What Do Men Wear In Italy? (8 Popular Outfits to Wear)

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If you’re heading off to Italy, it’s normal to ponder about your attire.

Everyone knows that Italy is the fashion capital of the world, so you don’t want to get it wrong.

Don’t Stress – Your packing list can be simple, provided that you stick to classic items. Italians are, generally speaking, stylish. As such, it’s recommended to dress smartly so that you can fit in comfortably with the locals.

It can be difficult to pack for your trip. The climate varies with the seasons and even within the country.

You’ll also need to balance your wardrobe with practicality for the activities you intend to enjoy.

If you keep things simple and prepare for a range of social situations and activities, you’ll be fine.

You can mix your wardrobe staples to create a great range of outfits to suit all occasions.

Packing for Italy – key things to remember

Casual outfit in Italy
Casual in Italy
  • Style and appearance are important for Italians. That said, they don’t always look like they’ve just stepped off a catwalk. You’ll find most Italians wearing staple, high quality basics.
  • Pack light. If you’re planning to travel around Italy alone, be sure not to over pack. This is because Italy is full of narrow staircases, uneven footpaths and cobbles. They look cute but they’re not great for moving luggage around!
  • Have one stylish suit. It’s always nice to have at least one amazing outfit to wear for a proper night out.
  • Take something to wear on an adventure. Italy is a great place to get active so make sure you’ve got something suitable to wear for a hike or walk in the countryside.
  • Ensure you have something conservative for church visits. If you want to visit religious buildings, you’ll need to cover up with a conservative outfit. This means that you need to have your knees and shoulders covered so long trousers are a must.
  • A linen shirt will serve you well. Linen rarely feels out of place in Italy. They’re perfect everyday shirts.
  • Take three pairs of shoes. One athletic pair for walks, a pair of sandals for the beach and a nice pair for going out.

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Italy’s seasons and your wardrobe

Italy has four distinct seasons and so you’ll need to pack according to the time of year you’re visiting.

What’s more, you’ll find the climate changes across the country too.

Packing list clothes for men
Packing for Italy men

The weather will be different in the Dolomites compared to Sicily’s beaches, for example, and so your destination will also impact your packing list.

A week before you go, check the predicted weather forecast so you can plan a little better for the temperatures you’re likely to experience. Here is a brief guide.


Italy is beautiful in the springtime, but the weather is a little unpredictable.

The average temperatures range from 60 °F to 75 °F (16 °C to 24 °C). There can be frequent rain and wind too. Before you go, read here what men should wear in Italy in Spring.

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In Summer, Italy is humid and hot. The northern mountains are more pleasant, however.

Rome summer
Italy summer outfit

The average temperatures you’ll experience will be from 77 °F to 86 °F (20 °C to 30 °C). Here is our complete guide on what men wear in Italy during Summer.


Nothing beats Italy in the fall. It’s the easiest time of year to pack your suitcase for. Here is what you should wear if you want to visit Italy in fall.

You’ll have mild sunny days and cooler evenings. The average temperatures will be from 60 °F to 75 °F (that’s 16 °C to 24 °C).

Which is Better for Travel?


Winter can be quite cool in Italy. You’ll be able to take part in excellent skiing opportunities to the north.

Rain is frequent during winter and average temperatures range from 50 °F to 55 °F (10 °C to 13 °C).

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What do men wear in Italy? Best outfits to wear

Italy seasons wardrobe
Italy’s seasons and your wardrobe

So now we know a little about the weather and the seasons, what do men wear in Italy?

Well, you’ll find that Italian mean dress just as well as the women!

Here are some outfits you’ll need for all occasions.

1. A nice dress shirt and some chinos

On your Italian trip, you’ll need at least one nice dress shirt. Go for a classic white or blue as these are always in fashion.

Pair them with a classic pair of chinos and you’ve got a great outfit. Beige or navy chinos will be the most versatile in terms of color.

2. Jeans and a t-shirt

Classic-looking jeans Italy outfit
Classic-looking jeans

When you’re in Italy, you’ll only really need two pairs of pants: your chinos and jeans.

Pair your jeans with a solid-color tee and you’ll always be in style. Choose grey, white, or black for a classic look. If you want to appear even more stylish, a V-neck will look great too.

Jeans can be paired with anything, and the right pair will be very attractive. You’ll find many Italians wearing trendy, well-cut jeans.

Works Best – Always stick to classic-looking jeans. This means no flares and no rips – and forget light blues and fades! Levi 511s are perfect.

If you’re travelling in summer, however, leave them at home – you’ll be too hot!

3. A smart suit

Italy is probably the most likely destination for suit wearing.

Whether you’re standing at a bar, sitting down enjoying a meal, at the theater or tasting Sangiovese, a suit will never look out of place.

Wearing smart suit in Italy
People love wearing suits in Italy

A suit is pretty much always a good idea for an Italian vacation packing list. Yes, it’s hard to travel with but it does look great.

4. Activewear

No matter where you’re going, you’re probably going to want to go for a nice walk somewhere.

Italy has lots to offer: volcanoes, hilltop towns, and mountains. So, unless you’re planning to stick to the city, you’ll need activewear.

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5. A linen shirt and shorts

Linen is both stylish and practical and looks great for vacations on the Mediterranean.

You’ll see many Italian men wearing linen too. It’s a great material as it feels light, copes with sweat and dries quickly.

Linen has been around in Italy for centuries and was even popular in Roman times.

Linen shirt colorful
Linen shirts

Pair your linen shirt with shorts in summer or jeans in spring and fall. It’s a versatile item that works both in a nice restaurant as well as on the beach.

It can be tricky to find a decent linen shirt, but J. Crew are usually good quality.

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6. A swimsuit!

Even in winter vacations, you’ll find most hotels have pools and spas to take advantage of.

Packing your swimsuit for a vacation to Italy is a must.

Get some smart and durable shorts like Quicksilver Amphibian and you’ll be able to wear them while wandering in town as well as on the beach or by the pool.

7. A wool sweater

Ok, so not an outfit on its own but it can be easily paired with any of the above items (except for the swimsuit maybe).

A decent sweater is great when traveling as they’re both warm and stylish. Choose organic materials like alpaca or pure wool.

8. A jacket or coat

Wearing casual jacket outfit for Italy
Wearing casual jacket in Italy

Depending on the season, you’ll need to take a jacket.

Even In Summer – You might find you need a light windbreaker or rain jacket depending on your destination.

If you’re going to the Italian Alps in winter, you’ll definitely need something warm like a down ski jacket.

What do men wear in Italy: shoes

We can’t talk about outfits without mentioning shoes!

Let’s take a look at your options and must-haves.


Loafers are great for summer and look great on seaside vacations.

They’re ideal for going out to a local trattoria. Make sure they’re simple and clean too.

Comfortable Loafers


Unless you’re going hiking in the mountains, your activewear shoes should be sneakers. You really don’t need hiking shoes, especially during the summer.


Unlike women, who can comfortably wear sandals almost anywhere in Italy, men should keep their sandals for time at the beach.

Dress shoes

A nice pair of shoes will always be a good idea when you’re on vacation in Italy. Choose an Italian brand to fit in even more!

Final thoughts on what do men wear in Italy

Italian men are stylish and smart, so it makes sense to replicate their attire when you’re on vacation.

However many clothes you choose to pack, make sure you’ve got a range of the above outfits and you’re certain to have every situation covered!

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