13 Things To Do In Kenya Other Than Safari

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Nothing beats a Safari in Kenya, and that’s why it’s the number one holiday destination in East and Central Africa.

If you’ve had the privilege of going on one, you may wonder what to do in Kenya apart from safari.

Fortunately – There are hundreds of fun-filled activities to indulge in solo or with friends and family.

The good news is there are many of them across the country, so you have plenty of choices. 

What To Do In Kenya Apart From Safari

From partying with the locals in Nairobi to watching dolphins in the Indian Ocean, here is what to do in Kenya apart from safari.

1. Immerse In A Cultural And Hospitality Tour Of The City Of Nairobi

Nairobi, Kenya’s capital city, is the country’s haven of social and cultural diversity.

Here you will find Kenyans from all 42 tribes living and working harmoniously.

Nightlife in Nairobi Kenya

Take a tour of this urban setting to enjoy the people’s hospitality and experience the local cuisine:

  • Start with a day tour of the central business district, the city’s heart. To get a breathtaking panoramic view, visit the Kenyatta International Conference Centre’s rooftop helipad. It is open to the public and tourists every day of the week at a small fee.
  • Next, grab a sumptuous meal at a local restaurant serving traditional Kenyan food. There are also numerous spots you can snack on street food for those with an adventurous spirit.
  • Later, find your way to the Kenya National Theatre, especially on days they have live shows. Besides live musical concerts, you can spend the entire day watching show rehearsals, plays, productions, and dances.

The shows are in the national Swahili or English to accommodate local and international clientele.

The ultimate culmination of a Nairobi city tour is the nightlife. Nairobi is a 24-hr economy because the city comes to life at dusk.

Mingle with locals, expatriates, and fellow tourists at some of the exclusive entertainment spots in the country.

From classy cocktail bars and hotel champagne rooms to nightclubs that play electrifying African music, you will have the night of your life.

2. Hike The Various Mountains Of The Aberdares Ranges

If you are an outdoorsy person who loves hiking, the Aberdares National Park in Central Kenya is the perfect destination.

Although some of the trails may be challenging, they are all easy trips you can make in a day.

Best time of the year to climb Mount Kenya
Best time to climb Mount Kenya

Local tour firms and guides organize these hiking trips every weekend so join one.

Besides the hiking experience, you will meet and network with people from all walks of life.

Kenyans are now enthusiastic about hiking, the best opportunity to make new lifelong friends.

Additionally – These trails are the best preparation hikes if you are attempting to climb Mount Kenya.

They are ideal for building endurance and altitude, the essential skills to summit Africa’s second-highest mountain successfully.

3. White Water Raft And Zipline Across Raging Waters At Sagana

A 3-hour rafting or kayaking session along the turbulent Sagana River in Central Kenya is a must-do for adrenaline junkies.

White water rafting at the Savage Wilderness in Sagana provides the opportunity to explore gentle or extreme river rapids. 

Sagana River in Kenya rafting
turbulent Sagana River

However, if you are not a fan of water activities, you can opt to do the zipline across the river instead.

At Rapids Camp Sagana, the 250 meters long zipline hangs over 100 meters above the raging waters. 

You can choose to do both activities in a day or spend a night camping for a wholesome experience. 

4. Challenge Yourself At The Nkasiri Adventure Park

If you are looking for some sporty recreation activities on a budget, then Nkasiri Adventure Park is the ideal spot.

Located in Kitengela, a town approximately 32 km from Nairobi, the facility is the best for team-building activities.

Visiting Nkasiri adventure Park Kenya
Nkasiri adventure Park

Tag a few friends along and attempt the high ropes and obstacle course.

Additionally, you can play outdoor games such as soccer, basketball, volleyball, and table tennis.

Although it is perfect for a day trip, their camping facilities are also excellent. Spent a night in their log cabins to wrap up your daily activities.

5. Fun and Play at the Leisure Park at Chaka Ranch

Imagine playing in the wild, with breathtaking views of the Aberdares mountains as your backdrop.

The leisure park at Chaka Ranch in Nyeri offers that and much more. It is the ultimate outdoor fun activity spot in the countryside for friends and family.

The leisure park at Chaka Ranch in Nyeri
Leisure Park at Chaka Ranch

There is a water park with a large swimming pool, obstacle courses, and numerous slides for kids and adults.

Being in the countryside means you get lots of space to play.

As a Result – Racing enthusiasts can go-kart and ride quad bikes all day around the forest and dam. 

If your family or friends have a competitive spirit, you must try their arena experience.

It includes a wipe-out course, giant slide, and tower climbing experience where the last man standing is the winner. 

6. Watch Dolphins At Watamu

Diani, in the South of Mombasa city, is known for its clean white sandy beaches.

Beyond this town are the calm waters at the Malindi Watamu National Marine Park and Reserve.

The natural sanctuary is home to hundreds of dolphins that live here all year round.

Watamu beach in Kenya
Watamu beach

Visit the reserve to catch a glimpse of these lovely mammals frolicking with their young ones in their natural habitat.

To help support the community that protects them, you can even adopt one and give them a name. 

However, visitors are asked to follow the instructions given by the guides as the dolphins are still wild animals.

They are especially over-protective of their young ones, so swimming with them may not be possible.

Overall, the experience is exciting for both the young and the old.

7. Paraglide Across The Kijabe Hills

Fly across the Great Rift Valley escarpment in Kijabe Hills, a lovely spot an hour and a half away from Nairobi.

The hill’s summit lies 2600 meters above sea level, from where one takes off into the valley below.

The Great Rift Valley tourist attraction in Kenya
The Great Rift Valley

If you are a free spirit who isn’t afraid of heights, then paragliding in Kijabe Hills is the perfect weekend activity.

For a Fee – You can paraglide solo if you have the experience. However, they offer tandem paragliding for first-timers seeking an adrenaline rush. 

Additionally, there are yearly competitions and events open for professionals, both local and international.

You can also visit to watch and catch a glimpse of a rare extreme sport in Kenya.

8. Discover Robinson’s Island in Diani

Off the white sandy beach in Diani is Robinson’s Island, a patch of sand and coral that becomes visible during low tide.

If you are in Diani, the island is only habitable during the early morning hours.

Glass bottom boat tours offer visitors the opportunity to experience it by viewing various sea animals and snorkeling.

Diani beach Kenya view
Diani beach

Although the patch of land in the middle of the ocean may seem peculiar, it is surprisingly solid:

  • You can comfortably walk on it without fear of sinking or falling in. Let the young ones play with the sand and build sand castles.
  • You can also swim in the clear waters along the coral to catch a glimpse of the sea life.
  • The boat tour guides charge per person for the entire experience.

If you are lucky, you may meet the local fishermen who go out at dawn.

They sell fresh lobster, octopus, or shrimp at lower prices than the local seafood stores.

9. Soak In The Natural Healing Waters At The Olkaria Geothermal Spa

Nothing speaks relaxation than a soak in hot water to soothe your tired muscles and mind.

Enjoy this in the natural hot waters of the Olkaria Geothermal Spa.

Located at the Hell’s Gate National Park in Naivasha, this naturally occurring hot pool is said to have skin-healing properties.

Unfortunately, the water has a strong hydrogen sulfide smell, a chemical reaction from the geothermal drilling plant.

Olkaria Geothermal Spa in Kenya
Waters at the Olkaria Geothermal Spa

However, it does not deter visitors who flock to the pool in droves for the hot soak and fantastic experience.

Besides, the surrounding area has plenty of fresh air, and showers are available within the facility.

To access the healing pool, you will pay park fees at the entrance and more to access the spa.

To make the most of the session, visit early enough as it is far from the main roads. They also close at 6 pm every day.

10. Test Your Aiming Skills At A Shooting Range

Shooting guns is a thrilling experience, especially for people that have never handled a firearm.

In Kenya, you can safely and recreationally participate in shooting target practice at various shooting ranges across the country.

shooting range at Langata
shooting grounds in Kirigiti

There is an indoor shooting range at Langata, one of the residential areas in Nairobi.

As an active sport shooting club, the Sailing Club offers a fun way to relieve stress.

However, they are only open on specific days, so check with them beforehand to get a slot.

For an Outdoor Experience – Visit the long-range shooting grounds in Kirigiti, Kiambu town, about 30 minutes from Nairobi’s central business district.

It doubles as a training and competition practice ground for licensed gun holders.

You can visit to shoot for fun or enroll in their international shooting competitions if you are a licensed gun holder.

They charge per hour with kids shooting free until they can aim accurately.

11. Cycle At Karura Forest

At the northern end of Nairobi City, along Limuru Road, is the Karura Forest.

It is the forest that the first African woman, Prof. Wangari Maathai, to win the Nobel Peace Prize fought to preserve.

The forest is now a community-based conservation area providing visitors with various outdoor activities.

Besides hiking through the well-kept trails, caves, and waterfalls within the forest, one can cycle its designated biking trails. 

Karura Forest Nairobi
Karura forest

The sturdy trail bikes are available for hire at both public entrances to the forest area.

Additionally, a small fee is payable to access the forest area every day from 8 am to 6 pm.

The money goes towards maintenance and upkeep of the site and the wild animals that call it home.

Cycling at Karura is the perfect way to exercise while you explore the dense parts of the beautiful forest within a capital city.

12. Enjoy The Breathtaking View Of The Great Rift Valley At Champagne Ridge

If you are looking for a fantastic weekend getaway destination, then the fantastic cliff views at the Champagne Ridge in Ngong will do.

Great Rift Valley At Champagne Ridge in Kenya
Great Rift Valley At Champagne Ridge

Located an hour from Nairobi, Champagne Ridge is a hanging cliff area with a picturesque view of the Great Rift Valley. 

Various retreat facilities and unique structural homes are available for the ultimate relaxation.

We Recommend – You can spend the day hiking the accessible trails around the area before settling in for a beautiful night under the stars.

The endless sky views are breathtaking during the day and night.

13. Witness The Thrilling Camel Race In Maralal

In the dry northern part of Kenya lies a sleepy town home to one of the world’s fascinating international races, the Camel Derby.

Maralal, in Samburu County, is a little dusty town that comes alive during the annual camel race.

The race attracts hundreds of local and international visitors annually, a sight for sore eyes. 

Maralal, in Samburu County camel race
Camel race Maralal

The weekend event is open to spectators and participants worldwide, whether professional camel riders or amateurs.

You can participate for a chance to win a prize if you are adventurous or have fun in the chaos.

Besides the camel race, the local Samburu people showcase their traditional wares and dances.

It is the perfect opportunity to learn something about their culture and support the local community artists.

Although you will leave Maralal tired and dusty, the overall experience is worth your time and money.


You now do not have to wonder what to do in Kenya apart from safari. Hopefully, the above list has given you plenty of options to get you started today.

You can start exploring from the beginning of the list or pick randomly. Whichever way you go, have fun and make lasting memories. Remember also to take lots of pictures.

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