10 International Travel Agencies That Control Your Vacations

International Travel Agencies guide

Going on vacation is an exciting experience. With so many places to explore, the possibilities are truly endless. However, planning an international trip can take time and effort.

There are so many factors to consider; from flights and hotels to visas and vaccinations – that it’s easy to get lost in all the details.

If you’re planning a trip, you will use one of these 10 popular travel agencies. They control the majority of the bookings made each year.

International Travel Agencies That Control Your Vacations

Here are 10 top international travel agencies that will help make your next vacation unforgettable.

1. Booking.com

Booking.com is an online travel agency that makes booking vacations easier.

This site is great for finding hotels, apartments, and other accommodations. They offer various options, and their search function is very user-friendly.


When booking on the site, customers can research and book accommodations ranging from vacation rentals, such as:

  • houses and apartments
  • attractions
  • car rentals
  • flights
  • and various public and private transportation forms

And booking means taking advantage of its unique features like rating systems and price comparison tools to help customers find exactly what they need at a great price quickly and easily.


Not only that, but booking.com also provides their customers with 24/7 customer service, so you never have to worry if something goes wrong during your vacation planning process – booking.com will be there to ensure everything goes smoothly.

2. Kiwi.com

People looking for a great place to book travel arrangements are now turning to kiwi.com, an online travel agency that sets itself apart from the rest through its clever use of technology.

With kiwi.com, you can easily sign in or register as a user by just entering your email address and password, making it a breeze to browse the many cheap flight bookings available. kiwi.com also has a mobile app that allows customers to find their dream holiday package in no time.


From searching for domestic flights to planning out multi-destination itineraries, kiwi makes it easy for anyone to find great deals on air travel within minutes – right at their fingertips.

Kiwi.com doesn’t stop there either: its unique system of flight alerts provides the latest information on last-minute changes, helping travelers get up-to-date info on fares and routes with minimal effort.

It is an innovative and revolutionary new OTA that has taken the travel industry by storm.

It offered a simple flight booking tool and partnered with Booking.com and Rentalcars.com to provide customers with the best multi-city deals.

The app is easy-to-use, allowing travelers to discover great deals anywhere in the world with just the click of a button.

Kiwi.com also offers unbeatable prices for multi-city travel and optional travel insurance for extra peace of mind! Plus, they have a unique feature called ‘Open Search’, which can be used to find even more amazing deals.

However, some reviews have mentioned that cancellation procedures can be tricky, and customer service might only sometimes be reliable when dealing with inquiries or complaints.

Kiwi.com continues to revolutionize how people book their travel— ideal for those who love city hopping or are just plain adventurous. Make your next vacation hassle-free and budget friendly with this international travel agency.

3. Contiki

Contiki is an online travel agency that makes traveling worldwide easy and fun.

Its unique features include a ‘Sign in / Register’ option, a mobile app, and cheap flight bookings. It’s easy to use and allows you to plan your perfect trip without hassle.


Contiki specializes in small group tours for travelers.

They offer trips to over 40 countries across 6 continents, including:

  1. Europe
  2. South America
  3. Australia
  4. North America
  5. Asia and the Middle East
  6. and Africa

You can choose from guided or self-guided trips ranging from 2 days to 48 days long.

With Contiki, you can book flights with one tap on their mobile app – easily switch between tabs on their website and view available flights at the best prices in no time.

Contiki.com provides the most competitive deals for flight bookings, allowing customers to save anywhere from 5% – 20% over traditional booking methods.

Contiki also allows its customers to earn Contiki credits which they can use towards their next booking, making it pocket-friendly even more.

All these features separate contiki.com from other online travel agencies, making it the best choice for travelers looking for an efficient yet economical way to explore the world.

4. Bookmundi

Bookmundi is a pioneering travel booking platform, offering tours to over 130 nations worldwide.

At Bookmundi, customers can customize their tour packages according to their budget, preferred duration of stay, and accommodation preference.


Moreover, the customer care team works as a bridge between prospective travelers and tour operators, assisting them in making changes or adjustments to the itinerary for a more personalized experience.

The booking platform itself is managed by a highly talented team of tech experts who strive to ensure the system runs smoothly 24/7.

All information is kept secure and encrypted, allowing customers to book with complete peace of mind knowing that their data is secure at all times.

Moreover, travelers can keep track of their bookings with ease thanks to its user-friendly dashboard which allows users to make changes or requests right from their home screen.

5. Intrepid Travel

Intrepid Travel offers small group tours focused on culture immersion experiences in over 100 countries worldwide.

Their trips are designed with cultural exchange in mind; you’ll stay in local homestays, visit family businesses, and even receive cooking lessons from locals.


Intrepid Travel is an online travel agency specializing in tours, offering an array of unique experiences to travelers around the globe.

Each tour is carefully crafted to provide an authentic and cultural journey with plenty of opportunities to meet locals and learn more about the culture through activities. Intrepid Travel provides its customers with a safe and unforgettable experience.

Intrepid Travel encompasses responsible tourism, downscaling its footprint on the planet while ensuring travelers can easily reach remote parts of the world.

This travel agency also prioritizes customer service, providing certified tour guides to lead and guide travelers throughout their journey.

The tour guides are experienced professionals, thus ensuring the safety of their customers and that they have the best possible experience.

Intrepid Travel’s flexibility in booking options, affordable prices for all budget types, and tours ranging from one-day trips up to multiple week-long adventures, Intrepid Travel provides a first-class service allowing you to explore the world stress-free.

6. G Adventures

G Adventures offers adventure trips for all levels of travelers – whether you’re looking for something low-key or extreme!

They have tours covering every continent (except Antarctica), including classic destinations like Thailand and Costa Rica.


G Adventures is perfect if you’re looking to book an adventure tour or an expedition cruise (think: Galapagos Islands cruise, African safari tour, Amazon rainforest tour).

All their tours are led by expert guides who are strongly committed to responsible tourism practices. And there you have it.                       

For those seeking a truly unique experience, G Adventures even offers:

  • Expedition Cruises
  • Local Living Tours
  • National Geographic Family Journeys
  • Book Your Bubble with Private Travel
  • The Jane Goodall Collection
  • and Roamies Trips

It boasts an impressive selection of diverse tours.

From family and classic tours to National Geographic Journeys, G Adventures offers something for every type of traveler.

With its 18-to-Thirtysomethings Tours, Wellness Tours, Active Tours, Hiking & Trekking, Rail Tours, and Marine Tours, G Adventures caters to even the most adventurous travelers.

With G Adventures, you can be sure of an immersive and hassle-free holiday experience at competitive prices.

G Adventures is a reliable travel agency that provides you with experiences you will always remember.                              

7. Skyscanner

A must-use for anyone looking to book flights, Skyscanner searches through millions of flight options to help you find the best deal possible.

You can also sign up for price alerts, so you’ll be notified when the price changes for your desired flight route.


This renowned online travel agency has revolutionized the way people book their trips.

Since its start on May 16, 2001, Skyscanner has opened up an imaginative array of opportunities for travelers, presenting them with an abundance of flight options for domestic and international bookings.

Skyscanner doesn’t limit its services to flights; it offers vacation rentals from budget-friendly hotels to luxurious five-star hotels with easy booking options through its mobile app and website.

Skyscanner is the destination for finding the best deals on car hire services, giving users access to reliable rental vehicles located near airports and city centers.

Skyscanner has something for everyone on the move, even a convenient App available on all mobile devices, which makes searching and booking easier than ever.

Skyscanner is your one-stop shop when planning a trip, allowing you to quickly compare prices worldwide on flights, hotels, and car hire services.

8. TripAdvisor

When planning the trip of a lifetime, TripAdvisor is the ultimate online travel agency.


With millions of reviews, photos, and trip recommendations written by real-time travelers, it’s easy to discover your dream destination with Jetsetter or book the best restaurants with TheFork.

Cruise Critic provides honest reviews on cruising, while Seat Guru assists in finding optimal airline seating charts.

Looking for great vacation rentals? FlipKey, Holiday Lettings, and Reco Trip Designers make it easy to search for holiday rentals and plan and book your next trip.

Viator, a subsidiary of TripAdvisor, is a great option if you’re looking to book tours and activities while traveling (think: sightseeing tours, cooking classes, wine tastings.

You can also find helpful reviews from other travelers on this site before booking anything. 

With Viator’s unique features and offerings, you can enjoy amazing deals on excursions and outdoor activities led by knowledgeable tour guides for a hassle-free adventure.

From insightful city tours to countryside rides and deluxe excursions.

It’s great if you want an unbiased opinion about different services before committing to anything.

9. Agoda

Agoda is an online travel agency that specializes in helping travelers make the most of their vacations.


They are especially popular in Asia. They also offer other accommodation options, such as homestays and vacation rentals.

Agoda’s unique feature lies in its detailed booking process, which allows customers to easily browse through millions of listings to find the perfect place to stay that is both comfortable and within their budget.

Agoda’s website also offers comprehensive information on a wide range of destinations so that customers can familiarize themselves with their destination before they even arrive.

Agoda has earned itself a reputation for being one of the most reliable online travel agencies. It consistently provides helpful customer service and outstanding savings opportunities on airfare and accommodations worldwide.

With Agoda as your partner in making your vacations as memorable and enjoyable as possible, you will have a vacation experience unlike any other.

10. Expedia

Expedia is one of the biggest online travel booking sites out there.

It covers everything from flights and hotels to car rentals and cruises.


The best part? You can book everything on their website without going through a third-party agency or provider.

Expedia is an expert online travel agency that is the ideal partner for anyone looking to rent out vacation lodging.

It owns its boutique vacation rental service known as vacationrental.com and vrbo, competing against Airbnb.

Expedia also offers support and convenience in renting out your property with Vrbo®.

This allows you to successfully list and manage your property on Expedia’s sister site: VacationRentals.com.

Going through the booking process directly with a rental owner can often be fraught with complications – Expedia takes away much of the anxiety of such transactions.

Expedia knows how important it is for travelers to access their information anytime, so they have created a free mobile app that allows you to do just that.

You can easily keep track of your upcoming trips and edit or reschedule reservations from your fingertips.

Expedia makes planning your vacation seamless and stress-free, making them the ideal online travel agent for all your vacation rental needs.


There you have it. Our top 10 list of the best online travel agencies to help make your booking process easier.

We know planning and booking a trip can be stressful, so we hope our list has given you some relief and direction.

Wherever your next destination may be, we wish you safe travels.

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