What Is A Telly Hotel? (How They Work & What to Expect)

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Telly hotels are designed to offer a personalized service with unique characteristics like special entertainment amenities.

They intended to cater to a targeted audience who want to binge-watch their favorite TV shows in complete comfort in their room while they are away from home.

This property type was first introduced in 1970 in London by British Telecom and has since been a popular choice among vacationers and business visitors.

What Is A Telly Hotel? 

Simply put a telly hotel is a hybrid between a hotel and an entertainment platform.

It offers guests the chance to enjoy their favorite shows and movies in the comfort of their own hotel rooms.

Telly hotel facts
Enjoying your favorite shows

As such, the model of these hotels is focused on allowing guests to watch content and channels from all over the world. They achieve this by providing satellite dishes and decoders.

Also, the hotel offers high-speed Internet access, Televisions in every room, and streaming services like:

  • Netflix
  • Hulu
  • and Amazon Prime

Some also provide special packages for their customers to access on-demand video services and discounts on movie rentals.

They are also intended to offer temporary lodging for television producers and film or television crews.

These hotels are frequently located close to studios and production facilities for simple access. In addition, they offer services tailored to their need.

How Do Telly Hotels Differ From Other Hotels?

If you plan on building, remodeling, buying, or booking a hotel in the future, you’ll need to understand what differentiates Telly hotels from other types of hotels.

Book a telly hotel room
Booking a telly hotel room

Some elements typically make a Telly hotel unique:

  • High-Tech Amenities: Telly hotels mostly focus on providing guests with high-speed internet, HDTVs, and other technology-focused amenities. Additionally, some Telly hotels offer on-site recording studios for guests to use.
  • Location: Telly hotels are typically located in an area with a high television and film production concentration. This allows for easy access to studios and other production facilities.
  • Service: Telly hotels offer personalized luxury and comfort that is unique to TV enthusiasts. They have everything you need to curl up and watch your favorite shows for hours on end. Since regular hotels aim to attract as many guests as possible, providing personalized comfort can be challenging.
  • Unique clientele: Since these hotels offer a special type of convenience that a lot of hotels don`t, they tend to attract unique customers.

Are Telly Hotels Better?

At the end of the day, the decision of whether Telly hotels are better than other hotels will depend on the individual traveler you are and your needs and preferences. 

A Telly hotel has its own distinctive style of communicating who its target audience is, breaking up the monotony, making guests feel special, and beyond their expectations.

telly hotels couple
Using on-demand services at telly hotel room

However, different types of hotels have specific amenities intended to offer a great experience for their intended guests.

If you value watching channels from all over the world and staying updated with the latest news and events, then a Telly hotel may be the right choice.

In some cases, guests can also make use of on-demand services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime.

However, if you want a hotel that offers a much more complete experience, you might not find what you’re looking for at a Telly hotel.

Where to Find and Book a Telly Hotel?

While they fall into a different category, Telly hotels can be found online.

Find and Book a Telly Hotel
Find a telly hotel

You can search for ‘Telly Hotels’ in your preferred search engine or a hotel booking website such as Booking.com or Expedia.com to search for hotels near your desired location. 

You can also use a hotel comparisons website such as Trivago or Hotels.com to compare the prices and amenities of different Telly Hotels.

They are typically featured with other hotels and may be difficult to locate because these platforms do not have a specific category for Telly hotels.

Main Points to Consider When Choosing Telly Hotel

choosing a telly hotel room
Telly hotel price, size & comfort
  1. Room Facilities: Consider the size of the room and the amenities offered, such as an in-room entertainment system with a large selection of movies and a DVD player or streaming device for watching movies on your own. Also, make sure there is a good quality internet connection for easy streaming.
  1. Price: Consider the price of the hotel and compare it with other similar hotels in the area to ensure you are getting the best deal and pick the one that fits your budget.
  1. Comfort: The hotel has to have comfortable seats, beds, and soundproof walls to ensure that you have an enjoyable movie-viewing experience.
  1. Check reviews: Read reviews from other guests to get a better understanding of the hotel and its services.

Final Thoughts

Telly hotels are one of the fastest-growing segments in the hotel industry. They aim to offer TV enthusiasts a unique experience and personalized services that they can’t get from regular hotels.

This type of accommodation has recently been growing in popularity in the hotel market and it’s a trend that will likely continue to grow in popularity in the coming years.

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