Is There An Uber In Florence, Italy?

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Florence is one of the most visited Italian cities. The capital of the Tuscany region is famous for its outstanding architecture and renaissance art masterpieces.

These include the Cathedral of Santa Maria Del Fiore, the Ponte Vecchio bridge, and Michelangelo’s David sculpture. Despite these, the city has an underdeveloped Uber network.

Walking is the most common way around Florence, as you can move from one end to another in 30 minutes.

Alternatively, you can use public means like buses, taxis, and trams and now even ubers.

Uber Black and Uber Van became available in Florence in December 2021. Since the service is relatively new to the city, it is less developed than in other countries and in our opinion, you’re still better off walking as you are emersed in the culture more.


Once you arrive in Florence, you might need help getting a bus ticket.

Also, many tourists need to figure out what to do with the tickets once they get them.

Florence city view
Visiting Florence

It’s common for visitors to hop on buses after acquiring tickets, only to get fined because they didn’t stamp before boarding. 

Bus ticket prices and validity

After purchasing a bus ticket, please place it in the little yellow machine and wait until it beeps.

Once stamped, the ticket is valid for 90 minutes in Florence and 70 minutes in other towns in the Tuscany region.

You can make as many trips as possible within the stipulated time without re-stamping. 

Florence bus tickets
Bus ticket prices and validity in Florence

Autolinee Toscane is the company that runs bus services in Tuscany’s urban and rural areas.

The company’s website has many ticket options, from a single ticket ($1.60) to ten tickets ($14.50).

You can purchase the tickets from retailers with the Autolinee Toscane logo, the company’s ticket offices, Coop.Fi stores, and on the TABNET app.

Season passes are also available on the website. On-board tickets are costlier (€2.50 for singles) and aren’t always available, so it’s best to purchase in advance. 


Taxis in Florence are more expensive than in other European cities.

Taxis in Florence cost
Florence taxi

If you are on a tight budget, you should seek alternative means of transport.

For Instance – The average cost of moving from the Airport to Central Florence is $22, plus extra dollars for every suitcase.

If you take a private economy car that can carry up to three passengers, the trip costs $23. 

Taxi stands are everywhere around Florence, so you can easily get a cab whenever needed. 


Trams are as popular as buses in Florence.

Like buses, you need stamped tickets to use trams.

The tickets cost $1.60 (same as buses) and are valid for 90 minutes in the city and 70 minutes in the surrounding regions.

These tickets are usable in buses and trains, provided they are valid. 

Each tram stop has a ticket dispenser that allows you to purchase single tingles.

Alternatively, you can use a smartphone app called Nugo to buy and validate your tickets, but they cost $0.50 more than standard tickets.

Electric Scooters 

If you fancy riding or driving around Florence, you should rent electric scooters.

The two companies that offer electric scooter renting services are Bit Mobility and TiMove.

Electric scooter in Florence
Riding electric scooter in Florence

Insurance coverage is a mandatory requirement for renting scooters.

You can only park in well-defined zones, and the maximum speeds are 25km/h on the highway and 6km/h in pedestrian areas.

Headlights and reflector vests are necessary after sunset and during adverse weather conditions. 

On the other hand, helmets are compulsory. Users must be at least 14 and can only carry one passenger.

Electric scooter prices

Both charge $1.10 for unlocking and $0.25 per minute of consumption. Bit Mobility charges an additional $0.65 per minute during breaks. 


Walking is the best way to know the city and get a close-up view of its iconic monuments and attraction sites.

Exploring the city on foot is a beautiful experience you will treasure forever. 

The Renaissance Walking Tour costs $1.20 per person.

The guided tour includes the city’s history, best attractions, must-do activities, and places to find tasty foods. However, it doesn’t include museum visits. 

Car Rentals

The cost of renting a car in Florence is variable, depending on the type of car you want and the intended destination.

Car rentals
Florence car rentals

For instance, renting a Fiat 500 ranges between $30 and $55 daily. Hiring a more luxurious vehicle will cost you more.

When Renting a Car – It’s worth noting that Florence’s CBD is closed to traffic. The area is known as the Zona Traffico Limitato (ZTL) and has a few subsections.

Residents in each subsection can only drive within their zone and maybe the nearby areas. 

Unlicensed cars can only access the car between 7.30 p.m. and 7.30 a.m.

These rules change when tourists flock to the city, enforcing more limitations on where cars can access. 


Uber Black and Uber Van became available in Florence in December 2021.

Since the service is relatively new to the city, it is less developed than in other countries. Moreover, only a few cars are available. 

Why is Uber Unpopular in Florence, Italy?

The primary reason for Uber’s unpopularity in Italy is the need for the NCC license, which is expensive and difficult to obtain.

Waiting Florence Uber
Waiting for Uber

For instance, you require €100,000 to get the permit in Rome.

Italy implements the NCC system to protect taxi drivers and other related jobs.

If the license were cheap, many people would venture into the Uber business, reducing opportunities for those who paid top dollar for it. 

How Much Does Uber Car Ride Cost in Florence?

After opening the Uber app on your smartphone, enter a starting point and the destination address. Then, click on ‘Estimate Uber Cost.’

The service will return an estimate depending on the traffic conditions, time, and distance between the two points. 

Uber in Florence price
Uber car ride cost in Florence

If something happens during the trip such that it takes longer to reach the destination, the initial fare only changes if you ask the driver to make a detour.

The four factors determining your Uber fare are base fare, cost per mile, cost per minute, and the booking fee.

Important Information on Uber in Florence

Uber is an on-demand ride-sharing service that enables visitors to request the services of private drivers using their smartphones.

When you select your starting point and destination on the app and confirm, the app sends a notification to the nearest driver.

Info about Uber Florence
Information about Uber Florence

It’s worth noting that Uber is not a carpool or a regular taxi service. The platform allows you to book a private car without cash.

The money spent on your trip is automatically debited from the credit card linked to your Uber account. 

When Booking a Car – You will get many options. Each vehicle has its rates below its description. The amount indicated is what you need to pay to book a trip. 

However, some Uber and vans do not subscribe to the rating system.

Instead, they only estimate what you will pay for your trip. 

Generally, two parameters determine the cost of your Uber trip. These are the time of the journey and the distance between the two points.

For example, you will pay per minute if the distance is 20km.

However, you will pay per kilometer if the trip exceeds 20km. You must also pay the base fire, which varies with your location. 

Wrapping Up

Florence is predominantly a walking city, allowing you to get the best views of the many architectural masterpieces.

However, you can use buses, taxis, and trams if you need to go to places beyond your walking ability.

Car rentals and electric scooters are also available. Uber was recently introduced in Florence, Italy but is less advanced than in other countries. 

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