What Is The Minimum Age For Children To Try Indoor Skydiving?

Many people, young and old, have a desire to skydive. However, skydiving is a hazardous activity, and not everyone can participate.

Indoor skydiving is a solid alternative for those not old enough to skydive or who want to do so in a safe, controlled environment. 

Minimum Age Requirements When Skydiving With Kids

Unlike outdoor skydiving, age requirements are virtually non-existent in indoor skydiving.

Indoor skydiving locations have different requirements for allowing kids to experience wind tunnel flights. 

Usually, kids will be allowed in the wind tunnel if they are 3 years old and above.

Age limit indoor skydiving
Age limit for indoor skydiving

For that reason, indoor skydiving centers have become a popular venue option for hosting a wide range of kid-friendly events, such as birthdays. 

However, some indoor skydiving facilities will also enforce minimum weight requirements for children looking to participate.

Kids who weigh less than 40 pounds in these facilities may not be allowed in the wind tunnel.

Can You Go Indoor Skydiving With Kids?

Indoor skydiving is a family-friendly activity, which is part of the reason it’s become so popular in recent years.

This exhilarating adventure happens in a wind tunnel, where powerful fans generate winds strong enough to propel a human being into the air. 

Once airborne, the fast-moving air around you makes you feel like you are falling through the sky at 120mph.

That’s how indoor skydiving technology can replicate the feeling of freefall. Unlike skydiving, wind tunnel flights don’t have strict age restrictions. 

How Old Do You Have To Be To Indoor Skydiving

That means kids, too, can take wind tunnel flights at an indoor skydiving facility as long as they are in the company of an adult.

Most indoor skydiving facilities will let in almost everyone who can wear helmets in the wind tunnel. Of course, a few restrictions do apply. 

What to Expect When Indoor Skydiving With Kids

Just like indoor skydiving has rules, the same applies to indoor skydiving with children.

That’s why you should make sure that your kids are old enough to follow instructions before taking them indoor skydiving.

So, what happens when you show up at an indoor skydiving facility with kids?

  • Upon arrival at the indoor skydiving facility, you will check in as is customary with indoor skydiving centers.
  • After check-in, your kids will be whisked away for safety training with an indoor skydiving instructor. 
  • During the safety briefing, your kids will learn to maintain proper body positions and communicate during flight. 
  • After the briefing, it’s time for the kids to gear up — items such as helmets, jumpsuits, goggles, gloves, and earplugs are provided. 
  • When they’re all set, the kids will enter the tunnel for their first indoor skydiving experience one at a time. 
  • The children will be in the company of an experienced instructor during the wind tunnel flight, gently guiding them as necessary. 

Tips For Skydiving With Kids 

There are many reasons to take your kids for a wind tunnel flight. Indoor skydiving is a fantastic opportunity to get your kids out of the house and into the real world.

Below are various tips to help your children get the most out of their skydiving experience. 

  • Ensure they wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes.
  • Kids should have shoes with laces when going indoor skydiving
  • Tie your kid’s hair into a low ponytail so that it nicely tucks into the helmet
  • Bring kid-sized earplugs for the loud noise in the wind tunnel

Seeking additional information? Delve into this insightful beginners’ guide on indoor skydiving, where you can discover invaluable advice and techniques tailored specifically for newcomers.

Is Indoor Skydiving Safe For Kids? 

Anyone from your toddler to your grandparents can participate in indoor skydiving. Flying in a vertical wind tunnel is safe for all ages.

It’s natural to be concerned about your child’s safety, but you’ve nothing to worry about with indoor skydiving. 

However, there’s a risk of minor injuries, mostly bumps and bruises. These come from improper landing and collision with the glass walls.

That’s why your child will be accompanied by an experienced instructor in the flight chamber to keep that from happening. 

Final Words

Indoor skydiving is a fun activity that your kids are bound to enjoy. Children 3 years and older can participate.

And as a parent, we can guarantee you’ll have as much fun watching your kids having the time of their lives in a wind tunnel flight.

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