US State Parks Pop Quiz: Answers to your State Park Quiz Questions

US State Parks Pop Quiz listed

You may not know much about state parks, but you should!

State parks are an important part of the United States, and there is so many state parks for every state in America.

That’s right! Every state has at least one state park. These parks serve as a place to preserve nature, offer recreation opportunities like hiking or camping, or both.

Here’s your chance to test your knowledge about U.S state parks with this quiz I’ve put together just for you!

What state is known as “The Grand Canyon State”?

The Grand Canyon view
The Grand Canyon

Arizona, which contains The Grand Canyon, was named by a governor in an attempt to attract tourism after construction of Route 66 made travel easier and more accessible.

Which state has the most national parks?

California has the most state parks in the United States, with 270.

What state does not have a state park?

Zero. The last State to add a State park was Delaware but it now has a park meaning that there are no US States without a designated State Park.

Where is the Grand Canyon of the East?

The Grand Canyon of the East is officially called Letchworth State Park.

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Located in New York State is is a hugely popular getaway destination with camping, rafting and beautiful waterfalls and deep gorges which give it the name The Grand Canyon of the East.

The Grand Canyon Of The East
About the famous Letchworth State Park

How many state parks in MN?

There are 67 State Parks in Minnesota, MN and 1 National Park.

How many state parks are in Wisconsin?

In the Badger State of Wisconsin there are 76 State Parks and zero National Parks.

How many state parks are there in the US?

There are 3,729 state parks in the United States. There are 11 states with more than 100 state parks each.

What State has the fewest number of State Parks?

With just 15 state parks, Rhode Island ranks last among the states.

What Is the Difference Between a State Park and a National Park?

The most significant distinction between a state park and a national park is the organization in charge of them.

State parks are managed by state governments, whereas national parks are managed by the National Park Service (NPS), part of the federal government.

State and national parks are considered protected areas in order to protect their natural beauty, historical or scientific significance, or recreational value.

Which state is home to 7 of the 10 largest national parks?

Alaska is home to 7 of the 10 largest national parks in the United States.

Wrangell-St. Elias State National Park
Wrangell-St. Elias National Park

Although the Wrangell-St. Elias National Park & Preserve is the United States’ largest national park, some of its neighbors are not far in largesse.

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What is the maximum length of RV allowed in state parks?

In general, state parks restrict RV length to 45 feet. Some states cater to campers that are longer, including Florida (50 feet), Montana (55), and Washington state (57).

How many state parks in California?

There are 280 state parks in the Golden State of California. This is not including state historic parks and state marine conservation areas.

Which state has the most state forests?

New York takes the top prize with 52 state forests, followed by Oregon (37), Wisconsin (32) and Pennsylvania (31).

In what state does the show ‘parks and recreation’ take place?

The fictional town of Pawnee, Indiana is the backdrop for the NBC comedy series Parks and Recreation. Parks and Recreation was actually filmed in Southern California, in areas including Pasadena, Long Beach and Universal City.

Florida state parks has approximately how many parks?

Florida, with a total number of 191 parks, is 5th highest number of State Parks in any one state in America. Read more about such parks as Honeymoon Island. 

West Palm beach Florida for parties
West Palm beach Florida

Can you take pictures at state parks?

YES and NO. The state park system has a wide range of rules for photographing state parks.

Some state parks allow photography while others have very strict rules against it without permission from the state agency that oversees them.

If you are not sure, then I would recommend checking the specific state’s website to see what their policies are on this topic.

Do state parks allow drones?

Most of the time drones are forbidden due to the disturbance and anxiety they can cause to wildlife and other park visitors.

However, state parks that do allow drones will be indicated on a state’s official website or with prior approval from the park authorities or rangers and with clear rules regarding flight paths within the park.

Do state parks allow fires?

In most situations, you can have a fire in a stove, ring, or fire pit.

State parks rules about fires
State parks allow fires

State parks limit these to certain locations within the state park system. Generally, they are located in camping and communal areas and are strictly controlled.

Do state parks allow pets?

Some state park systems do not allow pets on trails or in designated backcountry areas, but they usually have a specific area for leashed dogs to use as well for an additional fee.

Campsite night

If you are looking at state parks that give leeway to having your dog on the trail with you, state parks in California, Florida, and Texas allow dogs on the trail.

In state parks of New Mexico, many trails are not allowed for pets or have a leash requirement. Only state park within Washington state does not allow any pets anywhere at all, so keep that in mind when you’re planning your trip!

What time do state parks close?

State parks usually close at dusk. As a rule of thumb the parks open at sunrise and close at dusk all year round.

How many state parks does California have?

California has 278 state parks. All across the state, visitors can find state beaches and state recreation areas.

Santa Monica California beach for party
Santa Monica California

There are also state historic parks that provide details on California history like Fort Tejon State Historic Park which was a military outpost for over 150 years.

And if you’re looking to see wildlife, Sequoia National Park is home to huge redwood trees. California state parks have so much to offer!


In this state park pop quiz article, we have looked at state parks from Florida to California.

From the state with the most state forests (New York) to a show that takes place in Indiana but was filmed in Southern California, there is something for everyone!

If you’re going on vacation and want some ideas about what state parks might be worth visiting while you are out west or if you live near one of these beautiful places, then check out our blog post today.

We hope it inspires your next adventure outdoors!

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