What Not To Wear In Paris (Fashion No-Nos for This Year)

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As a tourist to the French capital, are you wondering what not to wear in Paris this year?

Read on to find out what not to pack.

How you dress will not only ensure comfort, but it helps you avoid scammers.

Although Parisians tend to dress casually, they will strive to remain stylish no matter the season. 

Paris Packing List: Leave These Clothes At Home!

While no one will protest or arrest you for dressing how you want, you will avoid the constant stares by dressing similarly to Parisians.

Their street style screams elegance but in muted colors.

Whatever weather you encounter, here is a list of the clothes to avoid wearing in Paris this year.

For Women

Women clothes to avoid wearing in Paris

Loose Graphic T-Shirts

Americans love cool oversize T-shirts with slogans that range from funny to offensive.

However, as a tourist in Paris, avoid this graphic display as you will stick out to con artists and thieves like a sore thumb.

Instead, wear a close-fitting plain top or a soft blouse for those warm summer days.

High heeled Shoes

A night out in the town in other cities is only complete with your favorite pair of stilettos.

However, this French city has streets built with cobblestones, making walking in high heels a nightmare. 

Your city tour will be relaxing with sneakers or comfortable flat shoes, saving you from sore feet.

Bright colored Tops

Bright colors are synonymous with a cheerful spirit for most travelers, but not in Paris.

Instead, wear the pastel tones that Parisians prefer and go about your business unrecognized.

Super short Shorts

You will rarely see people wearing revealing clothes in the streets of Paris, even during hot summer days.

While small shorts are the best for a beach holiday, skip packing them when going to Paris. However, you can include a few skirts or summer dresses that fall slightly above the knee.

Excessive Makeup

Of course, you can wear a little makeup, just like every Parisian does. However, avoid bold layers that will attract the attention of passersby.

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Sports Attire

Sportswear in Paris is strictly for those working out, not every day street wear.

Skip that close-fitting favorite pair of yoga pants for a nice pair of black semi-formal pants. 


We all love the loose softness of a nice pair of sweatpants and, if left to it, would wear them every day.

However, avoid packing them for your trip to Paris. Instead, choose a flattering pair of jeans to stay stylish throughout your visit.

Flip Flops

You may think skipping high heels means flip flops or sandals are okay for Paris streets. That is not the case.

Parisians love to wear closed-toe shoes all year round, from sneakers to fancy boots. However, you can pack a pair to wear in your room or around the hotel pool.

Extravagant Jewelry

Simple accessories are acceptable in Paris. Choose those that will go well with your outfits for your entire stay.

However, avoid walking around with very expensive jewelry as you may attract the unwanted attention of pickpockets and thieves.

For Men

clothes to avoid wearing in Paris for men


Avoid wearing sneakers in Paris streets unless you are running or working out. Wear comfortable loafers, boots, or canvas shoes for everyday wear.


Unless you are going camping, do not wear sandals when visiting Paris. You may hurt your toes and feet from walking along the cobblestone streets.

Hiking boots

Although hiking boots seem like the best shoes to travel in due to their versatility, they will not do in the French city.

They are bulky and must style better with the semi-formal everyday look that Parisians love.

Large Logos

Do not wear clothes with huge logos to avoid looking like a billboard for popular brands. However, clothes with small or discrete ones are acceptable.

Rugged Jeans

We know you always leave your house with your well-worn pair of ratty jeans. However, that popular rugged look back home is unusual in the streets of Paris.

Instead, pack a pair or two of black pants or well-fitting slacks.

Fanny packs

As a must-have tourist accessory, fanny packs are what tell the world that you are a visitor.

Skip this classic traveler item in Paris and invest in a good cross body bag or money belt.

Baseball caps

Although baseball hats are comfortable for regular wear, Parisians prefer cool-looking French berets for all occasions.


Sweatshirts may be easy to wear but not in Paris. Instead, pack button-up shirts with collars, designer or polo t-shirts that fit you properly.

Cargo or Beach Shorts

Cargo shorts come in dark colors; besides being comfortable, you can wear them as often as possible.

They also have numerous pockets making them preferable if you want to avoid hand luggage. 

However, in Paris, avoid them as they shout tourists. You can pack a beach short or two for the hotel poolside only.

Additional Tips On What Not To Wear In Paris

Advice On What Not To Wear In Paris

Paris is an ideal destination all year round. Whether you visit in summer, fall, or winter, your stay will be smooth and enjoyable if you dress appropriately for every season. 

If you cannot find anything to wear in your bag, go shopping instead. After all, it is the fashion capital for all things luxury, especially clothing.

Below are a few more tips to help you pack your bags correctly.

  • It can rain in summer, so stay away from any suede attire.
  • In winter, Parisians wear heavy coats and jackets but avoid items that will get easily ruined by snow.
  • Avoid staying out late into the night without proper layers. Protecting your body and feet from the chilly weather will make your visit enjoyable.
  • If using public transport to get around, wearing fancy clothes will only make you stand out.
  • Minimize the number of accessories you wear in crowded tourist spots, as you can quickly become a target.
  • If you take a river cruise, do not overdress to stay warm. Instead, carry a light scarf or jacket for a fun time sightseeing.
  • Visits to the museums in Paris involve a lot of walking. Avoid shoes and clothing that are uncomfortable for long walks.
  • There are better ideas than light-colored jeans for an evening at bars, local pubs, or famous cabaret shows in Paris. You want to party in cozy clothing, and semi-formal attire is perfect for a lively show.


The above list of what not to wear in Paris is meant to be a guide to help you navigate the streets without sticking out.

Parisians have particular ways of dressing; as a visitor, blending in will prevent you from having a constant tourist tag. Try and strike a good balance between being stylish and comfortable.

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