How To Start A Rage Room Business? (Read Before You Start)

How To Start A Rage Room Business

If you are considering starting a break room, you must have wondered how much it costs to open a rage room.

The price of establishing an anger smash room varies depending on numerous factors.  

Let’s break them down below and see whether this would be a viable business opportunity for you.

How Much Does It Cost To Start A Rage Rooms Business?

It costs between $5,000 for a basic smash room setup and $40,000 for premium wrecking rooms. Rental space and staff costs are the most expensive part of any business.

For an anger release room, you can rent a permanent room or build a temporary structure to begin your rage room business.

The temporary structure will be cheaper than renting space in a commercial building.

If you occupy a commercial building, you must board up any windows to prevent breakage and soundproof the premises.

Besides the breakable items you bring in, eliminate any light fixtures or accessories in the room that can be easily damaged.

Below is a breakdown of your costs to set up destruction rooms.

Item CostsPrice range
Rental Space$1000-$4000 monthly
Insurance$30-$100 monthly
Protective gear such as helmets, coveralls, face shields, and work gloves$50-200$ for a set
Advertising$10-$100 for traditional media such as radio or newspaper. Free on social media.
Staff costsFrom $20-$40 an hour
Cleaning Supplies$30-$200
Legal fees such as permits, licenses, patents, and copyrights$800-$4000
Automation equipment and software, including a website.$200-$1000
Food and beverage costs $100-$500
Destruction Tools$10-$20 for a sledgehammer
Overhead or utilities costs such as energy, water, and gas, if not included in rent.$100-$500
Soundproofing$10-$40 per square foot
Room renovations, such as boarding windows and light fixtures.$100-$400

The above prices are averages and not exact costs. Consider consulting a local construction firm, service providers, and an equipment store for the actual prices.

Tips On How To Start A Rage Room Business

If you are working on a tight budget and want to start a simple anger smash room, here are some valuable tips.

Consider setting up a glass-breaking room only. Glass items are easy to find, such as beer bottles.

Save staff costs for a start by requesting family members to help out.

Ask your friends, family, and customers to take pictures and spread the word about your business. Word of mouth may save you initial marketing and advertisement costs.

Request for donations of breakable household items such as ceramics, glassware, and household appliances. Free stuff will help you save the most costs.

If you set up a temporary structure, ensure it is safe by reinforcing one wall where all the smashing happens. 

Use thrift items such as old but sturdy baseball bats, sledgehammers, and simple crowbars for the wrecking tools.

You can settle for an alternative to a demolition room. A home gym can also work as an anger management room, and it is safe.

Steps To Set Up A Rage Room Business

To set up a rage room business, you will need rental space for break rooms to break things.

Although your customers will pay to break stuff, you must purchase the breakable items at the lowest possible price to make money. 

Setting up a rage room business
Set up a rage room business

Below is a simple step-by-step process of how to set up a rage room business.

Plan the Entire Business

Before starting any business, a clear business plan is necessary.

If you want to set up an anger smash room, below are some items to include.

  • Name of the business
  • Start-up and operation costs
  • Your target market, including the minimum age for participants
  • Understand how the rage room business works and compare your plan to the existing rage room businesses
  • Look up the pros and cons of rage rooms
  • How much you will charge participants, whether individual or group prices
  • Determine the expected profits at the end of every month
  • Find ways to make your business more profitable. For example, requesting donations of breakable items and encouraging participants to bring theirs
  • Additionally, you can offer snacks and beverages for party packages and photography or videography services at a fee

Don’t Forget Legal Stuff

Anger room business plan
Rage room business plan

Here is the process to follow:

  1. Register the rage room as a legal entity
  2. Register the rage room for tax purposes
  3. Visit a bank and open an account, including credit cards
  4. Have an accounting program in place
  5. Acquire all necessary business permits and licenses for the rage room
  6. Apply for business premises insurance
  7. Use a clear brand name for the rage room
  8. Create a website and contact information for your rage room

A website will legitimize your rage room business and increase traffic.

Creating a Website

Some of the crucial information to include on your website includes:

  • Operating hours, rage room email address, and telephone number
  • Policies include discounts, refunds, and cancellations
  • Rules that apply to the rage rooms
  • Rage room packages and prices
  • Price offers, gift cards, and membership details

Last Words

Starting a business, especially a rage room business, requires you to be creative and to advertise it effectively. To keep customers coming, ensure you have plenty of things to smash and in variety.

Additionally, consider having mobile demolition rooms and tailor-made wreck room experience packages once your business grows.

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