiberg, and ocean cliffs.

On the other hand, Grand Cayman is perfect for people who cannot get enough time in the water.

It offers plenty of diving and snorkeling sites, and do not skip the Stringray City for a swim.  

Arikok National park guide
Arikok National park Aruba

If you want to interact with nature in Aruba, here is where to visit:

  • Ayo Rock Formations
  • Arikok National Park
  • Spanish Lagoon
  • Blackstone Beach
  • Quadirikiri Cave
  • Bubali Bird Sanctuary
  • De Palm Island
  • The Natural Pool/ Conchi

The natural attractions in Grand Cayman include:

  • Cayman Crystal Caves
  • Hell Gift Store
  • Devil’s Grotto
  • Barker’s National Park
  • Blow Holes
  • Meagre Bay Pond
  • North Wall Reef
  • Babylon Reef

3. The Climate

Due to the geographical location of Aruba, the island is sunny and hurricane-free all year round.

Aruba receives less rainfall than most Caribbean places, even during the rainy seasons.

The average temperatures are 84° F to 88°F (29°C to 31°C). 

Grand Cayman vs Aruba climate facts
Grand Cayman climate

There are heavy winds throughout the year in Aruba, with the strongest winds in June and May, reaching 35 knots.

The average winds are 18 knots, with January being the calmest month. Aruba winds help make the high temperatures more tolerable.

The temperatures in Grand Cayman vary based on the season.

For Instance – Winter has the most pleasant weather with calm seas, clear skies, and daytime temperatures of 72°F to 80°F.

On the other hand, summer has temperatures of 80°F to 88°F and high humidity, and this period is also the rainy season. 

August and July are the hottest, while the hurricane season is from 1st June to 30th November.

Therefore, pay attention to tropical storms or hurricane warnings if you visit Grand Cayman during this period. 

4. Nightlife

When it comes to Grand Cayman vs Aruba nightlife, the latter has more to offer.

Aruba has plenty of entertainment spots, such as golf courses, bowling alleys, cinemas, and casinos.

If you love partying, visit the clubs and bars along the south beach. 

Aruba vs Grand Cayman nightlife
Aruba nightlife

Contrastingly, Grand Cayman has a much quieter nightlife.

Most bars, clubs and restaurants are on the island’s western end. Try the Coccoloba Bar and Bacaro for a fun time at night.

5. Currencies

The Jamaican dollar was Grand Cayman’s currency, but that changed in 1972, with the Cayman dollar (CI$) becoming its official currency.

Aruban Florin facts
Aruban Florin

On the other hand, the Aruban Florin replaced the Netherlands Antillean Guilder in 1986.

As of 20th November 2022, an Aruban Florin is 0.56 USD while 1 Cayman Dollar is 1.19 USD. 

However, you can use the United States dollar to pay for services/products in Grand Cayman and Aruba.

6. Food and Drink

Try the local cuisines when you visit Grand Cayman and Aruba. For instance, both islands are famous for seafood.

The Grand Cayman is mainly known for conch and turtle with tangy jerk readily found in restaurants owing to the island’s historical relations to Jamaica.

Coconut shrimp taste
Coconut shrimp

When in the Grand Cayman, try Jamaican cuisine, international cuisine, and British cuisine.

Conversely – Besides international and Aruban cuisine, you can also indulge in different foods and drinks at fast-food chains. 

Moreover, you can visit numerous bars and lounges in the Grand Cayman and Aruba for refreshing, fresh drinks. 

Here are foods you should try in Grand Cayman:

  • Johnnycake
  • Cayman-style lobster
  • Coconut Shrimp
  • Heavy cake (cassava cake)
  • Fish rundown
  • Fritters
  • Turtle stew
  • Fruit cake

On the flip, below are the delicious food Aruba has to offer:

  • Stobas
  • Pastechi
  • Keshi Yena
  • Papaya Hot Sauce
  • Sopi Mondongo
  • Fried Plaintain
  • Funchi
  • Bolo Borracho

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7. Kids’ Activities

Both islands have fun-filled activities and areas for kids, so you can plan to visit the islands with your family.

The options at Grand Cayman include the following:

  • Starfish Point- the beach has shallow waters safe for young children and toddlers.
  • Cayman Turtle Centre- snorkel with tiny turtles and feast your eyes upon the massive green turtles.
  • Bioluminescent Bay- moonless nights offer the best visibility for bioluminescence.
  • Swimming Ponies
  • Atlantis Submarines- these will take you to 100 feet below the water while keeping the pressure of the sea level. 
  • Queen Elizabeth II Royal Botanic Park

Aruba also has plenty to offer, including:

Kids love Baby beach in Aruba
Baby beach Aruba
  • The Aruba Butterfly Farm- is filled with numerous butterfly species.
  • Baby Beach- the white-sand beach is perfect for adults looking to relax while their kids wander about having fun swimming in the shallow waters.
  • Ostrich Farm- your kids will enjoy an interactive tour of this farm, mingling with ostriches, lizards, emus, and peacocks.
  • De Palm Island– offers many family-friendly activities like snorkel excursions, a fantastic waterpark, and boat rides. 
  • Donkey Sanctuary– your kids can interact with donkeys, petting, mingling, feeding, and taking photos of them. In the meantime, parents can hang out at the observation deck enjoying snacks and coffee. 

8. Safety

Grand Cayman and Aruba’s tourist sites are considered the safest in the Caribbean.

However, stay alert about your surroundings and avoid secluded places at night. 

9. Cost

Caribbean destinations like the Grand Cayman and Aruba are typically expensive.

Grand Cayman price
Grand Cayman cost

However, you can lower the expenses by choosing cheaper hotels far from the beaches, feeding on local food, and finding more affordable places to visit.

Moreover, consider renting a place to stay and cook your meals.

Our Final Thoughts About a Grand Cayman Vs Aruba Vacation

Grand Cayman and Aruba are excellent destinations for people looking to spend some time in the Caribbean.

However, when choosing between the two, your ideal destination will depend on your needs.

The Grand Cayman is more suited for individuals looking to spend more time in the water.

Aruba suits people looking for activities outside the water and a lively nightlife.

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