What To Wear In Nashville In Late Spring To Early Fall (April To October)

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Are you planning a trip to Nashville between April and October and need help deciding what outfits to pack?

Read on to find out what to carry and wear in Nashville in Late Spring to Early Fall

The Best Time To Visit Nashville

Nashville is renowned as the city of country music, but there is more to experience in this musical region.

A casual dress code Nashville
A casual dress code

The famous sights and day and night entertainment activities provide tourists much to do during their stay.

The best time to visit Nashville is anytime from March to November. During this period, the weather varies, depending on how near to summer or winter it is.

Keep that in mind if you are packing for a trip to Nashville in any of these months. 

What To Wear In Nashville In Late Spring

The temperatures average at around 75F in April and May in Nashville. Therefore, pack a few scarves and a warm coat.

However, if you visit towards the end of May, a light jacket will suffice as it gets warmer.

Nashville summer outfit
Nashville outfit

Nashville’s weather can change from a little chill to rain any time of the day.

Here is a list of items you may need to pack for a spring visit, as layering is sometimes necessary.

Stylish Sweats

For those cold mornings and evenings in the Music City, pack a fun pair of colorful sweats you can wear several times.

You can still be warm and stylish. Pair it with sneakers or comfortable sandals for a day tour of the town.


You cannot have enough of this look in Nashville, from long-sleeved denim shirts to cute denim shirt dresses.

Match them with elegant boots, either in black or brown. You can accessorize it any way you like, including leggings on those particularly chilly mornings. Remember to bring a sun hat to complete your look.

Mid-length Sundress

As it gets warmer, a cute chiffon sundress in print or pattern goes well with a leather or denim jacket. Wear it with comfortable wedges or a kitten heel in bright colors.

Tips For What Not To Wear In Nashville In Late Spring

You can wear anything you want, as long as you are warm and comfortable. However, you can avoid looking like a tourist by not wearing the below items.

Stilettos or high heels

The vibe in Nashville is casual, with locals preferring boots and flat shoes. Wear plush shoes to walk around and dance in all night.

Heavy coats and sweaters

Only pack winter clothing if you are visiting during winter, which does not get much snow anyway. Layer lightly instead, so removing a jacket when the restaurant gets hot is easy.

Cowboy hats and boots

Although most people in Nashville will be rocking a cowboy hat or boots, it does not mean they are tourists.

Depending on whether you own a pair, you can pack one to blend in or skip it altogether.

Tips For What To Wear In Nashville For A Night Out

The people in Nashville have a casual dress code all year round, but you can dress up for a night out.

Nashville outfit

However, the visitors tend to wear classic jeans, cowboy boots, and a hat combination, which can make you stand out.

If you visit Broadway bars, there are a few rules to note:

  • Men cannot wear sleeveless or cutoff shirts.
  • Large chain accessories are prohibited.
  • Clothing that is considered offensive or can cause trouble is not allowed.
  • A bold display of motorcycle club memberships or gang associations is also prohibited.
  • One must wear shoes at all times.

However, exclusive cocktail bars do not have a dress code and are the ideal spots to dress fancy for a drink with friends. Ensure you enquire if the place you want to visit has any particular dress code. 

Remember to carry your ID, as the law on underage drinking is quite strict in Tennessee. Clubs and bars avoid losing their licenses by continuously checking IDs at the door.

What To Wear In Nashville For Summer 

The hottest months in Nashville are June, July, and August, with the weather averaging 85F. The city lights up, and it is a beautiful time to try out all the available outdoor activities. 

Summertime in Nashville calls for airy clothing such as shorts, summer dresses, sandals, and flip-flops. However, carry a light sweater for the chilly evenings out.

Relaxed Classic jeans
Classic jeans

Below is a simple list of what to pack for a visit to Nashville in the summer.


Pack your favorite pair of denim cutoff or cute cotton shorts to wear with white sneakers during the day. Accessorize with retro sunglasses or a wide-brim sun hat.

Slip Dresses

A comfortable slip dress goes well with a denim jacket you can get rid of when it gets toasty.

The versatility of this simple outfit means you can pair it with sneakers, boots, or sandals, depending on the time of day.

What To Wear In Nashville For Early Fall

Nashville, Tennessee walk

With the onset of fall, the weather fluctuates from warm to cold in September and October.

On average, temperatures are at 80F, so pack a light cardigan, a pair of jeans, and a beanie if going out at night. Go for the classic vintage vibe, which includes denim and boots.

Below is a detailed list of what to wear in Nashville when you visit in September and October.


A well-worn pair of jeans is a relaxed look for the music scene in Nashville, as the weather is still warm and occasionally cold. Wear it with a crop top or loose blouse, and layer with a matching denim jacket.

Suede Skirts

Try a suede skirt to stay warm at night if you want an elegant look. Pack a beautiful print scarf or sweater and a pair of bright-colored ankle boots for layers.


Jumpsuits are stylish and can work as both day and night wear. You can pair it with sneakers for a sightseeing tour of Nashville or heels for a dinner party with friends.


Remember to pack the necessary toiletries and medical supplies now that you understand what to wear in Nashville from April to October.

Carry a shoulder bag to store your valuables whenever you go out for the day. Consider travel insurance as well, although Nashville is a generally safe city.

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