Guests Mourn Death of Disney Park Icon Splash Mountain

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Splash Mountain to close to make way for Tiana’s bayou adventure.

Disney’s decision to replace the beloved Splash Mountain ride with Tiana’s Bayou Adventure has prompted various reactions from Disney enthusiasts. Many have expressed their disappointment at the closure of the long-time fan favorite, while others have celebrated the new attraction. Some have even taken to social media platforms to share their excitement for Tiana’s Bayou Adventure, which is set to open on January 23, 2023. Although it is unfortunate news for some, many remain hopeful that this new ride will bring an exciting and unique experience to Disney World visitors.

Guests Mourn Death of Disney Park Icon Splash Mountain
Guests Mourn Death of Disney Park Icon Splash Mountain

The history surrounding Splash Mountain is long, first being opened in 1989 as part of Disneyland’s Fantasyland expansion. Since then, it has become a significant attraction at Walt Disney World and Disneyland Park in Anaheim, with over 18 million guests riding since its inception. Its replacement by Tiana’s Bayou Adventure will be remembered as an important moment in theme park history and signifies another step forward in Disney’s reimagining of classic attractions for modern times.

The story follows Princess Tiana as she embarks on her journey through the bayou, where she meets up with Louis the Alligator and other friends from The Princess And The Frog movie. With advanced audio-animatronics and special effects, Tiana’s Bayou Adventure aims to bring a new level of immersive entertainment to all who visit the park. Guests will also be able to explore Mardi Gras themes while taking part in this new interactive dark ride experience designed with younger audiences in mind.

Although there is still sadness amongst some fans about the closure of Splash Mountain, many can’t wait for what comes next, with Tiana’s Bayou Adventure quickly becoming one of Disney World’s most anticipated rides yet.

The decision to close the Splash Mountain attraction at Disney theme parks has been met with controversy among fans. While some are organizing petitions to try and save the ride, others claim that B’rer Rabbit’s character is racist and problematic. The future of the ride, known as the Briar Patch, is uncertain amid the divided reactions from fans. Many have already taken to social media to share their “last rides” on the attraction, with some expressing sadness at its closing. The decision to close the ride has sparked debate among fans and highlighted the complexities surrounding issues of representation in entertainment.

Fans of the Splash Mountain attraction at Disney theme parks have shared their thoughts on the ride’s closing on social media. Some have expressed excitement for the new Tiana’s Bayou Adventure ride set to replace it, while others have lamented the loss of the fan favorite. Some users have shared their nostalgically sweet memories of the ride, while others have debated the decision to close it. The ride’s closing has sparked a range of reactions from fans, with some expressing sadness at its departure and others looking forward to the new attraction.

Splash Mountain, the beloved log flume ride at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, is set to close permanently soon to make way for a new attraction based on the movie Princess and the Frog. This decision has caused a great deal of controversy amongst park guests, with some petitioning to keep the ride open and others were pointing out that many of its characters are outdated and potentially offensive. Despite the differing opinions, it is clear that Splash Mountain will be missed by many fans visiting the park for years.

As closure draws near, many people have taken to social media to post their final rides on Splash Mountain and express their feelings about its upcoming retirement. Some are looking forward to experiencing Tiana’s adventure when it opens, while others argue that there was no need to remove Splash Mountain in the first place. While some feel it has lost its original charm and is due for an update, others believe it is an iconic attraction that should remain untouched.

When Splash Mountain closes its doors permanently next month, it will undoubtedly be missed by many Disney fans.

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