Get to Know Raleigh, North Carolina: 11 Fun & Unique Things

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Raleigh, the state capital of North Carolina, is a highly visited tourist location in America’s South.

You can explore the city’s parks, visit historical centers, dine at great restaurants, and go on outdoor activities.

There’s something for everyone here in Raleigh.

The Ultimate Raleigh Bucket List!

If you are looking for fun activities in Raleigh, look no further.

The Ultimate Raleigh Bucket List!
Raleigh bucket list

We got you! But before we get into details, here’s a quick tip or recommendation.

Make sure to call any places you intend to visit to confirm their usual opening and closing times.

Without further ado, here are must-do activities in Raleigh, North Carolina.

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1. North Carolina Museum of Art

If you love culture and tradition, you must visit the North Carolina Museum of Art.

It boasts the best collections from renowned artists, and exploring it feels like a trip worldwide. 

The museum has art from North America, Egypt, Oceania, and the rest of the world.

Most of the pieces are more than a thousand years old. 

Besides the Classics – You can explore pieces showing unique perspectives on various topics, like John James Audobon’s The Birds of America and The Collector’s Eye.

Entry is free if you wish to see the permanent collection. However, you will pay some money to see exclusive exhibitions. 

2. Carolina Gourmet Food Tours

One of the perfect ways to enjoy a trip to any place is by trying out its cuisine.

Raliegh offers some of the best foods, especially if you go on the Carolina Gourmet Food Tour. 

Multiple chefs will offer you their favorite drinks and signature dishes during the tour while telling you about Raleigh’s history.

Even if you are a fussy eater, you will find something to suit your appetite.

3. Drive Shack

Hitting golf balls from the ground is difficult, but doing it from a third floor seems exciting.

The Drive Shack is an interactive golf complex designed for large gatherings.

Visit Drive Shack Raleigh
Drive Shack

It’s a three-story complex with 96 climate-controlled golf bays, a rooftop top bar with 300 TVs, conference centers, a full-service restaurant, and much more. 

The golf course spans 260 yards, with physical targets you can aim for playing augmented and virtual reality games.

It uses TrackMan technology, which tracks the ball’s flight and allows you to play real-life championships or challenge friends to head-to-head games.

You can follow the scores on TV screens inside your bay. 

4. Videri Chocolate Factory Tours

The Videri Chocolate Factory offers the best chocolate in North Carolina.

It’s located at the iconic Raleigh Depot building, the perfect replica of America’s old industrial structures, with exposed bricks and ductwork. 

Videri Chocolate Factory Tours Raleigh, North Carolina
Videri Chocolate Factory Tours

Besides the factory buildings, you can watch the chocolate-making process from start to finish.

The transformation of cocoa and other additives into savory chocolate bars is something to behold.

Afterward – You can stop by the shop and eat the final product, from toffees to chocolate bars, while relaxing on the lovely patio. 

If you or your children have a sweet tooth, visit this factory. The chocolate is organic, pure, and free of harmful chemicals. 

5. Garner Rush Hour Karting

Although it is a poor match to the La Guna Seka and the Circuit of the Americas, the Rush Hour at Garner is an excellent way to pump your adrenaline with exhilarating speeds.

Garner Rush Hour Karting Raleigh
Garner Rush Hour Karting

The 0.33-mile circuit allows you to drive European karts with a top speed of 40mph.

Nonetheless, it’s exciting, as it has several hairpins and a few high-speed straights that allow you to enjoy the best of racing, albeit at low speeds. 

Besides karting, you can:

  • play pool or video games
  • organize parties
  • or engage in wall climbing

After the games, you can indulge in the nearby bar with 20 taps of different beers.

6. Pullen Park

It’s nice to spend time outdoors in Raleigh, and you can’t go wrong by visiting Pullen Park.

The park features multiple indoor and outdoor attractions, allowing you to enjoy nature’s beauty for entertainment and relaxation. 

Pullen Park Raleigh
Pullen Park

Since its inception in the late 1800s, Pullen Park has maintained its status as one of Raleigh’s top attractions.

It spans 60 acres and has several features curated to meet locals’ and tourists’ needs.

You can have picnics, watch live performances, swim at the aquatic center, or play other sports at the park.

7. Raleigh Farmers Market

Many cities worldwide have farmers’ markets for fresh produce, and Raleigh is among them.

Here, you can find the best fruits, meats, vegetables, and other groceries straight from the farm. More importantly, the products are affordable. 

Furthermore, the market has other household products like soap and basic utensils. Whether you visit on weekdays or weekends, you will find all the kitchen supplies. 

8. North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences

The best place to experience nature’s best-kept secrets is the North Carolina Museum of Natural sciences.

Raleigh North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences
North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences

You can get close to dinosaurs, live animals, a waterfall, and whale skeletons. 

The museum is the largest in the Southeast and among Raleigh’s most visited tourist sites.

It displays several permanent collections and frequently changed live shows, nature shows, and special exhibits that suit all age groups. Its objective is to teach visitors about nature and science. 

9. Lake Crabtree County Park

The Lake Crabtree County Park is the first in the Raliegh area.

It covers 520 acres and surrounds the lake in Morrisville.

Lake Crabtree County Park Raleigh
Lake Crabtree County Park

Activities here include:

  • boating
  • fishing
  • hiking
  • and playing

If you bring your camping and fishing gear, you will incur zero costs to enjoy the abovementioned activities. Otherwise, you will pay a few dollars for rent. 

10. Tazza Kitchen

Sometimes, people organize romantic getaways to spend quality time with their partners.

Tazza Kitchen is the best venue for such meetings when in Raleigh.  

Visit Tazza Kitchen
Tazza Kitchen

You can eat satiating meals without overspending.

Moreover, the chefs use local ingredients, making the foods tastier and more authentic. Even better, they use wood-fired ovens to prepare the meals.

Besides affordability, this eatery offers variety. Even the pickiest individuals can find something they like. 

11. The Roast Grill

If you love your meat roasted, you should try the Roast Grill.

Since 1940, this outlet has offered Raleigh’s best hot dog and coke combos. After every meal, you can add homemade Greek desserts.

However, this joint’s standout feature are its old-fashioned stools complemented with antique artwork.


Raleigh is bottom or non-existent on the places to visit list for foreigners traveling to the US.

However, North Carolina’s little-known capital offers some of the country’s best-kept secrets, with a diverse cultural, food, and fashion culture.

Visiting the city allows you to enjoy America’s diversity without breaking your budget. 

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