Various Flights are Launching To and From New York This Spring to Two Scandinavian Destinations

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New York will start launching or hosting flights to two Scandinavian Cities this spring due to the reopening of the international borders. These flights will enable a closer relationship between the Americans and the Northern European territory although they are not national capitals. It will strengthen the New York offer to JFK from Copenhagen to their customers.

Various Flights are Launching To and From New York This Spring to Two Scandinavian Destinations
Various Flights are Launching To and From New York This Spring to Two Scandinavian Destinations

The year 2023 will begin the first year of normal tourism in Europe since the COVID pandemic began in March 2020. Although there were travel resumptions early in 2021, the last anti-Covid barriers in the country were recently lifted in October 2022. Since the barriers fell, there has been a surge in demand due to the anticipation of the summer season. 

Scandinavia Airlines (Go Off Path)

In Scandinavia, the least famous secondary destinations tend to gain more traction. Scandinavia Airlines (SAS) confirmed their plans to launch some new flights to various cities in Denmark and Sweden. SAS confirmed the flights will take off from Newark Airport in New York and it is not a boost on the routes to Stockholm or Copenhagen. 

All year round, the routes to Copenhagen or Stockholm have enjoyed some continuous connections to America for years already. To cement its presence in the current American market, SAS is depending on unexplored destinations. These alternative destinations are not famous amongst U.S. travelers and they have potentials that are not tapped or explored. 

SAS Routes to the US

Starting in April 2023, SAS is launching two new routes from Gothenburg and Aalborg to New York. Due to the route expansion, the residents in Gothenburg and Aalborg will be able to fly a direct route to New York. These individuals will be able to fly to New York three times a week with the latest addition to SAS’ fleet (Airbus A321 Long Range).

According to Erik Westman, EVP & CCO, Network and Revenue Management, SAS has a strategy. He said “A part of the SAS’s strategy is to add intercontinental routes from Aalborg and Gothenburg to strengthen regional offering in the State (Scandinavia). We see an increase in demand from the secondary cities and we are delighted to connect with more parts of the world. 

Erik Westman also said that “the Airbus A321 Long Range is a long distance aircraft which is small and perfect in size for the regional markets. We believe that our travelers will value traveling in a comfortable way while stopping at a few cities”. Aalborg and Gothenburg offer a wide range of activities for leisure travelers. 

The surrounding regions of these states are home to the international touchpoints of some companies. These new routes are often relevant for travelers and businesses and they complement SAS’ four other routes going to New York. According to SAS, there will be five departures daily to New York from Scandinavia. 

SAS Traffic Program

Flight from Gothenburg to New York EWR,

  • Frequency: 3x Weekly
  • Homebound (HB): Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday
  • Outbound (OB): Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday
  • First flight date OB: 28 April
  • First flight date HB: 27 April

Flight from Aalborg to New York EWR,

  • Frequency: 3x Weekly
  • Homebound (HB): Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday
  • Outbound (OB): Monday, Thursday, and Saturday
  • First flight date OB: 27 April
  • First flight date HB: 28 April

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