11 Things to Do In Abingdon, VA (Fun Activities for All)

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Abingdon is a small picturesque town in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Southwest Virginia. This unique location offers a range of natural beauty, making it ideal for outdoor enthusiasts.

Abingdon is also a historically significant town in the state, with plenty of heritage sites, architecture, art, and culture.

This destination has it all for nature lovers, food lovers, adventurers, and everyone in between. And the best part is it’s a convenient drive from several major cities.

Here’s a guide on what to do and see so you can experience everything during your trip to Abingdon.

1. Catch a Show at the Barter Theatre

The Barter Theatre in Abingdon
The Barter Theatre

The Barter Theatre is one of the longest-running professional theatres in the US.

In the early years, actors performed shows in exchange for vegetables and other farm products, hence the name Barter!

Today, the theatre offers an array of performances throughout the year that should be on your list of things to do in Abington.

So, go watch classics such as Shakespeare, Broadway shows, and musicals.

2. Explore the Virginia Creeper Trail

There are many bike trails across the country, but the Virginia Creeper Trail is unique, offering spectacular scenery for 34.3 miles.

The trail begins in Abingdon and takes you through farmland, creeks and rivers, forests, and historical landmarks.

Virginia Creeper Trail Southwest Virginia
Virginia Creeper Trail

This trail guarantees an adventure of a lifetime, as visitors enjoy hiking, biking, geocaching, and wildlife.

You can take the trail on foot, cycling, or horseback riding. Whatever your mode of transportation, be sure to slow down and enjoy the scenic countryside views.

3. Abingdon Arts Depot

This community-based arts center is for art lovers and houses contemporary galleries and studios that showcase local artwork. You’ll find resident artists during your visit.

And you can watch them create watercolor paintings, jewelry, sculptures, weave textiles, and more.

This real-time experience will leave you appreciating the time and effort that goes into each piece.

4. Eat, Eat, and Eat Some More!

Abingdon has previously emerged as top on the list of the best small-town food scene in the country.

This is thanks to the unique blend of Appalachian and Southern cultures, which creates a distinct food heritage.

Eating places Abingdon
Food in Abingdon, VA

And with several individual-owned restaurants, there are a lot of different dishes.

Below are some great places for food lovers to have an epic food trip experience:

  • Bonefire Smokehouse BBQ is ideal for mouthwatering barbeques and all the savory Southern staples.
  • 128 PECAN offers traditional American dishes like burgers, sandwiches, and pies but with a Southern touch.
  • The Tavern provides different wines, beers, cocktails, and award-winning cuisine. Some of their signature dishes include stuffed filet mignon and the New Zealand full rack of lamb.
  • Rain Restaurant & Bar offers a wide selection of foods in an artsy atmosphere.
  • Foresta has creative cocktails with upscale Mediterranean/Italian dishes
  • Charley Cheesesteaks serves fresh and delicious fast foods.

5. Sample Drinks at Abingdon Vineyards

When we think of wine tasting, Napa Valley comes to mind.

But Abingdon also has excellent vineyards where you can enjoy sampling drinks. Popular bottles to sample include Chardonnay, Rose, and Reds.

The vineyard is located on South Holston River, perfect for wine tasting and a picnic.

This makes it an excellent destination for taking your date or celebrating anniversaries with friends and family.

6. Play Date

Play Date is an indoor playground and party venue that is a must-visit if you’re vacationing with kids.

It offers a safe, clean, and fun-filled environment for kids to play and socialize with their peers.

Play Date in Abingdon
Play Date

The adults can relax while enjoying coffee and watching over their kids.

Play Date is open throughout the year but may be booked for private parties.

7. Enjoy Visual Arts at William King Art Museum

If you’re a history and art lover, you’ll surely want to visit this museum during your stay in Abingdon.

The William King Museum of Art features art collections of local and regional artists.

There are also famous and notable artworks on display, not to mention works from past sculpture contests.

This museum’s exhibitions and artworks are ever-changing, so you can expect new pieces every visit.

If you’re in town for an extended period, you can join one of the museum’s drawing, painting, ceramics, and printmaking classes.

8. Sinking Spring Cemetery

This is one of the state’s most historic cemeteries.

It was originally the burial ground for members of the local Presbyterian Church but later housed tombs of enslaved people.

Though not a lively place to visit, it offers some insight into Abingdon town’s history.

This site is open daily, and some history and guided tours take place here from time to time.

9. Go Camping at Washington County Park

South Holston Lake Southwest Virginia
South Holston Lake

This park features beautiful greenery and sits next to South Holston Lake, which has golden sand beaches.

It hosts several camping sites with modern amenities, including hookups for water and electricity. There are also picnic shelters, Wi-Fi, and a playground for the whole family to enjoy.

While camping, visitors can try several outdoor activities, such as sunbathing, swimming, and hiking.

10. Enjoy the Falls Of Logan Creek

On the northern side of Abingdon town is a breathtaking water feature that will fascinate visitors.

The picturesque falls of Logan Creek are found deep in the Blue Ridge Mountains. They form a thick curtain of water while surrounded by thick foliage.

11. Relax At the Martha Washington Inn & Spa

After many hours/days of touring Abingdon town, you’ll be worn out and need a unique place for relaxation and renewal.

@tripadvisor.com Martha Washington Inn & Spa
@tripadvisor.com Martha Washington Inn & Spa

The Martha Washington Inn & Spa has you covered.

This historic hotel combines Southern charm with modern elegance. It’s known for its world-class spa treatments and several other relaxing and fun amenities.

This includes:

  • heated pools
  • Jacuzzi
  • Golf Course
  • tennis courts
  • a gym
  • a children’s play area, and more

Once you are done with relaxation, there’s also a restaurant with all kinds of delicious meals.


Whether you’re a thrill-seeker, outdoorsy, or adventurous, there’s something for everyone in Abingdon.

We’ve just shared a guide so you can take advantage of some top spots, but this town has an endless list of things to do and see. Most importantly, ensure you enjoy every minute of your stay here.

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