Seward Halibut Charters – Your Gateway to Big Catches!

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Each time you cast your rod in the Alaskan waters at Seward during summer, you will likely catch some halibut. And we know it is the dream of every angler who considers a trip to this vast fishing territory.

We have compiled details about the best Seward halibut fishing charters for your next trip.

Seward Halibut Charters

The breathtaking port city of Seward sits at the entrance to Kenai Fjords National Park in Alaska. Once you get there, you’ll first spot the fishing boats-filled harbor as a sign that you are in the right place. 

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As an inlet to the Kenai Peninsula, the waters at Seward have an abundance of fish species, with halibut being the main attraction.

Seward Alaska fishing
Seward Alaska

If you want to discover the best fishing spots, paying for a Seward halibut charter is your best bet.

But for those seeking an adventure, participate in the annual June halibut fishing tournament. Besides getting the opportunity to test your fishing skills, you will enjoy the scenery before the summer crowd arrives.

We know firsthand how travel is exciting that you can sometimes forget medical emergencies happen.

In this case, ease your mind as you bait the hook in Alaska by considering travel insurance. It is, after all, one of the things ardent travelers must have.

3 Best Seward Halibut Fishing Charters

Your chances of reeling in halibut in Alaska begin with private or charter boats along the bay.

These charter boats roam the shallow and relatively calm fishing spots where anglers can catch medium-sized halibut.

Seward adventure
Seward halibut fishing adventure

They can still take you to the deeper Gulf of Alaska waters if your target is larger halibut.

Here are three of the best Seward halibut fishing charters to consider for this season’s fishing trip.

1. Alaska Northern Outfitters, LLC

Join Captain Sean and his team for the Full Day Halibut summer fishing trip on their Sea Quest charter boat.

While Alaska Northern Outfitters, LLC has a range of charters available, this one focuses on halibut from dawn to dusk.

Seward halibut charters Alaska
Unleash the Halibut hunter in you

Although the fishing trip is open to children over 5, only those over 16 years with an Alaskan fishing license can participate.

Make it a family trip, and bond while you fish and see who gets the biggest catch.

Halibut Fishing Charter Prices On The Sea Quest

Charter prices for halibut fishing on the Sea Quest by Alaska Northern Outfitters, LLC, differ depending on the season.

The boat has a capacity of 48 people but accommodates 18 anglers daily for fishing trips.

DatesPrice per Person
Spring Special May 15th to 31st$299
Early Season June 1st to 13th$389 
Regular Season June 14th to September 4th$425

The package price includes complimentary coffee and state-of-the-art fishing equipment, and an unlimited supply of bait.

Working Hours

The Full Day Halibut fishing charter aboard the Sea Quest begins every day at 6 am and ends anytime between 5 pm and 7 pm.

However, for 2023, there are no tours on Wednesdays. In addition, Tuesday charters are closed until August 15th.

2. J-Dock Fishing Co.

Want to catch the largest halibut in Seward? Then join the captains and crew at J-Dock Fishing Co. for the May halibut and rockfish fishing charter.

halibut fishing Alaska
Halibut fishing in Alaska

As a sports and seafood fishing team, they offer their visitors the experience of a lifetime. You will not leave the waters without at least four different fish species. 

Halibut Fishing Charter Prices At J-Dock Fishing Co.

Although the main halibut fishing season is in May, you can catch them during the rest of the year.

DatesPrice per Person
Halibut/Rockfish May 1st to May 24th$295
Early Season Multi-species Combo May 25th to June 7th$350 
Peak Season Multi-species Combo June 8th to August 23rd$395
Late Season Multi-species Combo August 24th to September 10th$350

The individual charter prices include fishing gear, but you will pay more for fish storage and shipping.

Operating Hours

J-Dock Fishing Co. runs their Seward halibut fishing charters daily from 5 am to 9 pm. 

3. ProFish-n-Sea Charters

Whether you are new or have angling experience, ProFish-n-Sea Charters will take you on a Seward halibut fishing adventure.

best Seward halibut charters to book
Seward’s finest Halibut Charter trips

Aboard their modern 6 to 10-person boats, you will catch halibut, enough to eat in the evening or fillet for shipping home.

All their full-day Seward halibut charters last over 10 hours but may shorten depending on the weather, at the captain’s discretion.

Halibut Fishing Charter Prices At Profish-N-Sea Charters

DatesPrice per person Share ChartersPrivate Charters
Early Season Halibut Special April 29th to June 6th$355$2095 for 6 people $3120 for 10 people
Peak Season Halibut Fishing June 8th to September 10th$435$2550 for 6 people $3850 for 10 people

The prices per person include all fishing equipment and safety gear. Additionally, you will get free fish filleting for your catch.

The charges include taxes, port fees per person, and a 2023 fuel surcharge.

Working Hours

ProFish-n-Sea Charters operate their full-day halibut fishing trips from 6 am to 7 pm daily.

FAQs About Seward Halibut Charters

FAQs about Seward halibut charters
Seward Halibut excursions

Which are the best months for halibut fishing in Alaska?

Typically, halibut fishing in Seward is possible from May to September, the peak summer season.

However, if you want to catch trophy-size halibut, the best months are May and June.

Before booking a charter, confirm your travel dates and availability. We recommend having a travel itinerary to help you find your flights, car rental, and accommodation.

How many halibut can one keep in Seward, Alaska?

All anglers aboard halibut fishing charter boats can only keep two halibut fish daily. One should not exceed 28 inches long, while the other can be any size.

What to wear for Seward halibut fishing charters?

During fishing trips, anglers should dress in warm waterproof clothes. The weather in Alaska tends to be unpredictable, and while some boats have heating, you will be fishing outdoors. Bring a wide-brim hat as well, especially in summer.

Where is halibut fishing better? Seward or Homer?

While Homer is said to be the capital of Halibut fishing, Seward holds its own. Anglers love Seward due to the calmer currents, allowing the use of lighter tackle. Moreover, you can fish for longer hours throughout the tides.


The best Seward halibut charters offer anglers the chance to catch giant halibut a few miles from shore.

On the other hand, if you want to explore Seward’s coves and inlets solo, you can also rent special fishing kayaks. But where’s the fun if you cannot show off your massive catch?

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