10 Things To Do In Ann Arbor During The Weekend

Things To Do In Ann Arbor During The Weekend

Ann Arbor is a small town in Michigan that has a lot to offer, especially if you plan to visit for the weekend.  

My travel buddy and I took off for Ann Arbor two weekends ago, and it is safe to say that we had a blast!

The town definitely has a lot to offer, including an eclectic shopping scene, breweries, museums, stadiums, and exciting nightlife.

Read on to learn some of the best things to do in Ann Arbor during the weekend.

1. Visit The Michigan Stadium

Also known as “Big House,” Michigan Stadium is among the biggest stadia in the world and arguably the biggest in the United States.

Michigan Stadium Ann Arbor
Michigan Stadium

Michigan Stadium has more than 100,000 seats and is home to the University of Michigan Wolverines football team.

You can opt to take a guided tour around the stadium to explore and learn about its history and see the locker rooms, luxury suites, and press box. If you want to watch a game from the comfort of a restaurant, it is possible.

We watched a game from Fraser’s Pub and enjoyed the experience. Other restaurants where you can lounge as you enjoy a game are Haymaker and Conor O’Neill’s.

2. Rekindle Your Love At The Furstenberg Nature Area

The Furstenberg Nature Area provides a romantic setting to stroll the afternoon away.

Furstenberg Nature Area Ann Arbor
Furstenberg Nature Area

Located on the eastern edge of Ann Arbor, you will enjoy a gentle breeze and sightings of ducks swimming in the ponds.

The area is also home to wildlife such as;

  • Foxes
  • Deer
  • Different birds species

The wooden boardwalks provide amazing backdrops for cute couple photos or group pictures.

During winter, everything freezes over, including the lake. This is a wonderful time to visit the park as you can stroll on ice with your significant other, keeping each other warm.

During spring and summer, the flowers bloom, and the place becomes lush enough for a beautiful picnic.

3. Explore The Michigan Theatre

The Michigan Theatre is one of the oldest movie spots in the United States. It was originally built in 1928 and is now one of the historic buildings and a landmark of Ann Arbor.

Michigan Theatre at night
Michigan Theatre

It was the It-place of the time, where the who-is-who in social circles would go to hang out. Here, you could and still can catch plays, films, and concerts.

We particularly enjoyed the architectural design of the building, with its ornate details and Art Deco style. You would be amazed to learn that the theatre was almost demolished in the 50s because of its waning popularity at the time.

Fortunately, it has since been revamped by the local community to be the attraction it is today.

4. Go Skating At The Ice Cube Facility

Visiting the Ice Cube is a fun weekend activity that you ought to take part in when you visit Ann Arbor.

It is an indoor ice facility where you can go and have figure skating or speed skating at any time of the year.

Skating Ice cube Ann Arbor During The Weekend

The facility offers ice skating sessions throughout the week and is friendly for skaters of all skill levels and ages – you don’t have to be a pro to enjoy this activity.

If you get hungry while skating your afternoon away, there is a snack bar onsite where you will find different types of snacks and drinks.

The Ann Arbor Ice Cube is well-maintained, and you never have to worry about the sun melting your rink, whatever the season of the year.

5. Explore The Historic Neighbourhood Of Kerrytown

Kerrytown is a historic and vibrant neighborhood that is just a few blocks from downtown Ann Arbor. It is the place to be on the weekends for its eclectic variety of activities every other Saturday.

Here, you will shop, eat, interact with the common folk, and be very entertained. Kerrytown brings together people of all kinds, from artisans to crafters, to musicians and tourists worldwide.

In essence, Kerrytown is home to the Ann Arbor Farmer’s Market, and it has a rich history that goes back to the 19th century. I enjoyed taking a cup of coffee from the RoosRoast café, observing and taking in the views.

I admired the distinctive red roads that give the place a touch of vintage. I would advise you to get yourself some caramel corn from one of the vendors before you go out exploring other places – thank me later.

6. Visit The Ann Arbor Hands-on Museum

While the weekends are set aside for fun, you can learn a few things while at it at the Ann Arbor Hands-on Museum. The museum itself is nice to look at with its vintage style and red brick firehouse theme.

The museum offers a wide range of interactive sessions and exhibits that engage both kids and adults. For instance, it has splashing pools where you will learn about fluid dynamics.

It also offers simulated driving courses where you can learn about the science of motion, locomotion, and force.

As a Star Wars fan, I particularly enjoyed playing with the laser instruments, which are meant to teach about energy and light – I pretended they were lightsabers and had a kick out of it. One thing about the Ann Arbor Hands-on Museum is that it will bring out the child in you.

7. Grab A Beer Or Two When Taking A Brew Tour

Ann Arbor has a thriving craft beer scene. What better way to spend the weekend than to take a beer tour and learn about the different breweries in the town?

Heck, you could even sample different types of beers manufactured in the region, provided you are over 21 and indulge responsibly.

Each brewery has its unique style and flavor. Some of the breweries we visited include

  • Corner Brewery in Ypsilanti
  • Wolverine State Brewing Company
  • Jolly Pumpkin
  • Original Gravity

Most of them offer tours and offer you a behind-the-scenes action of the brewing process. My favorite beer out of the samples I took was ABC’s Phat Abbot Trippel from Corner Brewery.

8. Soak In The Ambience Of Mother Nature At The Matthaei Botanical Gardens

Matthaei Botanical Gardens Ann Arbor
Matthaei Botanical Gardens

Do you enjoy taking nature walks in serene places? Then the Matthaei Botanical Gardens is the perfect place to spend a Saturday or Sunday afternoon, especially after a busy week of hustling and bustling.

The 350-acre garden is owned and operated by the University of Michigan and is accessible throughout the week. What’s more, it is free of charge- we saved coins and yet had a very serene and good time.

The 10,000-foot conservatory boasts exotic plants and flowers from all over the world.

We saw:

  • Hedge labyrinths
  • Bonsai collections
  • Tree groves
  • Windflower gardens

It is the perfect place to interact with and appreciate biodiversity.

9. Try Out Different Foods

If you are a foodie, Ann Arbor has got your back. There are many food joints in the town and a range of both local and international cuisines to try.

Chicken soup
Chicken tortilla soup

We really enjoyed the falafel wraps at Pita Kabob and the chicken tortilla soup at Le Dog. The salmon burgers at Monahan’s are also worth writing home about.

My favorite food experience was the hamburgers at Krazy Jim’s. The interesting thing about these burgers is that you build your own burger from scratch instead of ordering off the menu.

Therefore, you get to choose the combination you want – from the buns, patties, and condiments. Crazily enough, the result is always tantalizing, which is very satisfying.

10. Experience Ann Arbor`s Necto Nightclub

Ann Arbor is not devoid of nightlife. If you are looking to let off some steam after a busy week, you can hit one of the nightclubs in the town, one of which is the Necto Nightclub.

It offers a premium nightlife experience as everyone in there – from the DJ to the partygoers are full of vibes. You will drink, dance the night away, and socialize with amazing people.

Necto Nightclub has three floors, so it has enough movement area if you want to explore the place. It also has a secret red room where you can relax away from the crowds, pulsing beats, and club nights.

The club also has themes on most nights – it could be:

  • Costume parties
  • Drag shows
  • Retro parties
  • Concerts

Remember that you must be 21 and over to go clubbing in Ann Arbor.

Final Thoughts

As small as it is, Ann Arbor is full of adventure and the promise of a good time.

There are many places to explore, foods to try, and beer to sample on a weekend out to the town. Remember to take as many photos as possible to keep the memories alive!

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