10 Things To Know When Visiting The Hollywood Sign

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Visitors worldwide travel to the iconic Hollywood Sign in Los Angeles to take memorable photographs.

Besides, the rich history behind the large sign makes it a worthy adventure.

If you are planning a tour of Hollywood, there are things you need to discover before visiting the Hollywood Sign.

List Of Things To Know When Visiting The Hollywood Sign

People move to Hollywood to chase their dream careers, especially in the film industry.

However, for tourists, it is a chance to see one of the most prominent landmarks in the US up close. 

Hiking to see Hollywood sign guide
Hiking to see Hollywood sign

As an ever-present image in almost all popular movies and TV shows, the Hollywood sign attracts millions of visitors annually.

To prepare for your trip, below are several things to know when visiting the Hollywood Sign.

1. You Can Only Hike, Not Drive To The Top

Access to the sign is via hiking trails, and one cannot drive up. You can experience the Hollywood Sign like a local by taking the shortest hike using this route.

Although there is a visible road, it is only open to park rangers, law enforcement, and authorized vehicles.

The private residential road is also available to residents only with a permit.

2. There Are Two Viewpoints Of The Sign

You can see the sign from a distance at the two viewpoints available if you want to avoid hiking Mount Lee. 

They are:

  • The area between Highland Avenue and Hollywood Boulevard
  • The Griffith Observatory building

The section between Highland Avenue and Hollywood Boulevard,  you get an unobstructed view of the Hollywood Sign and the surrounding Hollywood streets.

The second viewpoint, the Griffith Observatory building, is open to the public. Parking is free and the perfect spot for those unable to hike due to physical challenges.

Other fun activities are also available, such as stargazing at the planetarium.

3. Respect The Park And Its Inhabitants

Since the sign is part of Griffith Park, it is a protected area home to several wild animals.

Although you may not spot the animals during the day, keep their environment safe by not littering.

4. Drinking Water Is A Must-Carry

Hydration is essential if you visit during a hot summer day, so carry sufficient water. However, do not throw the bottles on the trails.

5. Binoculars Are Your Best Friend

For birdwatchers, carry a pair of binoculars in your backpack, as the Park is home to several bird species.

You can also use them to have a panoramic view of the entire Hollywood suburb below the sign.

6. Watch The Clock

Griffith Park is open every day of the year from morning to dusk. However, avoid staying on the trails after dark as wild animals come out to roam. 

Consider visiting early morning or late afternoon if you want to avoid the scorching sun.

hiking trails to see Hollywood sign
Hiking trails

7. Public Transport Is Available

Although no guided tours to the Hollywood Sign exist, public transport is available to the Griffith Observatory. Take the DASH bus shuttles that ferry visitors to and fro at a fee.

It is the best option for large groups and saves you time searching for private vehicle parking slots.

8. Photography Is Allowed

At the top of Mount Lee, remember to take photos of you behind and below the Hollywood Sign.

Make the images fun by trying different poses that appear like you are touching the letters.

9. Avoid The Rainy Season

Although the cooler months offer more detailed views of the Hollywood Sign, avoid visiting the area during rainy or foggy days.

The best months to visit Hollywood are October to April, but check the weather forecast before the hike.

10. Watch Out For Snakes

In summer, Griffith Park and the surrounding mountain terrain tend to have a massive population of rattlesnakes. 

Watch out for them as you walk and stomp around your rest point to allow any of them asleep to scamper away. 

Rules For Those Visiting The Hollywood Sign

There are various rules for visitors to access the Hollywood Sign as it is a protected landmark.

Whether you visit for a private tour or intend to film around it, these rules must be followed.

They include:

  • One must contact the Chamber of Commerce for licenses if using the images for commercial purposes. They will decide the charges and any other rights-related concerns.
  • Filming is only permitted during the day.
  • The Park Film Office must approve and help you choose an ideal location for films and TV programs. They will also check your request and advice on what is allowed. 
  • There are only a few locations within the Park where filming is possible. They include a few feet below the sign, the Park’s entrance, and the green Lake Hollywood Park.
  • You cannot film the sign while driving along Mount Lee Drive.
  • No smoking is allowed in the Park.
  • The crew allowed at the Hollywood sign for filming should be at most twenty people.
  • You cannot bring a generator or large trucks into the Park.
  • Please do not touch the sign. There is a fence around it and cameras watching visitors 24 hours a day.

Frequently Asked Questions About The Hollywood Sign

What can one do after visiting the Hollywood Sign?

Once you complete the hike, you can tour the nearby Warner Bros. Studio if you have time.

Are there other must-visit attractions in Los Angeles?

Besides visiting the Hollywood Sign, book a tour of the popular neighborhoods and parks across Los Angeles.

What will happen if I touch the Hollywood Sign?

You will pay a fine if caught trespassing across the fence erected around the Hollywood sign. However, the amount depends on how severe the damage or action is.

Who is the owner of the Hollywood Sign?

The Chamber of Commerce in Hollywood owns the rights to the sign in the Griffith Park land.

Is there an entrance fee for those visiting the Hollywood Sign?

No. Visitors will not pay to see the sign. One can choose to hike unaccompanied or with family members.


Most travelers dream of visiting the Hollywood sign and taking amazing photographs beside it. If you are in Los Angeles any time of the year, hike to this iconic monument and share it with family and friends to inspire them to visit.

Just remember to follow all the rules at the Park.

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