Is Manhattan Valley Safe To Travel To?

Is Manhattan Valley Safe To Travel To

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Safety is a huge consideration when planning a trip to any destination because no one wants to lose their belongings or risk their lives during their travel.

While Manhattan Valley is a beautiful place to visit, with plenty of things to see and activities to do, is it safe?

When assessing your safety, there is plenty to consider.

These include evaluating your risk of:

  • being pickpocketed or kidnapped
  • getting into accidents
  • or contracting diseases prevalent in the area

Well, keep reading to find out if Manhattan Valley is safe.

Is Manhattan Valley Safe To Travel To? (Detailed Answer!)

Manhattan Valley is safe for both travelers and residents.

However, like any other place, crime exists, so it is in your best interests to stay vigilant in public.

Manhattan Valley NY safety
Manhattan Valley safety guide

In addition, educating yourself on the safety of Manhattan Valley and how to improve your security, in general, is essential before traveling.

The crime rate is generally low, with most falling below the national crime index average.

Personal crime is higher than property crime in Manhattan Valley.

Nonetheless, the total crime rate in Manhattan Valley is lower than the national average.

Is Manhattan Valley Safe for Females Traveling Alone?

It is safe for females to move up and about in Manhattan Valley without the risk of getting scammed, mugged, pickpocketed, or tricked.

However, it is better to take precautions than risk falling victim to crime.

Manhattan Valley lake view
Manhattan Valley lake

For this reason, below are tips female travelers should employ to stay safe. 

1. Stay vigilant when out drinking

Drinking alcohol can inhibit your decision-making.

Therefore, before exploring Manhattan Valley’s pubs and clubs at night, tell a friend or family where you are headed.

Additionally – You may want to give them access to your real-time location through your phone. 

Moreover, do not leave your drink unattended to avoid the risk of it being laced with drugs.  

2. Avoid Wearing Expensive Jewelry

Do not wear an expensive watch, jewelry, or bling to avoid drawing unwanted attention in public.

Usually, theft incidents happen because there is an opportunity, so do not give them a reason.

If you want to wear jewelry, go for inexpensive pieces thieves would not find any use for.

3. Join Other Solo Female Travelers

Going on a trip alone does not mean you have to do everything yourself.

Solo female travelers New York
Solo female travelers

You can join other females exploring the area to increase your safety because there is safety in numbers.

Did You Know? – Facebook has groups for females traveling alone. These include the Digital Nomad Girls Community and Girls Love Travel.

Check these groups to find other females traveling to Manhattan Valley or nearby. 

Is it Safe To Use Taxis In Manhattan Valley?

You can safely use taxis to get around Manhattan Valley.

However, no matter the situation, ensure the taxi you get into is marked.

The popular taxis are yellow and have a light fixed on their roofs, displaying the medallion number of the cab driver. 

Getting taxi at Manhattan Valley NY
Manhattan Valley get taxi

You may also consider using a car ride or ride share instead of the standard taxis. The popular options include Uber and  Lyft.

However, use these services cautiously since the NYC Taxi and Limousine Commission does not regulate them.

Before getting into a taxi, have a specific destination in mind and always speak confidently.

Keep In Mind – Watch out for pedestrians, cyclists, and other cars when exiting the cab. Moreover, always get out on the curbside to avoid getting hit by other vehicles.

Also, beware of taxi scams.

Some unscrupulous taxi drivers can take a longer route to get customers, especially those who do not know the area well where they need to go to increase the charges. 

Is Manhattan Valley Safe for Families to Travel To?

Manhattan Valley is safe to travel with your family, whether you have babies, teens, or toddlers.

However, it is best to keep your kids close to reduce the chances of anything going wrong.

For instance:

  • hold their hands when crossing the road
  • dress them in bright clothes that you can easily spot in crowded places

You must also reinforce your accommodation if you have young children because they love to explore.

Childproofing your hotel room or Airbnb will help you leave your kids to wander around without you constantly worrying about their safety. 

Do so by taking precautions like covering power outlets and using a baby gate to block their access to some areas.

Is Manhattan Valley Safe for Families to Travel To
Manhattan Valley is safe to travel with your family

If you do not want to pack heavily, check with the hotel or Airbnb host to know their childproofing options. 

You could also track your children using their smartphones or other trackable devices to make it easier to find them if you get separated.

This will be handy when you visit crowded places like theme parks and other tourist attractions. 

Therefore, while planning a visit to Manhattan Valley with your family, consider investing in wearable GPS gadgets for your children.

The fact that they are available in fun designs and colors and even games in some models make them appealing to children.

Having a medical kit during your trip to Manhattan Valley is also important.

This will ensure you can attend to your child if they fall, scrape their body, or gets bruised.

Remember – Safety is not just about the risk you will encounter due to unlawful activities; your family’s health is paramount. 

Can You Safely Drive in Manhattan Valley?

You can drive safely during your trip to Manhattan Valley, and the cases of carjacking are pretty low.

However, if you decide to do, get ready to battle the high tolls in tunnels and bridges, traffic, and pedestrians.

Can You Safely Drive in Manhattan Valley
Manhattan Valley traffic

In addition, you will have to deal with the challenges of finding parking. 

Generally, it is probably better to get around Manhattan Valley using taxis and the subway during your travels.

The risk of falling victim to crime on the subway is low, so you can confidently use the transport network but again, beware of your surroundings. 

Tips for Staying Safe in Manhattan Valley

As mentioned, protecting yourself while touring Manhattan Valley is vital despite being a safe place.

Here are ways of achieving that. 

1. Ask For Help When You Need It

Manhattan Valley has police officers who will be happy to help if you need it should you feel unsafe or have a question.

Staying safe Manhattan Valley advice
Tips from locals about staying safe Manhattan Valley

Also, note that there are police stations in the majority of subway stations.

If you cannot see a law enforcement officer, approach a local.

2. Go About Your Business Confidently

Manhattan Valley is a friendly neighborhood where people do not mind helping each other.

However, it would be best to learn about the basics of the place before your visit and know precisely where you are headed, be it to a nearby restaurant or a local park.

This will help you walk confidently and blend in with Manhattan Valley’s locals.

3. Avoid Dark Streets At Night

Do not walk on dark Manhattan Valley streets at night because that compromises your safety.

Stick to fairly populated streets, whether at night or day. 

Final Remarks

Manhattan Valley is a safe neighborhood with a low crime rate, so the risk of getting scammed, pickpocketed, or mugged is low.

However, your safety is your responsibility, so stay alert when up and about. Also, choose a safe place to stay during your visit. 

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