Is Indoor Skydiving Worth It? (Read Before You Try)

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Indoor skydiving typically costs $60-$100, and you get one or two one-minute sessions. This may lead you to ask, is indoor skydiving worth it?

According to those who have experienced it, the answer is overwhelmingly yes. There are simply very few experiences in life that compare. Powerful winds create a feeling of freefall as if you were really flying through the air! 

What’s more, the indoor skydiving experience comes with the proper instructions beforehand, as well as protective gear and a watchful instructor!

Is Indoor Skydiving Worth It?

So, you know the cost of indoor skydiving. Is it worth it? Absolutely. Not only are you purchasing a skydiving experience, but also the know-how and gear (rental) that are included!

When it comes to indoor skydiving, here’s what you can expect beforehand.


Don’t worry, you won’t be expected to go into indoor skydiving blind.

Before each indoor skydiving experience, you’ll receive some basic instructions. These will teach you how to communicate with your instructor and how to maneuver.

You’ll even learn the following hand signals, so you can communicate with your instructor in the wind tunnel:

  • First off, your instructor may ask you to straighten your legs, by showing two pointed fingers. This will help you maintain the proper form, making it easier to move around!
  • Like straightening your legs, curling your legs may be necessary in order to perfect your form (the signal for this is two bent fingers).
  • Part of the correct form is a lifted head, partly so your instructors and friends can see your face. If your head is down, your instructor may ask you to ‘lift your chin’ by pointing upward.
  • Most folk have seen the “hang loose” sign, i.e. the thumb and pinky lifted while the rest of the fingers remain down. Indoor skydiving instructors use this sign to say ease up and relax.
  • If you find yourself in need of assistance, or if you need to stop, you can always do a thumbs down. This will quickly alert your instructor!

Protective Gear

Any certified indoor skydiving place will provide you with the proper gear. This will keep you nice and safe while you enjoy ‘flying,’ carefree.

The following gear will be provided:

  • The most important piece of gear provided is the helmet. Out of all of the injuries you can get while indoor skydiving (which are fortunately few and far between), your head is the most at risk. A solid helmet will all but eliminate any danger!
  • Goggles are provided not for safety, but rather for practicality. It’s virtually impossible to see through blurry eyes, which are inevitable in the wind tunnel – without goggles. Goggles will protect your eyes to the extent that your vision will be nice and clear! 
  • Next, we have elbow pads. Elbows are bony parts of the body, and this means they have little cushioning of their own. They can easily become bumped or bruised. This is what the provided elbow pads are for!
  • Just like elbows, knees lack much natural padding (fat). This makes them prone to bruising, bumps, and worse injury. This is why knee pads are provided as well!
  • Finally, you’ll be dressed up in a state-of-the-art flight suit. You’ll be looking snazzy before you enter the wind tunnel, and you’ll be streamlined for a smooth flight. Just make sure to wear something comfortable and flexible underneath, as this will make it the easiest to maneuver!

Entering the Wind Tunnel

Once you’ve had your instruction, and you’re all geared up, you’ll be ready to fly. Of course, this requires entering the wind tunnel.

This can be done simply by leaning forward and down into the wind flow. The wind will lift you into the tunnel, and there you go, you’re an indoor skydiver!

Looking for additional information? Dive deeper into the world of indoor skydiving with our extensive beginners’ guide dedicated to this exhilarating activity.

Final Words

As you can see, indoor skydiving includes a lot more than just simulated flight. It also includes the necessary know-how and gear.

So, is indoor skydiving worth it? We say yes, definitely. What do you think? It’s an exhilarating experience that’s unparalleled!

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