Sky Lagoon Iceland Review | A Piece of Heaven in the North Atlantic

Sky Lagoon - Icelandic Escapism in the North Atlantic

Iceland’s latest geothermal lagoon spa experience, Sky Lagoon, is set to open on April 1st 2021. Call me a fool, but, I for one cannot wait to go there to ‘where the ocean meets the sky’.

At a time when we are all armchair travelers, planning for our next getaway is all we can do and dream about. As we approach a year of pandemic shutdowns and no vacations, my sense of longing for a flight on a plane, feeling my ears pop, and landing in another country is overwhelming. It’s an itch I can’t scratch and I desperately need to Iceland right now.

With the 2021 opening of Sky Lagoon just outside of Reykjavík, all I can say is that Iceland is top of my list of destinations post-pandemic. Not to be mistaken for the established Blue Lagoon Spa Iceland, Sky Lagoon is also centered around Icelandic bathing culture traditions.

Can’t wait? Check out their website here and book your Package Pass.

Where is Sky Lagoon? How To Get There

The short answer for people outside of the country is that Sky Lagoon is located in Iceland.

The fabulous man-made Sky Lagoon is located at Kárnes Harbour, Kópavogur, just a few minutes’ drive from Reykjavík and it is well worth the trip and incorporating into any Icelandic itinerary.

Getting there

Coming from Reykjavík city center take Kringlumýrabraut (route 40). Continue on to Kársnesbraut and head to Vesturvör. GPS Coordinate: Latitude: 64.1158139 Longitude: -21.9410669

From Hlemmur square in Reykjavík city center, take bus 4 to Hamraborg (15min). From there take nr. 35 to Kópavogsbraut (4min). Walk for few minutes and follow the signposts or ‘Wayfinder’. For more information on bus timetables and routes visit

Sky Lagoon – What’s So Special?

Sky Lagoon Geothermal Spa Review
Float in the thermal waters of Sky Lagoon at the edge of the world

Over the years, The Blue Lagoon Spa has been a wonderful success in Iceland and there is certainly room for another geothermal based spa. Enter Sky Lagoon into the equation. As mentioned already, this is a man-made structure, several years in the making and costing $31.1 million USD or €21.6 million EUR.

The location for this lagoon spa is right by the ocean. Here you can see first hand the raw beauty of the North Atlantic, immerse yourself in the thermal spa experience, and witness the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis while submerged in the waters of the 230-foot infinity-edge pool. Sounds like heaven to me.

What does Sky Lagoon have to offer?

To be honest, I was quite surprised that there is no accommodation option at the spa at the moment. I do hope it is something they offer as the phased project stages near completion. Not to have accommodation is a unfortunate. I for one love a whole spa experience where I can also stay and retire to my room.

Natural Appearance in The Landscape

What I like most about Sky Lagoon Spa is that it fits into the natural landscape so well it’s almost invisible and so a perfect symbiotic relationship exists where the ocean meets luxury, something which infrequently happens.

Where I am from in Ireland, huge emphasis and strict planning laws are in place to ensure that new homes and other buildings fit into the landscape, with large consideration for how coastal dwellings appear even from the sea.

It appears that this thermal spa has succeeded in doing this by building the structures in the traditional style with turf(grass sod) yet luxury exists within.

Having visited hotel spas that appear like concrete blocks in the landscape, there is something very reassuring that this spa escape has chosen such natural materials internally as well as externally.

The Spa Experience

Icelanders have long used the geothermal pools around Iceland in their normal habits and traditions to promote health and well-being, physically and mentally.

Icelandic bathing rituals have been woven into the fabric of the Sky Lagoon seven-step bathing process and each step has a distinct purpose to help you rejuvenate during your time here. You can read more here.

Step 1:

Start off the experience by soaking in the warm geothermal lagoon. Iceland has a lot of volcanic activity, hence the naturally heated pool. You’re outside here, so breathe in the fresh cool air of the sea.

Personally I’d visit for this experience alone and go home happy.

Step 2:

Brace yourself!! Take a plunge into the glacier cold waters of the plunge pool. The cold water apparently stimulates your immune system, decreases blood flow in the body, and, in so doing tightens the skin. A natural high for sure, but menfolk might be a little alarmed after this step! 😀

Step 3:

Ahhhh next is the sauna and just reward if you were brave enough to take an icy plunge in step 2. The sauna in Sky Lagoon is truly magnificent and boasts the largest single window in Iceland, weighing in at 2.4 tons!! Wow!

At this stage in the bathing ritual, you can see and feel that the physical and sensory experiences are lulling you into relaxation.

Sky Lagoon Sauna, Part of the 7-step Ritual of Icelandic bathing
Sauna, Part of the 7-step Ritual of Icelandic bathing – Credit Sky Lagoon by Pursuit

Step 4:

Cold foggy mists are up next! Don’t read any Stephen King prior to your visit here or your mind will wander from the relaxation. Just kidding, this is another awesome step in the process and extremely rejuvenating.

Step 5:

Sky Lagoon has a signature body scrub which you will use during step 5. During this re-invigoration step, your skin will be exfoliated and revitalized. Apparently, this is the highlight of the ritual.

This scrub is also on sale in their boutique so make sure to pay a visit before you leave.

Step 6:

This is a step where you will be ‘bathed’ in steam in order to open your pores once again and maximize the therapeutic benefits of the scrub used in step 5. Sounds amazing to be fair. You should fully expect your lungs and sinuses to be open and clear by now too. They say that your overall body function should be improved with this step.

Step 7:

Ahh the final step and it’s a blissful shower. Rinse in a gentle shower. Take your time and revel in the awesome restorative powers of water ritual that you just experienced. Take your time and enjoy the last moments of your spa experience.

Lagoon Bar

Having finished with your shower in step 7 you can take a visit to the Lagoon bar for refreshment and once again drink in the majestic Atlantic and views toward Mount Keilir.

The Sky Lagoon and Infinity edge
The Sky Lagoon and Infinity edge – Credit Sky Lagoon by Pursuit

Packages and Pricing

So how much does it cost to go to Sky Lagoon? So far there are two packages being offered at the Spa but no pricing is as yet available.

As far as I can distinguish, the only difference between the two packages is private vs public changing facilities. Right now there is no other obvious difference mentioned on the Sky Lagoon website.

I would suggest signing up to the Sky Lagoon newsletter for the latest updates with regard to the opening and being the first to visit.

For an approximate pricing, we can take the pricing of The Blue Lagoon Spa as a ballpark for what may be the pricing at Sky Lagoon.

A Day Pass in Blue Lagoon is $40 for the basic ‘Comfort’ package and $67 for the ‘Premium’ though neither involves the seven-step bathing experience I just outlined. Instead, the ritual for this other Spa is in the region of $370.

I would expect the pricing of Sky lagoon to be in the region of $200 but let’s wait and see.

Sky Lagoon Facilities

I mentioned the lagoon bar which is tucked into the side of the cave and looks onto the infinity pool. It’s the perfect place to chill out and enjoy a beer.

You can also get simple food in the rustic style, Sky Cafe. Available here are light meals like sandwiches, soups, and local goodies. To be honest, this type of food is sufficient after completing the Spa ritual experience.

Towards the end of 2021, the phase completion will see the opening of the Smakk Bar. On offer will be 5 tasting plates, all light, and wholesome delights and it will be a welcome addition to the Spa.

Spa Hygiene During COVID

Thankfully there is a comprehensive Safety Policy on their website with hygiene and social distancing foremost during the pandemic.

You can read it here but, should you choose to cancel due to any concerns are the disease, they have a special policy in place allowing for a full refund up to the day of your visit. Let us hope this will all be short-lived.

Face masks must be worn in any of the public spaces during the experience except for the bistro. Staff will guide you through the experience ensuring it flows and social distancing is adhered to.

Sky Lagoon FAQ

Can you see the Northern Lights in Iceland?

You certainly can. Iceland and, indeed, Sky Lagoon Spa, is perfectly situated to see the Aurora Borealis given the right natural conditions. Take it all in as you relax in the waters of the lagoon.

How much does it cost to go to the Sky lagoon?

As of February 2021, the pricing is unknown. Expect to pay in the region $100-$150 for the cheaper option and $200 for the dearer one.

Is food included in the entry cost?

I believe that a simple refreshment at the lagoon bar is included. For food in the Sky Cafe, you can expect to pay extra for this.

How deep is the water?

The Sky Lagoon measures up to 1.7 meters (4.7 feet) deep.

Do you need to wear flip flops in the Spa?

While not mentioned on their website, this normally comes down to personal preference. It is not obligatory but often advisable. in my opinion, bring your own pair or they may also be available to purchase there.

Final Thoughts about Sky Lagoon

I love their website and the whole premise of the experience. The professional images and sleek marketing have me sold on a visit to the spa. A bucket list item of mine is to see the Northern Lights, so what better way to merge luxury and one of natures wonders?

Writing this during a time when we can’t fly there (or anywhere), I am looking forward to visiting Iceland.

While unfortunate that there is no accommodation at the spa, that Sky Lagoon is in such proximity to Reykjavik is a bonus. Reykjavik is the obvious base for any trip to Iceland.

Be sure to include a day trip to Sky Lagoon in any itinerary plans you have and “Revive your senses at the edge of the world”.

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