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Travel Guest Writers Needed

In this, the year COVID took over or consciousness, not many people are travelling let alone leaving their home. Right now people can only dream of offbeat trails and walking tours, golden sand beaches on tropical islands. BUT, once all this coronavirus stuff passes us by, people the world over WILL be traveling to other countries. And heck, we, they and everyone will deserve it.

We’re Looking for Travel Writers

We do welcome articles and guest posts from writers with a passion for traveling and flair for fun, immersive writing. People searching our site are particularly focused on having specific questions answered and problem solving.

And, let’s face it, the all important back-link to your site will be of benefit to your site and ours here at Be sure to get in touch if you’re starting your own blog or you have an existing blog. The all-important link-juice will be mutually beneficial.

What We Need

We need 100% unique articles – we do check for plagiarism regardless of who we receive content from.

We need travel articles between 1500-2000 words but you can write more if you wish.

Clearly defined headings and short paragraphs to make it mobile friendly.

Also, please provide the images you wish to include in article. These should be royalty free images or owned by you, the writer. Please provide the link to the royalty free image for verification as we do keep a register of all images used on our site.

We will proofread your submission and may edit it slightly to correct grammar. Please do not submit if your spelling and grammar is rubbish as we do not have the time to edit your material. No hard feelings!

Please provide a short 3 sentence Bio for use at the bottom of your article + link to your domain.

What’s In It For You?

We’re a new site but we’re in it for the long haul(geddit?).

You will get two DoFollow links from your article. One in the body and one in the Bio.

Your article will be shared on our social media also.

What next?

Send us a mail and pitch us your travel article idea, Title and Focus Keyword(s). Please send us your keyword analysis and how you expect to rank and who the competing websites are for the same keyword.

Our mail is info(at)

We look forward to hearing from you.

John –

Travel Guest Post Blogger
Travel Guest Post Bloggers Needed